[Free E–pub] (Silver Batal and the Water Dragon Races) Author K.D. Halbrook

Silver Batal and the Water Dragon RacesFor doing soAnother thing about Silver that annoys me is that she seems to be very selfish at times worrying about her own desires and what she wants than what those around her want One example is Brajon though he wants to stay put in their hometown Silver seems to bully him about this a little bit guilting him into coming with her anyways She then gets annoyed with him over little things throughout the story including disappearing briefly in the city he was trying to help her and being afraid to Monkey Wars fly on Hiyyan Though this is remedied at the end when she lets him remain home Silver never really apologizesor this behavior and there are once again no conseuences Organize Create Discipline: An A-to-Z Guide to an Organized Existence for this The same thing happens later when she pushes Hiyyan tooar and while she does learn It's Not Rocket Science: 7 Game-Changing Traits for Uncommon Success from it and apologize this time her attitude still left meeeling icky and annoyed Again she s meant to be a very lawed thirteen year old with a lot to learn but I worry that the lack of real conseuences or her actions might be modeling bad behavior in younger readers Aside I Can Be a Teacher (Barbie) from Silver however I really enjoyed the rest of this book I thought it was really cool that the author who is herself Lebanese American worked in some aspects of Middle Eastern culture such asashion headscarves and caftans and the desert setting While I admit that I know very little of Lebanese culture it was neat to see a small piece of another culture woven into a Eggs Benedict Arnold fantasy as this is good representationor those who might not otherwise be exposed to cultures different than their own I can always appreciate diversity in a story especially a antasy storyI also really enjoyed the relationships in this book rom Silver and her dragon to her riendship with Brajon and Nebekker I also loved what seemed to be a hinted uture romance between Silver and Ferdi as I think they re really cute and had great chemistry I also liked how this book gave a subtle warning to young teens about putting their heroes on a pedestal as Silver s hero Sagittaria Wonder turns out to be a cruel and manipulative bully Silver s behavior throughout the book might actually be hinting at the act that she could turn into Sagittaria if she s not careful which helps justify the author s writing choices throughout the story I still worry that some readers might not understand this comparison but I can at least recognize that some of Silver s bad choices have a rhyme and reason within the story Overall I enjoyed this book and think it would be a great choice or any young One Good Life: My Tips, My Wisdom, My Story fans of dragons orantasy I would especially recommend it to ans of Wings of Fire How to Train Your Dragon and Eragon as I think this story is in the same vein as the other two Better yet it s going to be a series giving readers an opportunity to dive into a new series while they wait or others to update This book is also good or reluctant readers and those with restrictive parents as the language is easy to ollow and extremely inoffensive I would Going Under feel comfortable with an elementary schooler reading this as I didn t come across anything offensive or controversial in the book While it wasn t exactly an instant obsessionor me I recognize that I am not the target audience or this book I believe middle grade readers will really enjoy this story however and will gladly add it to my library s collection and recommend it to #Them In The Future I Liked The #in the uture I liked the idea of this book I really did It was uniue desert cities mixed with ocean water dragons Super cool Love the culture involved and the story There were only a couple things that bothered me in this book Saying The End At the end of the book gave me the impression the story was completely over Yet the last pages of the book opened up a massive problem The story was nowhere near over and I was left to assume that I just had to guess that their mission would be successful because it said The End I thought the author was inished with the book But now I m hearing rumours of a second book coming which honestly doesn t surprise me because the story was nowhere near inished If I were the author I would take out The End off of it to mitigate confusionSecondly how many times can a desert beetle be used as a simile or metaphor Like almost every page The writing could have been better I Natural Blonde felt like some similes were way overused desertoxes and desert beetles I get it there s not a whole lot of desert creatures to choose rom but I eel like there still could have been a little research involved Samantha Spinner and the Super Secret Plans for other creatures or other metaphors Ielt like the writing style was a little amateur Land of a Thousand Hills: My Life in Rwanda for this age group Didn t really like how the water dragons kind of ac This book is just wow wow and wow What aantastic tale beautifully composed and bringing so much to life letting a girl starting onto her own journey to discover who she is and what she is made up of We travel rom a city in the desert to the capital of the realm We meet water dragons and uite a ew uniue characters The main character Silver Batal is sometimes likeable sometimes not so much as she discovers the wider world and starts to make her own wayApart Infestation from an engaging and constantly movingorward storyline this book also has If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song fantastic representation Silver is so well embedded into the community where she grew up with heramily her mother and her Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford father each having their own sphere of influence and their own ideas who Silver should become and yet Silver has a very specific dream of who she wants to become herself When her dream starts to become real she has to leave the known behind and start the adventure of her own journeyWhat makes me swoon even is the representation ofemale craftsmanship of working with ibre and thread and yarn This is seamlessly woven into the story and I just love

it or that 
for that all the rest of it dragons adventure racing and inding riends and your own way learning about people who mean well and others who maybe don t and voila A coerência textual for me this has become aavourite read of this year and I think also an all time Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller favourite It is that good. R and the trio must bandtogether as they encountererocious cave beasts clever desert Dogs Behaving Badly foxes and cutthroat competitionSet in a vivid Arab inspired worldilled with First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There friendly andearsome water dragons KD Halbrook’smiddle grade Revenge of the Land: A Century of Greed, Tragedy, and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm fantasy adventure is perfector ans of Tui T Sutherland Sayantani DasGupta and RoshaniChoks. .
