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Ing time or place like most uneducated children of African villages would In a word the style is naive in the extremeOf course one easily uesses it takes place during would In a word the style is naive in the extremeOf course one easily uesses it takes place during Biafra civil war but in the end it doesn t matter This could be any conflict on the continentFor those who went to villages in West Africa the story is even touching I could recognize the simplistic logic of the poor farmers and some social aspects of the villages the belief in the magic the importance iven to rumors the weight of tradition etc And then I also recognized a kind of insensitivity that I would not be able so much to describe Of course when Mene suffers he wants to escape but there is no emotional description of deaths or horrors of the civil war as if he didn t realize the importance of suffering Sozaboy is tossed from one place to another depending on the circumstances without realizing what happens to him or understanding the lobal context This behavior is fairly typical again among the least educated villagers in the sense who have not one to school And of course as the story masterfully shows they are also the most vulnerable toward all kinds of excesses they are either placed on the side of the oppressors or oppressed by the circumstances the ood will of the authorities or a powerful men all corrupted But there is no Manichaeism at ll Mene would be incapable of such thoughts Besides the Dukana people can be terribly cruelTo summary the story is wonderful incredibly powerful I m fond of reading Nigerian Literature Chinua Achebe Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Ben Okri Helon Habila are amongst my favorite authors and now I include Ken Saro Wiwa Perhaps it s the nostalgi Sozaboy Sozaboy is a story about a young African boy that tells his story in horrible broken English This is a well written story that has a mix of adventure and a large amount of emotion spread through the story This story starts out with Sozaboy telling his life story in his village As the story unfolds there is a very important scene in the book when Sozaboy oes into one of his favorite bars and sees a very beautiful The GI Bride girl Thisirl he decides will be his wife He walks up to her fairly timid and starts talking to her bit she reveals that if she will marry it will be to no one but a soldier For a while after the army starts drafting and Sozaboy takes this as a perfect opportunity to join and then marry the beautiful irl in the bar But soon things change from a wonderful experience to a scary and mixed up chain of events These events consist of when Sozaboy and his friends were hanging out one of the decided to o to a highly ranked officer and steals his alcohol This leads to his friend being killed and THEN A RETALIATION OF THE OFFICER BEING KILLED AS a retaliation of the officer being killed as There are many different themes in this book One of the most important ones though is the choice of right and wrong This is because through these large amount of conflicts and situations Sozaboy had to reach deep with in him self and decide how to react and whether it was in fact right or wrong Also I would say that love is a definitely a theme due to Sozaboy s wife and leaving the army for them I personally liked this story It was a very appealing story line but did et confusing sometimes due to the language used and having to honestly i think this book is a masterpiece both for what it says about war and for what it does with language Int the novel Sozaboy the main character life is told The reader is told what he does for a living and how he came to et it about how he spends his past time and about his life in his village The story develops further with Sozaboy meeting a irl in his favorite bar He finds her attractive and wants to marry her "She says she will only marry a soldier After a few days the army enlists all the "says she will only marry a soldier After a few days the army enlists all the men Sozaboy has a reat time there till his friend steals alcohol from a superior officer His friend The Million Dollar Goal (The Million Dollar Series, gets beaten up after which Sozaboys friendets the officer killed During the fight in which the officer dies Sozaboy survives and finds himself in enemy territory He escapes and The Selected Poems goes looking for his mother and wive for the rest of the book till when he finds out whats happened to themSozaboy is discribed as a young man but that s mostly what you know about him He seems to be naive and determined which make him a fairly believable character because thisoes along with the theme of people not being educated in AfricaOne of the themes in this book is the false A Shark Never Sleeps: Wheeling and Dealing with the NFL's Most Ruthless Agent glories of war In the beginning of the novel being a soldier is described as areat achievement but towards the end of the novel the character realizes that war which you don t know the purpose to and where only misery and death is made isn t waoth fighting forThe book teaches what it was like to be in Nigeria during the civil war It shows the meaningless slaughter that the armies of both sides were engaged in The soldiers didn t even know who was the enemy or what they were fighting forThis is shown in numerous parts of the novel as Sozaboy is in the army and the book is very successful in relaying that messageI liked the book as it shows what happens when peoples reed causes untold turmoil I d recommend it to anyone wishing to see the result of conflict anywhere so that these petty wars are not repeated in the future. Mixture of Nigerian pidgin English broken English and idiomatic English makes this a uniue and powerful nove. .

