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E fire I wonder why spend so much effort on it This seuel to Scaramouche opens pretty much where we eft off in the first book Andre Louis had rescued Aline M de Kercadieu and Mme and M Plougastel and finds himself now among the nobility and the court who he was so far opposing in a sense While he has certainly not switched sides entirely he begins to find himself disillusioned

With The Revolutionaries As Well 
the revolutionaries as well soon working with a group that seeks to restore monarchy for the most part in order to be able to marry Aline who finds herself not only the object of the Regent s unwelcome attentions but a pawn in a power struggle of sorts in the court Andre Louis who briefly reprises his Scaramouche avatar is cold and calculating determined to bring about the downfall of the revolutionaries He is concerned about and does not wish to harm the innocent but uite ruthless and relentless when it comes to the corrupt and corruptible The book does a good job of weaving in the characters and their stories with historical figures We meet Robespierre and Desmoulins and Danton is certainly present even if we don t come face to face with him The atmosphere of the reign of terror in which the book is set is well described power structures are precarious the whole scenario inflammable in a sense any spark can set it off and the common people seem to merely have found one set of despots replaced with another as Andre Louis himself writes at one point I enjoyed this seuel which was an engrossing read I can t really compare it with the previous book as I eft too ong a gap between the two and don t really remember all the details of the first except the broad plot and that I did enjoy it 35 really Still a good read if not the swashbuckling delight that the 1st book was Shame it feels so a good read if not the swashbuckling delight that the 1st book was Shame it feels so as I m sure all French Revolution books probably feel these days Better than I thought it would beCertainly not the adventurous story the first one was and even ess action in it but the excitement comes from the same place as all Sabatini novels the plot twists Interesting new characters join in on the continuing eventful Inspirations life of Andr Louis and his family including many cameos from historical figures from the French Revolution which you get toearn much about while immersed in the thick plot in. Of the thrill and swashbuckling action that has earnt Sabatini his place in the hall of great write. .
The seuel to Scaramouche this is a very different novel Scaramouche was filled with comedy wit adventure Sword Play And Traditional Motivations Right Out Of Dumas Revenge play and traditional motivations right out of Dumas revenge survival and greedScaramouche the King Maker is its much dark and cynical cousin Gone for the most part are Andre Louis unending witty repartee and cutting come backs He is now pure Machiavellian schemer who seems to bring the downfall of the powerful as a whim and sends men mostly scoundrels but innocents also get caught as collateral damage to the guillotine but innocents also get caught as collateral damage to the guillotine as a game or test of his skill Despite being one of the best swordsmen in "France There Is Not A " there is not a duel He never draws his blade His mind and capacity to plot and exploit the weaknesses of powerful men is much powerfulWe watch over and over again as he coaxes the wealthy and powerful out onto a imb while he saws it off behind them with a cynical smile taking no joy in his success He has no true motivation no principles he does not support any cause in fact he has contempt for those who benefit from his machinations He just manipulates and wreaks havocYes his Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You love for Aline in a primary motivator but I found his behavior to be disturbing and amoral I think that might be what Sabatini wasooking for This novel is a condemnation of the French Revolution as well as how power corrupts all it touches There are no heroes in this novel really All are protecting their own interest and whose head will fall into the basket is a function of timing and which way the wind blows The King Maker is nowhere near as much fun as Scaramouche It is sort of Slo Mo! like The Unforgiven was to westerns an adventure of the French Revolution without the romance and myth Just betrayal greed the exercise of power and the basest of human traits on display In other words it is realistic and a complex and modern novel It s an interestingook on the pride that omes with power pride haughtiness and vanity which can cloack he who has now nothing and deceive him into hoping that may shall judge I was Poor Mrs. Rigsby led to believe from various reviews that I had read over the years that I would be disappointed in this book and that in it I would not recognize the hero I had grown toove from the first book in this series And in truth it was indeed hard to find Scaramouche herein Another adventure from Sabatini's remarkable and much oved hero In 'Scaramouche the Kingmaker ' And. Scaramouche The King Maker