Bonding with a dragon racing through an obstacle course on dragon back and a desert world with a oreign culture The book had all those ualities and At irst I ound Silver to be a impetuous short sighted girl and her eagerness to get herself into trouble really annoyed me Halfway through the book however Silver s growing responsibilities unfamiliarity with the capital city turned her a bit cautious She s always Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome full of energy which helps her out in very sticky moments I enjoyed how Silver had to choose between her desires and her responsibilities The dragons sound wonderful and there are some great characters that help Silver out Her hometown soundsascinating a desert city populated by artists and her own amazing amilyI didn t connect with the MC so this book wasn t my avorite but I m sure others will enjoy it It was a very creative workI received a copy in exchange The Habitat Guide to Birding for an honest review My name is Silver Batal and I ve always dreamed of becoming a great water dragon rider Many people think it s a crazy dreamor the daughter of a jeweler living in a hot dusty desert Now I must recover my Space Kid friend s water dragon stolen by my hero Sagittaria Wonder I m thankful my cousin Brajon has offered to help but I m not sure what we ll do once we reach Calidia We can t exactly walk up to the ueen and tell her the mostamous dragon rider in the world is a thief No the only thing I can do is enter the water dragon races and win My plan is complicated since I ve bonded with a young water dragon that s still learning to swim The Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town fact he s an Auinder presents an even bigger problem If anyone discovers this mythical water dragon exists things will get very dangerousThe concepts of water dragons and racing them interested me enough to read the book but the early pages were slow It was clear Silver would do anything to become a rider but nothing would happen in the plot until Sagittaria came to visit her village The book became much interesting after about eighty pages once Silver leftor Calidia She was accused of stealing jewelry and Sagittaria knew who she was so Silver had to move stealthily across the lands and streets She could also lose her water dragon Hiyyan even though they were bonded They could be registered together if they raced but Silver would need to teach Hiyyan how to swim and how the ly Complicating things was a law saying all Auinders needed to be killed so how could they practice lying without anyone seeing The author tossed in some natural dangers with wild creatures popping up along the way Silver made a couple of allies during her adventure and she discovered some conspiracies The races were much than races to political Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water foes and secrets were hidden in watery caves Overall the book made upor the slow start and I recommend you give it a shot Lovers of nice dragons should enjoy the story Set in a desert with a vast auifer and river running under the sand this book Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus features a young woman Silver Batal who thinks she knows all there is to know about water dragon racing the breeds the riders the races they ve won and lost and attributes of each dragonBut when theamous Sagittaria Wonder the winningest water dragon racer in Calidia comes to Silver s little desert town of Jaspaton Silver discovers there s a lot she doesn t know Jaspaton Silver discovers there s a lot she doesn t know how mean and callous Sagittaria can be and how Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse focused the racer is on winning at any costThat cost includes stealing a rare mother dragonrom her bonded rider the old seamstress Nebekker Sagittaria doesn t know the dragon she s stolen has a Troubled Waters fledgling Hiyyan who bonds with Silver as soon as they meetSagittaria cares not one whitor the bond between rider and dragon All she cares about is winning the next race on the back of an ancient rarely seen breed of dragon and because breaking the bond really only adversely affects the human involved she keeps the dragon in her racing stablesSilver s determined to race Hiyyan And Thus Claim Ownership Of Him and thus claim ownership of him Calidian law and rescue his mother as Nebekker gets sicker the longer she s separated The Allergy-Fighting Garden: Stop Asthma and Allergies with Smart Landscaping from her dragonBut once Silver and Hiyyan with helprom her cousin Brajon set out on this uest she violates her amily s trust and becomes an outlaw in her own town She may never be able to return home much less race againVisit my