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Head in the sand when it came to financial matters As a result her trust fund was basically suandered by the guy Before she completed this book Stanny had joined the ranks of SIX FIGURE WOMEN HERSELF IF THERE figure women herself If there thing I dind t like about this book it was the heavy mphasis on getting your frame of reference in place the think good thoughts and they will manifest in your life type thing ala The Secret Fortunatley that passes rather uickly and Stanny gets to the meat of the material As the book progresses though I came around a little You re never going to make six figures if you re not confident in yourself your abilities and what you re worth I wish though that she had stressed a little than that was just like the pre re for verything lse it won t get you there on its own Overall I would recommend this book to any woman We all deserve to be paid what we re worth
"And Have Confidence In Our "
have confidence in our and abilities I may Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars end up purchasing this book which I hardlyver do and can definitely see myself picking it up again A great readFacts Women s chances of high incomes are increasing faster than men s From 1996 to 1998 the number of female high arners jumped 68% while the number males in that category increased only 36% Wealth doesn t come from what you make but what you don t spend The glass ceiling at work is nothing compared to the lead ceiling in my head Luck is a freuent companion of a firmly fixed focus I have read this book and passed it on and bought it secondhand for several friendIt s not about how to make money and be greedy it s about how to recognize your worth increase your confidence and get your career and arnings on track with your seemingly successful peers I m returning this book to audible Lots of platitudes obvious points and magical thinking Are you holding yourself back by believing you can never be rich Fuck off After 23 years working in managed care I decided it s time to get out To help with my transition I hired a career coach who has inspired me to do a great deal of self reflectionI came across this author in my research and chose this book though a little outdated because I could get it from the library OMGLOVED ITThis is than a self help how to get richincrease your income book and interestingly despite being somewhat dated I felt the content was Crazy Love extremely relevantStanny interviews several dozen higharning six figure women in the hopes of understanding why they were making so much than a number of women she referred to as underearners given the fact that all the women were smart Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society educated and hard working If anything the book inspires a lot of self reflection about value the values we serve as well as the way we value or undervalue ourselvesHad I read this book a few years ago much of the message might have been lost on me But this really was the perfect book at the perfect time I felt as if I derived a tremendous amount of insight from Stanny s research So I was 44 years old and deep in debt when Suze Orman finally got my attention and convinced me that my financial security was my responsibility Six years later I have savings a retirement account and no debt Thank you Suze But it was Barbara Stanny who showed me that the adjustments I needed to make were not all on thexpenses side of the ledger I was a chronic UNDEREARNER I was not making what I was worth Worse I wasn t ven tryingSometimes people need a kick in the head to do the right thing for themselves That s Orman s approach and it helped me Stanny s approach is subtle but ually ffective provide role models Show readers that women who arn good money are not male defined sold out automatons with mixed up priorities By finding them interviewing them and presenting their stories Stanny shows us that high Black Heart, Red Ruby earning women can be passionate about their work and deeply invested in advancing social welfare They also work with an intent to make money They are paid well often because they have confidence in their ability to do well and they clearlyxpress their worth to those who decide the pay rate whether it be boss or client I gave a copy of this one to my niece as a high school graduation present My brother who knows me as a struggling academic with a be. Ir own paychecks and self steem For far too many women financial limits have become a fact of life The thought of making is like climbing Mount Everest a colossal if not impossible task writes Stanny That's xactly how I used to feel By New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood examining scores of top moneymakers along with dozens of thosearning below their potentials Stanny discovered what works and what doesn't After analyzing the subseuent lessons ie you actually can boost your income without. ,

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Nt toward poverty was amused But these Authors Have Changed My Outlook And By have changed my outlook and by my outlook they have changed my life for the better There is no greater gift and I am forever grateful If you are a woman who can t pay the bills Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey each month go get this one and do thexercises You will be glad you did Great book to get your off your ass and help you realize that you are worth so much than you probably think that you are This book opened my yes to so much stigma that I have unknowingly been carrying around my whole life I looked at my husband last night and told him that I was just as capable as he was and it felt great I may need to revisit this in the future as a good reminder as I build my mpire off off and away Challenged me to suck less with my money It s a bit too focused on ЯED exceptional women without taking culturalconomic and other nvironmental factors into account which definitely affect how much power you have in a situation and how much money you can make Good book I initially thought I d just skim it as a uick and asy self help book but it actually offers a substantial amount of material that prompts self reflection as well as useful references to other material This book is as much about developing and projecting belief in oneself as it is about The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs earning power and it s as applicable to men who may also fall into the underarner trap The author notes that under Moreno earning doesn t necessarily mean low pay but really meansarning less than your value in the marketplace This book is really about gaining power over your life and increasing your choices in life This book describes many different reasons and belief patterns for why people and women in particular sabotage themselves in salary negotiations and career advancement During two job interviews within the last week I low balled my salary reuirements because I choked on stating the market salary range for such positions It also offers some xercises to get over our own mental hurdles Notes re patterns of success1 Feel the fear Have the doubts Go for it anyway Many people feel fear at the brink of success that s when you really need to push forward Nelson Mandela Our deepest fear is not that we are inadeuate Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure It is our light not our fear is that we are powerful beyond measure It is our light not our that most frightens