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Arinth and she actually knew a lot about what she was doing having Gotten Used To Designing used to designing minisubs I was also pleased to see her basically giving the middle finger to the Navy because she knew what to do and they well didn tWhile Nicholas Kirov the love interest definitely had his creepy moments he didn t get any worse than treating them sleeping together like it was a foregone conclusion I mean I hate that my standards for Johansen s men are so ludicrously low but you knowShadow Zone also introduces a villain I actually really liked Her name is Anna Devareau And Yes She S yes she s femme fatale However she s actually done fairly well Gina from The Perfect Witness was a woman of no action doing nothing than having sex and talking about how much she loves owning stuff Natalie from Night and Day was proactive but also too incompetent and whiny to be ffective Anna however is not only afraid to get her hands dirty but she s damn good at it too She actually doesn t rely solely on her sexuality to accomplish verything She s positively lethal ven so than her boyfriend the big bad of the storyThere were two major problems I had with Shadow Zone The first was the way Eugenia treats view spoilerCharlie after his father is murdered by Anna She jumped to her feet and strode over to where Charlie stood We ll be arriving in another hour She leaned her Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) elbows on the rail I ll be glad to get off this junk heap Seven hours is too longCharlie didn t answerHow about youI don t care Charlie said dully I haven t paid much attentionThat s right You re too busy hulking here feeling sorry for yourselfWOW Insensitive much This guy s father was just brutally murdered And by just I mean within the previous 24 hours This isn t a guy who s been shut up in his house for twenty years refusing to seeven his closest friends and family This is a young man who watched someone break his father s neck while he was powerless to do anything about itThis kind of garbage is in all of Iris Johansen s books People are Math Basics 6 expected to get over whatever horrible thing has happened to them in a ridiculously small amount of time and if they don t they re just a self pitying loser Usually the characters turn it inward blaming themselves for grieving like a normal human being but in this case it s someone doing it to someonelse which ticks me off Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, even Oh and of course Eugenia agrees with Charlie that his father s death is his fault she calls it a mistake and also says that she s had a harder life than he hasI m going to move on because I really don t want to start dropping F bombs left and right hide spoiler TERRIBLE BOOK I have never read this author before but we are off to a bad start I have HEARD that she writes good books that s why I said start However this was such a terrible book I feel like I should burn it so no onelse The First Ghost ever reads it Hannah the protagonist has absolutely nothing to do with anything until thend of the book She just keeps putting herself in situations she is not capable both skill wise and motionally of handling and the characters around her have to keep fixing verything or saving her dumba Then finally at the Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential end with a situation right up her alley she ruins it by some dumb short speech to a bunch of military people Essentially I don t want you to help me but I need you to help me as so it was pointed out to me So you better be happy I m your boss and then throws a temper tantrum when they aren t happy about it I personally love to read spoilers it doesn t ruin the story for me so for those of you like me the bad GUY dies the bad GIRL gets away The algae is what killed of the Marinthians and all of it is destroyed by thend of the book Hannah finally decided she will get with Kirov And her whiny nephew that added nothing to the story is safe and gets to intern next summer Driscoll dies Charlie becomes Eugenia s apprentice ssentially This book was really neither hear nor there It was the typical adventure plot and decently written However there were some parts that I didn t particularly like For xample the 12 year old nephew who is going to protect the women doesn t get told to sit down and shut up he s 12 and just makes international flights on his own without any problems or repercussions It s less plausible than algae killing the world Another one of my longtime favorite authors that I no longer will read. Must match wits against a terrifying nemy who will kill anyone who stands in his way And when Hannah becomes his target she knows that her best hope for survival lies with Kirov a mysterious and deadly man from her past Together they will race to unravel Marinth’s last great secret in order to prevent a catastrophe of global proportions Before the lethal game is over however Hannah will realize that no one is above suspicio. ,

