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Er far than any other I ve read She generously invites her readers into her life of grief and healing As I finished this book I found myself thinking I ll need to read this book again someday There are many layers here not just about the loss of a child but about being loss of a child but about being woman being creative WHAT IT MEANS TO LIVE IN THE WAKE "what it means to live in the wake that loss some reason I didn t love this book and it s usually the type of book that I like memoir The author suffers a stillbirth and a miscarriage and for some reason I just did not get motionally involved in her story I have never had her xperience and I didn t relate to the book in any way I am a parent and grandparent so it should have The author is a poetic writer with a deep connection to nature I did like that bit in the book She writes really well I am not sure why it did not resonate with me 35. Shadowed by that of Beth's other first child who has merged from the darkness of memory So it is that she begins to come to terms with the conditions of life that hone and humble AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 each of us with birth and death with joy and pain with losses and love and the relentless passage of time in this beautifully wroughtxploration of selfhood womanhood and motherhoo.

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My favorite type of writing all combined a good "story a mother s memoir written with gorgeous metaphor lyrical prose all grounded in nature and beauty I read "a mother s memoir written with gorgeous metaphor lyrical prose all grounded in nature and beauty I read with commonplace book in hand and savor ach word A Canadian Katrina Kenison 65 I had this book in my possession borrowed for over a month before I could gather the courage to actually read it At first I thought it was rather self indulgent and the language too pretty but I think I was mostly scared to read what was there But a day of waiting with no other distractions got me started and once I got past the idyllic childhood section I got hooked into her story I think It Starts Off As I Was A starts off as I was a and precocious child which really put me off until she starts writing about her loss I m not sure I can recommend this to anyone who has not lost a child it s an incredibly personal bo. In this perceptive profoundly moving meditation on love and loss and the often poignant connection between the two Beth Powning shares the lessons that time and nature "Have Taught HerLike Many "taught herLike many women with career ambitions in the redefining 1960s Beth Powning struggles with the decision as to whether and when she should start a family although ventually. Ok and I don t know how it would resonate with someone who has not had this xperience Beth Powning has a mournful voice Some might call it reflective but I was struck by how ven when she was very young she was aware of what wasn t in a moment Such a voice however is xactly right for the focus of this memoir her first stillborn son He is the main impetus for the book a working through of how to come to terms with such "A Death And The "death and the that these children are still there a shadow presence forever However there are other shadow children in this book Beth Powning s many stories and other manuscripts that couldn t find a
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Many important to work through motherhood and authorhood This book was so beautiful Raw intimate and poetic An inside look at a lifetime of internal struggles finally realized I resonated with this writ. Her ambivalence about motherhood yields to a dream of a baby At the age of twenty four she becomes pregnant and her dream becomes reality Then late into a cold February night leven days past her due date under induced labor Beth delivers a stillborn sonSeveral years later to overwhelming joy Beth gives birth to Jacob but the growth of her second son is soon. ,

Shadow Child An Apprenticeship in Love and Loss