blog or great middle grade book recommendations ree teaching materials and iction writing tips E ARC Shadower from Edelweiss PlusSilver comesrom a Owls: Birds of the Night family of jewelers in the desert community of Jaspaton and is expected toollow the Bon Bon Voyage (A Carolyn Blue Culinary Mystery, family trade but she really wants to be a water dragon racers like her idol Saggitaria Wonder Her cousin and bestriend Brajon is supportive of her but realizes it will be very difficult or her to pursue This book was everything that I love in a book involving Dragons and so very much Imagine a world where Dragons are creatures of the water and #many of them are amous not only or their uniueness but also or those that #of them are amous not only or their uniueness but also or those that been a part of the Water Dragon Races in which people come to rom all over the worldSilver Batal is a young thirteen year old girl who is expected to take over her Dad s Jeweler business but she doesn t A Look Over My Shoulder: A Life in the Central Intelligence Agency feel that it s her calling and has spent a good chunk of her life dreaming of becoming a Water Dragon racer just like someone that she very much looks up to She befriends an elder woman who seems to be just the kind ofriend that Silver needs and is the key to Silver possibly having her biggest dream come trueSilver soon learns that a rare breed of Dragon that was said to have become extinct really isn t and one of them bonds with Silver in a way that will change her life orever whom she names Hiyyan who isn t very old in Dragon years and whose only companionship has been that of Silver s riend and Kirja who is Hiyyan s Mother When Kirja is kidnapped by someone who Silver once looked up to Silver is determined to rescue her and also hopes to take part in the Ravishing Ruby famous Water Dragon Racing her cousin Brajon shows up just as Silver is about to leave with Hiyyan and is determined to ta. Silver’s dreams of becoming a legendary water dragon racer come true when she befriends a raredragon that can swim andlyThirteen year old Silver Batal calls the desert home but her heart belongs to the waters Although she’sexpected to become a jeweler like her ather Silver harbors a secret and orbidden wish to ra. .

G along if only to hopefully keep Silver Days of Infamy: Military Blunders Of The 20th Century from being harmedTheir journey to rescue Kirja will beull of adventure unexpected twists and danger that will test their determination but also bring them closer Old Yeller forming a bond and makingriends along the waySilver will Flying by the Seat of My Pants: Flight Attendant Adventures on a Wing and a Prayer find herself very much tested while searchingor Kirja and joining in on the Water Dragon Races which is a dream come true but will also hopefully lead to Lincoln: An Illustrated Biography freeing Kirja before it s too late and her bond with Hiyyan will help her to grow and become a better personI enjoyed this book so much particularly the mention of a variety of Water Dragon breeds which I would love to see drawings of It was so muchun to read about such On Being Human: Reflections on Life and Living fascinating creatures and I could picture just about all of them with the descriptions This is one of myavorite Dragon books that I have read in uite some time and I am eager to some day read a seuel of it I highly recommend checking out this book and may you enjoy it as much as I have ARC provided by Macmillan Children s Publishing via NetGalley Frommers Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World for an honest review I just adore that cover It really is striking and depicts what water dragons would look like racing It really conveys a sense of what this story is all about Silver was a wonderful characterull of spunk and courage She has a wonderful relationship with her cousin Brajon which was nice to see Her relationship with her parents was pretty realistic There was tension between her and her ather because of her lack of ocus on becoming a jeweler but you could still see t Very uncuteadventurous Middle Grade book Definitely will keep an eye out or the rest of this series This is on the list Who's There on Halloween? for myuture child and I to read together because dragons This was a cute story and reminded me of Christopher Paolini s Eragon While I Jurisdiction found it hard to stayocused on this book it was clearly not meant Hip Pocket Sleaze: The Lurid World of Vintage Adult Paperbacks for my age group it was a uick and easy read and I can see many children really enjoying it Silver Batal and the Water Dragon Races as you can imagineollows the adventures of a thirteen year old girl named Silver Batal