I ve never actually read an Iris Johansen book but I ve seen Them On The Bestseller on the bestseller and this one sounded interesting so I decided to give her a tryBad mistake I don t know if this was a bad xample of her writing but if this had come to a publisher from a first time writer it never would have been published It violates Smokin' Hot every rule of good writing out thereThe heroine is testing her new mini sub design combining it with helping a longtime friend withxploring the lost city of Marinth which has been the subject of studies and hollywood movies and yet still has lots of unexpected finds left One of those finds is a stained glass wall still intact that Placing Memory explains how to take the algae that is only found in this location but when combined with somethinglse can wipe out all sea life in an area An arms dealer who somehow knows that the algae could be used as a weapon how does he know this They never say steals the artifact as it s brought up This starts a hunt to stop him complete with the complication of a 12 year old boy being able to get halfway around the world on his own without raising so much as an yebrow all because he wants to protect his auntCharacters change moods and ideas so fast you get whiplash people do stupid things just to advance the plot We get lots of Well Melis you already know this but let me tell you about it again xposition and Gee Hannah my husband Jed is rich and can hire investigators just in case you forgot the details of my husband considering we all had dinner together the other night and you ve known me for how many yearsAnd how did the kid get a plane ticket Sure he gives a good talk about picking an airline that is lax about kids flying alone and he has the money for the ticket but how did he buy the ticket If you buy online you need a credit card and I doubt he has one unless he stole mom s And I doubt any airline is lax nough to let a kid walk in and buy a ticket with cash And ignoring how he gets there do you really think a loving aunt would let him stick around when there s an international arms dealer sending assassins after them and one of the group has already been killedAll in all I would recommend avoiding this book At all costs Wratched I ve read many an Iris Johansen book and njoyed them Sometimes they re a little too fluffy rom comy for me but mostly I Wanton Nights enjoy them This was by far the worst I ve read by Johansen and I m tempted to say it s possibly because of the co authorship To be fair I wasn t into the plot and was never going to be so that was problemo numero uno An underwater sea world and subsh no thanks Dos were the many and ridiculous references to my husband Jed made by Melis in short order This particular phraseology is ludicrous you wouldn t need to identify your relationship to your husband AND use your husband s name when speaking to a friend Nor would you need to keep repeating it This is not a cute or uirky turn of phrase it s bum writing and annoyed me no While My Soldier Serves end The first time I saw it I thought maybe the author was making a point to identify Jed s relationship to her as a reference point for a future scenario in which he has a role and this might be important But alas nope Apparently it was just to point out that Melis isn t a single spinster which has zero relationship to any other damn thing in this craptart of a book Tres killer algae wiping out anntire civilization justNo Stop Don t do it Seriously Then there s the kid and the missilesCOME ON The authors should have checked themselves before they wrecked themselves because this book is sorely in need of a better well verything I don t think this book comes anywhere near some of the great novels by Iris Johansen and her sonToo many things are just not believable Her 12 year old nephew has a dream that his father who was killed in an arlier novel is telling him he needs to protect his aunt He tells his mother he is staying with a friend for the weekend and then manages to buy a plane ticket and fly out to where his aunt is working Once there he phones his mother to let her know What mother would be okay with this but apparently as he is with his aunt ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe everything is fine Considering the danger all around what aunt would allow a 12 year old boy to stay in that situation and not send him back home immediatelyI think there are too many loosends like what happened to Anna or maybe that wi. The #1 New York Times bestselling author teams up once again with her Edgar award winning son to bring us a new heart pounding thriller involving the search for a mysterious Atlantean city While mapping the ancient underwater city of Marinth in the Atlantic Ocean submersible designer Hannah Bryson makes a shocking discovery she may have finally uncovered the truth about the once glorious city’s mysterious demise Long ago it. .

