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She deserves But also okay I do nderstand this as a writing decision and an opportunity for Amanda to develop I just would ve preferred something different overall OVERALL I REALLY LOVE AMANDA AND THEREFORE I REALLY LIKE THIS BOOK This is getting on my favorite audiobooks list and I would definitely recommend Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube 35 stars It s so very important that books like this are written and published and read and IF I WAS YOUR GIRL heralds the beginning of a promising new YA imprint at Flatiron Books I m especially heartened by the fact that not only is this a story about a trans girl written by a trans woman But That The Cover that the cover also feat I know this is a book that will stay with me It walks a truthful line between Confident of Better Things ueer tragedy and a positive reality which can be a difficult topic to straddle It is honest and it is emotional and it is absolutely a story that everyone will get something out of The thing with If I Was Your Girl is that it s not exactly entertaining enthralling extremely interesting or surprisingInstead it s important eye opening thought provoking and emotionalIt all depends on what you want If you want to read a book that you ll breeze through while laughing and smiling and just having a great time If I Was Your Girl is not the right pickThis is the type of story you read because you want to learn about the LGBT community want to support them in an indirect way or try tonderstand their lives and themselves betterOr maybe you want something inspiring to remember that there is still goodness in *This Corrupted WorldIt S *corrupted worldIt s beautiful story about a transgender girl named Amanda who wants to survive high school After recent heart shattering events she is sent to her father s house to finish her senior year in high school and start anewShe makes many friends even lands herself a boyfriend Life is good school and start anewShe makes many friends even lands herself a boyfriend Life is good her She has never been happier But of course all good things come to an end and she is again faced with terrible obstaclesI was half bored as I was reading this book It helped that the chapters and the story itself were short and that there were no Language unnecessary scenes or long descriptions it was very straight to the point I didn t have a problem finishing the story thanks to all of that but I wasn t that impressed by it You see transgender or not Amanda goes through situations with her parents and peers similar to almost any member of the LGBT community And since I have read than a hundred LGBTMM romanceFF romance books in my life it was nothing new from my perspectiveBut I still loved the main character and even though the romance is not exactly surprising or swoon worthy it s still very sweetI have seen countless reviewers complain about the sugar coating and lack of authenticity and I m left perplexed by that What happens to Amanda is harsh She did get it good at first the friends the boyfriend the attention but I didn t feel as if it wasn t realistic You may wonder What does she know She s not transgender To which I reply Indeed my friends I am not but a world where it is impossible for people like Amanda to have such loving parents make true friends who will stick with her no matter what and get such a beautiful happily ever after is not a world I want to live in Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin This was freaking INCREDIBLE y allTrigger Warning depression suicide suicidal thoughts severe bullying screams from the rooftop READ THIS BOOK Please note it is wonderful to feel like your opinion is valued but this is a trans book by a trans woman and I am a cis reader please consider the limitations of my perspective and seek out the reviews and commentary of trans readers For example Thank you You can have anything she said once you admit you deserve it If I Was Your Girl is an important book It 45 Stars I really enjoyed this read It was a superick fast paced novel yet still conuered sensitive topicsThis is definitely a cute sweet book that finds an eual balance with some intense subject matter It was a lovely reading experience to be able to be smiling with giddiness one moment but feeling heartbroken and wanting to cry the next Definitely a book with a whirlwind of emotions If I Was Your Girl was the first book I ve read with a trans main character and I m definitely satisfied Especially considering it s written by a trans author the praise I ve heard about it is definitely deserved I liked how we get a l congratulations semifinalist in goodreads best young adult fiction category 2016 It s easy to act like my past never happened but it feels like I ve put Misfortune Cookies (When the Fat Ladies Sing up this wall around my heart that stops me from being really close with himYou know walls are there for. Da Hardy não é excepção seiser fazer amigos e sentir se aceite terá de baixar as defesas e deixar Unraveling Josh (Ellery College, ue os outros se aproximem Mas comoando guarda m segredo. EDIT TW for sexual assault domestic abuse It has been brought to my attention that the author has been accused of raping and abusing her spouse a crime she has seemingly confessed to over email yet publicly denied This is the source you can also find her booking information and a much better article here thanks to Catherine for this information This article points out that though Russo has accused her ex spouse of being a terf they are in fact nonbinary and married to a trans woman Here is their go fund me I do not think rape and domestic abuse are forgivable *Crimes I Will No *I will no be reading or supporting anything by this author I went into this slightly paranoid it would be a generic Book Written To Be Important From reviews I couldn t tell if people had thought they should enjoy this book or whether they actually had But after only a half hour of the audiobook I realized this was not a book written just to educate it s a story that stands all on its own There s something very powerful about the story of a girl finally getting to be a girl finally getting to date and go to the school prom and dance and find a supportive girl gang My heart fucking felt this book the lead character Okay The main reason I liked this is because Amanda is written so well Not to be that weird person who only cares about character development again but she has suuuuuch a strong character voice I finished the book kind of in love with her and also empathizing with her so much Basically I love Amanda so much 1010 would protect her with own body Special shoutout to the audiobook narrator for adding to this effect I don t know who the hell this narrator is but she is a Talent She s also trans which I think let her nderstand the experiences far better than a cis reader might have And I have an immense crush on her southern accent I think she might be one of the reasons I fell for this so hard Go audiobook y all side characters In terms of side characters I was kind of mixed I thought Amanda Chloe Anna and Layla made a really great girl gang and I liked how supportive they were Buuuuuuuut they sort of ran together in my head I liked them a lot while reading but reviewing this I m sort of thinking of them as Religious Girl The Gay One and The One I Don t Even Remember which isn t a good sign I will say that I have super positive things to say about the love interest Grant is one of the sweetest love interests I have ever seen in YA and I liked him a lot throughout Except for a few things at the end And in the same vein there s a certain character in this book who I loved The Sublime until the ending the story progression and ending You may have noticed there were several characters I likedntil the ending soooooooo let s talk story progression and tone This starts off as a BIT of a typical YA contemporary with elements that discuss Amanda s feelings as a trans girl and weirdly that s what I liked about it It s really nice to have a story like this for trans girls one that s realistic about transphobia in the flashbacks but also not ten fucking hours of torture porn It s a super dark book but also a super hopeful book which some of you may know is my specific favorite thing in literature SPOILERS The only thing I disliked about this book really was the incredibly dark ending segment I thought this book was trying to make itself a book for trans readers to relate to and adore and I felt that way Letters Between a Catholic and an Evangelical upntil the incredibly cruel outing I will say that it was so obviously the direction the book was going so it wasn t really a surprise And I think this segment was meant as education for cis readers to really Hell Phone understand how awful life can be for trans women which is really important don t get me wrong But can I be totally honest It was really awful to read and I think it would be even awful to read for a young trans reader I don t mean this in a condescending way at all I mean I m a seventeen year old very out of the closet cis girl and I think the ending of this was one of the most difficult to read endings I have read in my whole life I honestly cannot imagine reading this as a fifteen year old closeted trans girl I do think the ending is done pretty well for what it is it ends on a super hopeful note and I respect Meredith Russo for bringingp important topics like SPOILER the rape of trans women But I couldn t shake the feeling that if this book were published in 2018 Russo would have been able to write something a bit less awful for trans readers reading this Maybe Amanda telling Grant herself Maybe her best friend not outing her to a hundred transphobic people I don t know man I just really want Amanda to have the chance to come out herself It s what. 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