us We ask ourselves Who am I to be brilliant gorgeous talented fabulous Actually who are you not to be You are a child of God Your playing small does not serve the world There is nothing nlightened about shrinking so that other people won t feel insecure around you Where your intention goes so goes you Your intention becomes your reality Gary Sukav Seat of the SoulFocus on working passionately not working hard view tradeoffs rather than sacrifices2 Maintain positive attitude and gratitude3 Ignore nay sayers let the dogs bark they re not necessarily mean spirited but simply test your commitment4 Develop a thick skin don t take rejection or criticism personally5 There are always two games that we can play playing the game To Win or playing the game Not to Lose playing it safe avoiding risk Play the game To Win Live with an attitude of abundanceaudacity rather than fearavoidancescarcity contrary to the message of Moneyball 6 Women are often afraid of coming across as a btch but think of it as Being In Total Control are often afraid of coming across as a btch but think of it as Being In Total Control Herself Don t be afraid to speak out walk through fire be a lioness In negotiations silence or hmmm can be ffective than talking Asking for is an act of self love Saying no is a show of self respect Refusing to settle is a statement of self worth And walking away is a sign of self trust7 Resilience is as important as audacity when you fall on your face pick yourself reflect on lessons learned and start again8 Obey the rules of money focus on building wealth rather than monthly salaryspending Spend less than you arn budget don t allow debt Pay yourself first save Put your money to work invest max out 401k and IRA contributionsGive generouslyPatterns of Under What If earners Debt is about giving away yournergy choosing chaos rather than success and control Change begins with a challenge or problem Use your challenges as stepping stones rather than as stumbling blocks. Selling out the reuisite traits to do so can be developed by virtually anyone money really can't buy happiness she proposes specific strategies for maximizing their impact intend from the start to succeed stretch yourself manage any payoff with care Stanny professes throughout that she desires to offer insight hope and guidance to any of you who aspire to The Exhaustion Breakthrough earn With this surprisingly practical and ultimately inspirational guidebook she delivers Howard Rothman. Unfortunately I couldn t finish reading this book I wish I paid attention to the publication date before buying and read a sample on It just feels outdated for this day and age The material could have been condensed by a lot There is too much repetition I felt like wanting to skip ahead all the time There is also too much focus on why some women are afraid unwilling or uncomfortable to make six figures Afraid That s just crazy I reallynjoyed this book Especially when she described the traits of an underearner A lot Of Times Your Income times your income t really change until your attitude towards money changes Once upon a time I was a compulsive spender I could have saved but I didn t because I grew up in a household where holding onto money was viewed as somewhat selfish and greedy My parents spent very nickel and dime to raise 4 girls on less THAN BLUE COLLAR SALARIES I REALIZED I WAS DOING blue collar salaries I realized I was doing same thing I didn t hold onto money because that was the norm for me growing up Now after adopting healthy mindset towards wealth and valuing my skills I managed to switch from a low income industry to a really well compensated industry leverage my previous work xperience and get a new job that boosted my income by 70% This was a great read Stanny starts by Supplemental Book explaining that women thanver are becoming high Hark! The Herald Angels Scream earners chiefly due to the fact that they were absent in the workforce for so long She next turns to the issue of underearners women who don t believe or who are unwilling to ask for what they are truly worth To highlight her point she asks How can wever Colloquial Polish: The Complete Course for Beginners expect toarn as much as a man if we can t ven arn as much as we ourselves are capable of making However there s a raging double standard here when men lobby for raises or negotiate a starting salary they are seen as aggressive which is typically a good trait in the business world When a women does the same she is seen in a far less positive light It honestly blows my mind that we re still dealing with this issue in the 21st century On that same note when Stanny begins walking the reader why and how she should negotiate a starting salary raise bonus duties Bidadari yang Mengembara etc she does a wonderful job I particularly loved this statment Asking for is an act of self love Saying no is a show of self respect Refusing to settle is a statement of self worth And walking away is a sign of self trust I realize that without reading the book or fully understanding her arguments this may sound pie in the sky and totally unrealistic But I m a believer you re not doing yourself any favors in selling yourself short Being a martyr isn t the goal in business It isn t going to help your family if you re overworked underpaid stressed to the max and bitter over your situation I work to make money it s not a charityvent for me I took Red River Girl extensive notes on this book that I plan to refer back to often Stanny s strategy is as follows1 Declaration of intent2 Letting go of the ledge3 Get in the game4 Speak up5 The stretch6 Seek support7 Obey the rules of money spend less than youarn pay yourself first and put your money to workI love love LOVE that Stanny covered that last topic it really gives the book a holistic feel and puts the reader in a good mindset Some may initially find Stanny s relentless focus on money off putting But she consistently reminds the reader that money is only a means to an La strada delle croci end Money provides security freedom if you want to uit your job you can the ability to help otherstc When speaking about philanthropy one of the women Stanny interviewed said Money is like manure If you pile it up it stinks But if you spread it around it does a lot of good The strategies are a little different than the secrets Stanny alludes to in the title Those are1 Working hard doesn t mean working all the time2 Focus on fulfulling your values rather than financial gain3 Loving what you do is much important than what you do4 Feel the fear Have the doubts Go for it anyway5 Think in terms of trade offs mot sacrifices to find a the doubts Go for it anyway5 Think in terms of trade offs mot sacrifices to find a uilibrium6 Sometimes you just have to shrug it off and have a good laugh7 Appreciate abundanceI found it interesting that Stanny s father was the founder of HR Block She had a disastrous first marriage where she stuck her. There are high salaried women in the workforce today than ver before yet most females remain seriously underpaid when compared to their male counterparts Motivational speaker and financial journalist Barbara Stanny decided to find out why by identifying the differences between those who draw the big bucks and those who don't In Secrets of Six Figure Women she reveals what makes the leading dge tick as well as how others can use the information to boost the. Secrets of Six Figure Women Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life