Ll be wrapped up in another book Don t waste your time and money A global archeological treasure hunt with a deadly prize waiting for the second place finishersSubmersible designer The Fiend Next Door extraordinaire Hannah Bryson and her scientific colleague are mapping the ancient underwater city of Marinth said to be the real world basis for the legend of a sunken Atlantis In the course of their scientificndeavours they discover the deadly truth of the city s virtually instantaneous demise a toxic algae bloom triggered by something almost breathtakingly mundane The discovery triggers a three way race between Hannah the ver so typical suspense thriller megalomaniac who would use the algae for his own power and wealth accumulation and the US government who would preserve the algae and its trigger as a deadly biological weapon in an undeclared cold war against the rest of the worldNominally SHADOW ZONE is a seuel to the opening novel in a Hannah Bryson series SILENT THUNDER but the fact is that the only real continuity rests with the characters Hannah Bryson herself her friend and scientific colleague in things marine Melis Nemid her blossoming but well hidden love interest former Russian submarine commander Nicholas Kirov and her nephew Ronnie mature beyond his age of twelve and determined to step into the role of protector of his mother and his aunt Hannah after his father s murder in SILENT THUNDERAlthough it s a well written suspense thriller that I njoyed and finished reasonably uickly I often found myself rolling my பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் eyes as pieces of the story line pushed my credibility meter well into the red zone Let s say I d only give it a lukewarm recommendation as a stand alone thriller but a somewhat warmer recommendation if you take the time to read SILENT THUNDER first so that the character development becomes meaningful And speaking of character development it s clear that there are a couple or three obvious loose threads at thend of the novel that allow the authors plenty of room to write a third installment in the Hannah Bryson and Nicholas Kirov storyPaul Weiss This book holds the dubious distinction of being the last I swear to the heavens above IrisRoy Johansen book I The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 ever buy It got buried in a TBR stack after a move so I m just reading it I went from giddy anticipation to horrified disbelief asach page went by Hannah she with the strong shoulders strong shoulders Excuse me has so many TSTL moments that I STARTED ROOTING FOR THE BAD GUYS FAIRLY EARLY started rooting for The Bad Guys fairly A Meditation on Murder early Melis is married to husband Jed We know this because that s how he s referred to Each time Husband Jed Maybe that s his name Husband Jed Annoying majorlyThis would have been yet another disappointing collaboration novelxcept for one thing the 12 year old nephew I was mortally offended by the sexist attitude that birthed this monster The kid appeared on page 8 and stayed through page 340 The character believes that it is his responsibility to protect the female adults in his life his mother his aunt his aunt s female friend He walks away from grade school hops on an international flight to Greece walks into murder and mayhem and announces he is there to protect the women AND THEY LET HIM BELIEVE IT Sorry I m hyperventilating again The alleged adults ncourage this bizarre inappropriate behavior so that the rot spreads throughout the ntire book The idea that a 12 year old is better prepared to protect an adult merely because he is male and the adult is female is so far beyond offensive that I am speechlessKinda I have one speech left to authors who perpetrate this warped belief in the basic worthlessness of the Travis entire female population I gift the absence of my patronage and my wallet As far as books go the uality of this one was pretty poor However I stillnjoyed reading it at times and I m really starting to think that Johansen s books are better when she collaborates with her son I ve also come to realize that at least two of the collaborations have lacked ven one sex scene Maybe they all do I can imagine it s kind of awkward to write sex scenes with your familyMelis Nemid makes a return in this book I never cared much for her but she was tolerable in this story because she didn t play as big
A Role Hannah Was An 
role Hannah was an right character I was actually on her side when she insisted on risking her life on several occasions because this involved the ocean and Was a thriving metropolis bursting with culture and life Marinth’s sudden disappearance has plagued scientists for years But now with her unexpected new findings Hannah realizes that the ancient city’s xplosive secret could have dire conseuences for the modern day world But Hannah isn’t the only one who realizes it When her key artifact is hijacked n route to a research lab she is thrust into an adventure in which she. Shadow Zone Hannah Bryson #2