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H I ve had Day of the Oprichnik marked to read for a while He is a living Russian author but the setting for Blizzard is 19th century Russia so it feels like going back to the time of Tolstoy Except there is a town suffering from a virus that turns them into zombies and the doctor has the vaccine they need The blizzard and other bizarre events are working against his attempts to get to themThere are a few other random future tech things like the vitaminders and zoogenesis and teeny tiny horses Brr I finished re reading The Blizzard this weekend and when I got to the end my feeling was one of exalted revelation It felt like a completely different book from the last time Once I m amazed at the way books can mean very different things depending on who we are when we read themThis time for me The Blizzard was about how what one thinks is important in life turns out to be not important at all It s about how even our most terrible mistakes in life can reveal themselves over time to be glorious and meaningful if we ve lived honestly The novel suggests that a life lived with uiet acceptance of what can t be helped leads to peace whereas a life lived by striving forward from one goal to the next leads to nothing Last time I framed the characters in this novel differ A story translated from the Russian that is part magical realism and part science fiction a blend of old Russia and a post apocalyptic futuristic Russia Almost all of the action takes place in a Dr Zhivago type sleigh ride in a blinding week long blizzard across the frozen Russian landscape A doctor carrying vaccine has hired a sled driver to Get Him To A Remote him to a remote where the people have been struck by a plague The harder the doctor tries to reach the village the obstacles he encounters as in one of those running nightmares where you can never reach your destination And oh yes I forgot to mention that the village people are suffering from the Bolivian plague that turns them into Zombies Not goodimage There s a shortage of gasoline Fortunately genetic bioengineering has done its magic and the sleigh s motor think snowmobile is powered by 50 miniature horses propelling a drive belt under the hood Genetic Manipulation Has Also manipulation has also giant and miniature humans The giant people 6 meters tall are hired to do things like clear forests by ripping out trees by hand A tavern owner they encounter on their ourney is a miniature man about as tall as a wine bottle married to a normal sized woman We have digital clocks but no phones or internet In the travels of the doctor and his driver they come across a tent city populated by Kazakh people aka Vitaminders The Kazakhs erect their tents in a few minutes by using a substance sueezed out of a tube of toothpaste that they water and then in a few minutes it grows into a felt like substance The Vitaminders make their living selling an LSD type drug The doctor takes advantage of the drug ust as he did the tavern owner s wife In his hallucinogenic drugged state the doctor has nightmarish dreams where he reflects on all the bad things he did in his life and tries to ustify himself to a village tribunal that has condemned him to a gruesome death I m not a science fiction fan but the book kept my attention with its inventiveness and my wondering exactly what is going on and what s coming next On the other hand I didn t uite get the point of it all Sorokin is a post modern Russian writer he has been writing since the 1980 s and his early work had been banned under the old Soviet regime But now he is banging out a book a year and has published about 15 novels since then photo from blogeurekatentco. Ere Hestene slider ulvene samler sig og vejen deles og forsvinder i snefoget Snart er Garin og hans kusk på vej ind i alle tiders litterære russiske snestorm. .

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Et to DolgoyeGarin s ourney is fraught with strange disasters and opportunities He is seduced by the miller s wife at one overnight stop The miller himself is a midget no bigger than a doll We hear that there are in addition to miniature horses and people giant horses and giant humans over twenty feet tall Then there are the Vitaminers sort of like gypsies who sell strange productsin the form of spheres cubes and pyramids which when heated give the taker strange delusions In Garin s case "he is being boiled slowly in oil Instead of being disappointed by "is being boiled slowly in oil Instead of being disappointed by drug trip Garin IS EXHILARATED I MEAN REALLY WHO exhilarated I mean really who t like to be slowly boiled in oil They continue on their trip until a final mishap occurs within a few miles from their goalThis is the third Sorokin novel I have read after Ice and Day of the Oprichnik I find myself unable to put his books down I always want to find out what S Next With Sorokin Whatever It Is It S Bound next With Sorokin whatever it is it s bound be strange I guess as they say there s a first for everything In this case The Blizzard is the first that I ve ever not appreciatedfeltenjoyed a Russian author Russian and Romanian obviously and in general Eastern European literature molds reflects illuminates and inspires my soul because it is born in a uniue landscape that was also my childhood my source of personal myths and ways of looking at things This nostalgia for childhood is nothing special in my case reading RussianEastern European lit is ust how I go back So usually I love it all sticking to the Russians for now from Solzhenitsyn s systematic and descriptive analytics to Dostoevsky s masterful psychoanalyses to Bulgakov s absurd whimsical surrealism to Petrushevskaya s heart wrenching portraits of humanity in pain to Tolstoy s romanticism Within all this variety there is a certain Russian nessEastern European ness spirit imbuing all these works Which is what The Blizzard seemed for me to be missing and which is why it didn t uite facilitate my going