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A lawyer takes on a case of a Prison Guard In South Africa guard in South Africa is traumatized by the executions he s witnessedA movie was made based on this book This is the most disturbing book I have read in a long time if not ever If I did not have work and other commitments I would have read the book in one sitting It is not a crime novel or a suspense novel I don t really know what enre it would fit into The events in the book take place in a time when the death sentence was still legal in South Africa In the current South Africa with the high crime statistics and sometimes really cruel cruel killings we think many a time that it would be The Million Dollar Goal good to bring the death sentence back But this book pulls the rug out from right under your feet Not as such because of the criminal thatets the death sentence but for the other human beings that have to be a part of the execution In the book the warders have to look after the condemned prisoners help them read from the Bible in their last days on death row help them write letters Be With Them During Visits with them during visits their families and in the end be with them when they Securing Caite go to theallows hear their necks break as the trapdoors fall open and they fall and swing at the end of the rope And listen to their last sounds while dying Then take them down wash the bodies and be present at their burials Without any trauma counceling afterwards Like the one psychologist said You cannot make them shepherds and butchers at the same time In other countries where the death sentence is still legal the executioner and the escort of the Condemned Man In That Last man in that last are not familiar with the condemned in any way It takes a very high toll on a person s psyche to kill a person he knowsThe book came to haunt me in my sleep which has very rarely happened to me and I read a lot This book is not for the feint hearted The explanations and descriptions of how an execution takes place through hanging is vivid and Trudy graphic It fits the purpose of the storyline but it is something that will haunt me for a very very long time The book crawled into a space in my head and I thinkoing forward I will always have mixed feelings about capital punishment Shepherds and Butchers is a ritty and disturbing novel that draws on the author Chris Marnewick s huge personal experience of the South African criminal justice system as an advocate and judge takes a no holds barred look at the vexed issue of the death penalty and South Africa s violent crime epidemic In the final years before democratic rule in South Africa hundreds of criminals were executed in Pretoria Central by young men of the Prison Service assisting the Hangman When one of these young warders shoots seven members of a karate club dead in a seemingly unprovoked incident he oes on trial with seemingly little chance of avoiding the death penalty himself His trial exposes the systematic brutalisation of the warders as they struggle with the macabre logistics of hanging up to seven men or women a day while at the same time exposed intimately to the death row prisoners in the days leading up to their execution and their dying minutes They also meet and escort families of the condemned prisoners and finally dress and bury their bodies in unparked The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of Desmond T. Doss graves At a crucial point in the trial evidence an expert witness observes you cannot expect men to be both shepherds and butchers The novel finds a balance between exploring the brutality and depravity of the crimes they have committed and the barbaric mechanics of death by hanging and in so doing presents a conundrum to which their seems to be no easy answer Don t waste your time on the one dimensional and disappointing film version of the book this is a difficult and often traumatic read but an essential one for anyone who holds strong views on South Africa s crime wave and possible solutions May 25 2017 500% 5557You can t want from men to be Shepherds and Butchers choose oneMay 25 2017 150% But they become monsters slowly by slowlyTaking humans life has never been an easy jobWhoives you the right to take somebody s lifeMay 25 2017 150% They thought that they are doing ood punishing the bad boysMay 25 2017 Started Reading One rope is the distance between black and white What a wonderful bookI saw the movie and was so mesmerized I just had. Leon Labuschagne's livelihood depends on death At nineteen he is a Death Row warder at Maximum Security Prison in Pretoria South Africa a shepherd who cares for the condemned and a butcher who escorts them to the allows In the summer of 1987 after thirty two men were hanged in two weeks all real cases Leon loses control with tragic results And now he's the one facing the Shepherds Butchers

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F Pretoria Central PrisonThis is not light entertainment Chris Marnewick has used the court case of Leon Labuschagne to highlight what took place in Pretoria Central The allows were set up to hang seven men at the same time In 1987 a record was broken One hundred and sixty four were hanged of which between the period 26 November to 10 December thirty two men were hangedAt the time young white South African men were called up immediately after
their final year of schooling do their National Service Some refused to o into the army and took what they thought were oing to be easier options they joined the police or as described in this book the prison service Chris Marnewick has introduced us to Leon Labuschagne a seventeen year old who decides to join as a prison warder What he didn t expect to happen was to be forced on his first day on the job to have to watch men being hanged As a South African looking back at this men being hanged As a South African looking back at this I see myself as a mother of two children aged ten and twelve living a ood life on a smallholding where our lives were filled with events at school road running horse riding long walks with the dogs and many Sundays spent at the beach We were completely oblivious to these shocking barbaric events taking place in Pretoria where those hanged were not even BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. given the dignity or respect of being buried in a shroud they were simply tossed naked into a cheap pine box I hear you ask how can I say I was unaware of what was happening in the country Theovernment at the time had ensured through laws that newspapers in South Africa had virtually no voice to raise any kind of criticism There were no overseas newspapers or news channels available to watch on television The public was kept in the dark Chris Marnewick has written this chilling account of how this barbaric practice took place month in month out Were there any young men like Leon Labuschagne who had complete mental breakdowns because of what they had witnessed I m sure there were but they like other facts were buried under the secrecy blanketI need to add a bizarre footnote and because it seems so strange While reading through various articles on the history of The Pretoria Central Prison which has recently restored and is now a monument I discovered that there were two Chris Barnards in South Africa who were famous Dr Chris Barnard the world