Though she has spent her entire life being trained by her Mookie: Life, Baseball, and the '86 Mets father to be a jeweler Silver s true passion lies in racing water dragons Unfortunately Silver and heramily live in the middle of a vast desert meaning Silver has very little chance of even seeing a water dragon much less racing one This changes when Silver s elderly Cartagena (A Vintage Short) friend Nebekker introduces her to a rare baby dragon named Hiyyan When Hiyyan s mother Kirja and Nebekker s bonded dragon is kidnapped it is up to Silver and her cousin Brajon to brave the big city to get her back The two are led on an epic adventure that will test them in many ways while also giving Silver the chance toinally live her dream and become a water dragon racer This book had some issues I ll get to those later but overall I thought it was very cute and appealing to middle grade readers As I said before the plot Clawback feels very similar to Eragon with a wayward teen bonding with an extremely rare dragon and going on an epic adventure Unlike Eragon however this book is an incredibly easy read The writing style is simple but engaging and there are no made up words or languagesor the reader to memorize This is a book I would easily recommend to a reluctant
reader especially one 
especially one enjoys series like Wings of Fire as I think it has a lot of appeal to ans of antasy and dragons I ll admit that I rarely read middle grade as I tend fans of Sugar in the Raw: Voices of Young Black Girls in America fantasy and dragons I ll admit that I rarely read middle grade as I tend enjoy YA Where middle grade is extremely tame and generally inoffensive I enjoy YAor its ability to push boundaries and take risks covering topics that many adult and children s authors are often hesitant to tackle Silver Batal though not a bad book Cooking for Company falls into this category of being harmless and inoffensive There is absolutely no cursing sexual content or real violence some of the dragons get wounded but that s about it and the storyocuses much on Empire of Sin friendship and learning to be true to oneself than anything else This obviously isn t a bad thing but it madeor a rather uninteresting read Factory Girls: From Village to City in a Changing China for me To a middle schooler obsessed with dragons however I could easily see this being theiravorite book if only because the premise is so cool If I had picked up this book in middle school myself I think I would ve really enjoyed it as well but it didn t uite capture my attention as much as an adultOne thing I loved was that the My Wife's Affair front and back inside covers of this bookeatured pictures of some of the dragons mentioned in the story The downside to this however is that it doesn t show all of the species and the book is also lacking a map Any time I m reading Chicken, Chicken, Duck! fantasy that name drops certain city names or landmarks I expect there to be a map so that I canollow along with the characters as I read It is unfortunately one of my pet peeves when it comes to antasy and this book had that #Issue Of Course This Is Only The #Of course this is only the book in a series so there might be maps and different dragons in uture installments but or now I remain a tad disappointed I will say however that the art eatured in this book is gorgeous Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You from the cover to the black and white illustration in the back I would love to see of this beautiful artwork as I think it helped spark my initial interest in picking this title upor ROYAL And now I have to discuss my one major issue with this book Silver herself Though she is written realistically Slo Mo! for a naive impulsive thirteen year old girl Iound myself getting a little Poor Mrs. Rigsby frustrated with Silver throughout the story First she stealsrom her Pirates, Ships, and Sailors father before going on her adventure and never once apologizes to heramily or doing so I understand that her ather was less than supportive of her desire to race water dragons but I don t think this justified Silver stealing precious jewels rom him She later gets really indignant and defensive when jewel thief posters are put up insisting that she s not a thief but she literally is It rustrates me that she never really takes ownership of this and there are never really any conseuences. Ce waterdragons Destiny comes calling when her A Boy in Winter friendship with a mysterious old woman leads her to Hiyyan ababy dragon that can swim andlyRisking everything Silver Hiyyan and her resourceful cousin Brajon set off across the desert to join thelegendary races in the royal city But the road to Calidia is illed with dange. ,