back despite Sorokin s heavy use of Russian motifs such as the furious snowstorm the vodka the brilliant whimsy etcAs I uestioned my reaction it didn t take me long to realize the essential ingredient that I value above all others and that threads all the aforementioned works the humor You will not meet anyone dead pan than an Eastern European especially not one born in that era Some of us are basically living dead pan you really can t take anything we say seriously because we don t ourselves and yet somehow we are often taken most seriously of all It s a bit like Communist Zen one learns to detach and to view the whole fiasco from a distance At which point of course it all looks absurd and it s clear that nothing is real In The Blizzard Sorokin seems to attempt this effect through cosmetics introducing for example a uite bizarre world of tiny horses the size of a partridge and humongous men the size of a three story house Still these insertions of the absurd did not serve any purpose did not give any broader meaning to the narrative did not convey any particular mood nor did they inspire contemplation I m not sure how to articulate properly at this point reflection needed for now I felt I was reading an ideas soup of ingredients picked up from The Greats that did not uite work out because the broth used fell apartseparatedotherwise ruined everything But perhaps I am wrong I am very conflicted Perhaps I misunderstood the whole thing I should like or probably like love Sorokin if precedent is to be trusted So this review may change in the future I received a copy of this from the publisher through EdelweissThis is my first read of Sorokin althoug. ? månen lader sig ane i glimt og kulden bider Intet må forsinke ham I møllen venter den fede varme møllerkone og ude på den åbne steppe frister narkopush. ,

A strange in a good way amalgam of traditional 19th century style Russian literature crossed with post apocalyptic SF A doctor s struggle to deliver a vaccine to a remote style Russian literature crossed with post apocalyptic SF A doctor s struggle to deliver a vaccine to a remote during a blizzard Features tiny and huge deliver a vaccine to a remote village during a blizzard Features tiny and huge mind altering drugs and giants What s not to like Whenever I review of foreign language work of speculative fiction I find myself including a statement reflecting my certainty that readers of the work in its original language Russian Spanish Estonian whatever have a fuller experience of its subtleties humor and imagery than I That statement usually comes towards the end of the review but with Vladimir Sorokin s The Blizzard I have decided to put it up front I feel certain that his Russian readers have a well as I saidIt helps to learn that Russian readers by the time reach adulthood have received a steady diet of lost in the 45 StarsTranslated into English from Russian The Blizzard A Novel is a uirky short story and I loved it The premise of this dystopian story is simple A Dr stranded in a blizzard has the vaccine to prevent people from turning into Zombies Okaysounds interesting I haven t read too many Zombie books but I thought I would give it a tryand I am glad that I did This story is about the Are All Guys Assholes?: More Than 1,000 Guys in 10 Cities Reveal Why They're Not, Why They Sometimes Act Like They Are, and How Understanding Their ... Will Solve Your Guy Drama Once and For All journey of a Dr who wants to do hisob save people s lives What an adventure You will read about dwarves giants partridge sized horses gypsies and lots and lots of snowIf you are looking for a fast paced thriller with all of the ends tied up in a bow this is probably not the book for you This story is the definition of the word absurdwildly unreasonable illogical inappropriate preposterous ridiculous ludicrous farcical laughable foolish silly inane imbecilic insane harebrained and cockamamieSo far I would say that this is my favorite book of the year Major Spoiler AlertsAs for the Zombies they never show their faces Read 122015 11165 Stars Highly Recommended The Next Best BookPages 192Publisher FSGReleased December 2015Translated by Jamey GambrellWhat better day to review Vladimir Sorokin s The Blizzard as I sit here on the couch in the midst of our very own blizzard Wrapped up in the relative warmth of a fuzzy blanket hands cupping a mug of spiced tea as the wind whips the ever falling snow back and forth beyond my front windows it s easy to take for granted the bone chilling snot freezing cold that our brave protagonist ventures out into in an attempt to save a small 19th century town f The Blizzard is thoroughly stylized to the Russian classical fiction of the nineteenth century with an exception of the one little twist And this little twist is a grand shift in reality Now the lot of ye we gonna go for a drive Crouper asked his horses and they neighed even louderThe younger ones reared and bucked the shaft horses and the steppe horses snorted shook their manes and nodded Crouper lowered his large rough hand still holding the piece of bread in the other and began petting the horses His fingers caressed their backs stroked their manes and they neighed tossing their hea Sometimes especially with fantasy it is best to use a lighter touch Take Vladimir Sorokin s The "Blizzard A Novel Could Very Well Be Set In The "A Novel could very well be set in the century except for a cellphone at one point and a mention that Stalin happened a long time agoThe story has a dramatic start Platon Ilich Garin is a physician traveling during a major blizzard with vaccinations against the Bolivian Black Plague which has broken out in nearby Dolgoye He needs horses to take him there aren t there cars and finds the only local who can help him is Crouper who has miniature horses and a special sled that could could Oversat af Tine RoesenI en nedfrosset fremtidig verden haster lægen Garin af sted i kane for at redde sine landsmænd fra en udenlandsk pest Mørket falder p?.