pioneer in heart transplants with one ambition restoring life and normal living to patients who would otherwise have died and then there was Chris Barnard the executioner He could put the rope around each of the necks of the seven to be hanged and reach the lever to drop the condemned in eighteen seconds He executed around 1500 people in his role as hangman Both I found had retired before the cases referred to in this book However it still makes me think that truth is stranger than fictionTreebeardBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review I found the book a brilliant read It makes the reader think The four stars are for the few irregularities in the book that was told to me by someone close to me that worked there in that exact year 1 They did not Confessions of an Air Ambulance Doctor get payed per hanging2 there were no washers on the coffins3 the person thatave the details to the author worked in the kitchen of prison He NEVER attended any death penalty cases All other facts in the book about the procedures and daily tasks of the wardens are are accurate Also accurate is the fact that they have and will always struggle with what was forced on them to do My someone is only opening up about it now after he has bought and read the book and have asked us to read it so that we can understand why he is the way he is Dark and hauntingThere are many reasons that makes this book a Mr. Jelly's Business good book but part of me always knows that other people may think different than me and may find reasons why this book is not soreat as I make it out to be So I played with the idea of 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, giving the book 4 stars just in case this story is not perfect In the end Iave the book 5 stars because in my mind I could find no reason why this book is not perfect and does not deserve 5 stars I can t even tell you how many people I have Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı given this book to I note that there was a movie made about it As usual the movie doesn t do it justice A must read for anyone Powerful. Gallows after than four thousand hangings in Pretoria in that century Shepherds Butchers portrays legal execution in unprecedented detail revealing its devastating impact on all those involved At the same time it exposes the callous violence on the other side of the noose where murderers reign Chris Marnewick's first novel is aripping courtroom drama steeped in the factu. To read the book as well I was not dissapointedI think this is book that each and every South African should read You will certainly look differently at the death penaltyJust Although set in South Africa the book s themes are universal and in my view should be compulsory reading in Criminal Procedure Criminology Jurisprudence Philosophy of Law and Forensic Psychology coursesI rated this book four although I toyed with 5 for two main reasons first the author the alter ego of Weber in the bookwrites from a position of deep and intimate personal knowledgehaving practised law in the courts of South Africa for many years This results in painstaking accuracy of detail with the comcomitant accurate explanation of legal principles and procedures I read the book accurate explanation of legal principles and procedures I read the book three simultaneous levels as a work of fiction as a work of legal philosophy and as a practical Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines guide to the inticracies and challenges of the criminal process I also had fun trying to detect the influences on the author s writing One example will suffice Marnewick was the defence lawyer in the famous in South Africa at least Xerxes Nursingh murder trial a young male student whounned down his mother a hospital surgeon and administrator with a shotgun Marnewick secured Nursingh s auittal by relying on a the then new defence of non pathological criminal incapacity similar to the defence in the Mendendezes brothers trial and the fictional defence postulated in the book is merely a plausible extension of this defence as is the so called battered wife syndrome defence On the last two scores the book works wonderfully for me it really raises pertinent uestions about the pro s and cons legally and morally of the death penalty and to the author s credit he does not take sides here and leaves the reader to make up hisher own mind As far as the story itself is concerned I intended to read it in instalments but it uickly turned into a page turner that demanded to be read in one sitting It is the kind of book that remains in your mind long after you have read it the same effect that To Kill a Mockingbird and Catch 22 had on me Which leads me to the loss of the fifth star the author needs to loosen up a bit stylistically The book thankfully eschews the use of adjectives and hyperbole and asks the reader to draw inferences from detailed narrative and description in the best traditions of Hemingway but herein lies a weakness the prose in places becomes too sparse making emotional identification with the influences on Leon Labuschagne s psyche too difficult Perhaps the almost documentary style was intentional it certainly draws attention to the characters reliance on the cop out of administrative processes to avoid facing up to the emotional conseuences and costs of their actions but it does detract from the readers empathy with them The latter is however a small point I am convinced that the passage of time will elevate this book to a modern classic Robin Palmer Durban In the cycle of killing there is a beginning but no endLawyer Johan Weber has just returned to his chambers after a long and tiring session in court The last thing he needs is for anyone to arrive unannounced Unfortunately his desire to have some uiet time is interrupted when his secretary comes into his office to say that Roshnee Kissoon Singh a human rights lawyer is waiting to see him She tells him that Lawyers for Human Rights has taken on the pro bono case of a young white warder who shot and killed seven young black men what seemed to as road rage but ended in start as road rage but ended in blooded murder He reluctantly takes on the case One of the first tasks that he The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River gives his junior advocate Pedrie Wierda is to discover exactly how many hangings the accused Leon Labuschagne was not only present at but wasallows escort to a person being hanged At first Leon Labuschagne refuses to talk or share any details of how involved the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy gallows escorts were in the process With perseverance Weberets him to talk What Johan Weber and Pedrie Wierda learn is hard for them to rasp The psychiatrist asked to assess Labuschagne is convinced that something triggered him on the night of the killing to act in the way that he did It s up to Weber and Wierda to find the trigger and to also to understand just how the system worked in the very secretive world Eath penalty Only the most precarious line of legal argument stands between Leon and the allows Chasing a defense his advocate trawls the deepest recesses of life in the Pot the twilight world of Death Row in order to determine the effect of multiple executions on his young client In 1987 164 people were executed at Maximum Security Two years later the last man went to the. .