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N'Much to cherish particularly memorable'The Sketches of Spain Impressions Landscapes is a uniue book now available in an unillustrated e book edition as well as an illustrated print edition Federico García Lorca’s first book published when he was just nineteen is a series of meditations on Spanish art andscapes and history Brimming with passion and excitement the young writer travels in search of Spain's essential spirit sunsets in Granada the Gothic magnificence of Burgos Cathedral ‘the savage splendour’ of Castile's mountains and plains While Lorca celebrate.

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D Spanish culture – romantic gardens agonised crucifixes Gregorian plainchant and ‘the bite Of Flamenco' – He flamenco' – he also fearlessly critical when bite of flamenco' – he was also fearlessly critical when example the harshness and celibacy of monks’ ives or poverty and injustice aroused his rageSerif’s new edition of this formative work by one of the twentieth century’s greatest writers takes the reader straight to the heart of Lorca’s Spain With its rich poetic prose Sketches of Spain is a missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle of a creative ife cut tragically short by the author's assassination at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil Wa. ‘He was the first poet
that ever touched 
ever touched Cohen‘If they had aunched a careful search into every corner of Spain they could not have found anyone than Lorca to represent the popular soul’Pablo Neruda'Lorca's words sing off THE PAGE THESE ESSAYS SHOW THAN GREAT WRITER page These essays show than a great writer the making They show Spain as we have never seen it before'The Observer'To render into readable English Lorca's early prose deeply in debt to the vocabulary and tics of modernismo is a daunting task and it seems to me that Peter Bush has risen splendidly to this almost impossible challenge'Ian Gibso. ,
Sketches of Spain