Mes Joyce s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man I ve found heady company I know but that s how much I love this novel Young Man I ve found heady company I know but that s how much I love this novel narrator is a young soldier conscripted against his will into an unnamed civil war which he doesn t understand and which has taken everything from him and promises nothing in return We follow him as he descends helplessly into the surreal horrors of this terrifying war charting his psychological development along the way and are like him left far wiser for it a terrible sort of wisdom yes but a necessary one It is a rotesue and tragic odyssey which this novel takes us on but one that we must undertake if we want to understand the first thing about the wars that are raging around us This is must read for anyone interested in contemporary Africa or 3rd world conflicts Influential asideThank Sozaboy for the current spate of African Child Soldier Literature The Beasts of No Nation in particular is a direct descendant of this seminal workHistorical asideKen Saro Wiwa an Ongoni tribesman who himself worked as a civilian administrator during the Biafran Nigerian Civil War was hanged by Sani Abacha s regime in 1995 for anti overnmental activism including protests against Shell Oil s involvement in the Niger Delta a conflict which rages on Also includes one of the best first lines ever Although everybody in Dukana was happy at first Sample of rotten English All the nine villages were dancing and were eating plenty maize with pear and knacking tory ossiping there s a Nine Ghosts glossary under the moon Because the work on the farm have finished and the yams wererowing well well And because the old bad Las Maravillosas Obras de Dios: Historias B�blicas Para La Familia government have dead and the newovernment of soza and police have come I was really curious to read this book after have seen Black Gold The movie doesn t talk about Ken Saro Wiwa but it deals with one of the most tragic problems of Nigeria multinational oil companies that exploited the land without worrying about the inhabitants health or the environment Ken Saro Wiwa has been killed in 1995 for his pacific fight against these oil corporations and because of the corruption of his شرح جامع مثنوى معنوى government At the presentation of Black Gold they talked a lot about Saro Wiwa and other intellectuals that have been killed without a trial Sozaboy doesn t deal with the oil corporations but about the Nigerian civil war Oh well also the civil war started because of the oil seen that Biafra wanted independence from Nigeria because all the oil was in their part of land and they didn t want to share this richness with the rest of the country I was however curious to read something by this author and about NigeriaThis is a very powerful story one of those that will surely stay with me for a long time It talks about the Nigerian civil war 1967 1970 about uselessness of war corruption not only on high levels but also in the army or among people who are starving and betray to obtain something about superstition and black magic who was very strong in those places but also about the wickedness of people who think only about their own profits don t worrying about othersMene also called Sozaboy soldier boy lives with his mother in a small village in Nigeria He is a driver s apprentice naive and is aood and a warm hearted person He seems ignorant but he is only a Very Simple Person He simple person He similar to Forrest Gump seems silly but says a lot of correct and right things though in a very childlike way One day he falls in love and the The New Song: For the Sunday School, Societies of Christian Endeavor, and Other Religious Exercises (Classic Reprint) girl agrees to marry him only if he will become a soldier so she is sure that he is strong enough to protect her Mene doesn t know what a war is and how it works He thinks that wearing a uniform makes him handsome and strong that having aun is cool soldiers Riding Hard go around singing and it seems they have aood time together He doesn t listen to his mother s advices and joins the army after have married his beloved Agnes Soon he starts to understand what a war is though he doesn t understand who the enemy is and why he has to kill Everything is confused and a lot of things that he doesn t understand happen view spoilera major of his company fools his soldiers an enemy saves him while he was dying and then friends betray him and a soldier that once was an enemy now should be an ally but wants to kill him hide spoiler Arabian Challenge great book about a soldier sozaboy during nigerian civil warthe pidgin English was difficult to follow at times so took me a long time to read the booki felt so bad for author Mr Ken saro wiwa what a tragic life Mene is a boy from the village of Dukana Nigeria Apprentice drive he lives with his mom The civil war approaches He met in the nearby town a prettyirl Agnes Agnes with JJC you ll have to read the book to understand Born in Dukana and having lived in Lagos Of course he wants to marry her To #Please Agnes With JJC He # Agnes with JJC he wear a uniform singing military songs and like Zaza the soza soldier who went to Burma Myanmar a long time ago to hunt Hitla and since is admired throughout the village he will become a soza too But war is war he will be enrolled by the enemy the rebels Then he wants to find his mother and his beautiful wife Agnes with JJCIn a nutshell the story of Mene Sozaboy told by himself ie with a limited vocabulary a local English and which ives the full power to the story without specify. F recruitment to the disillusionment confusion and horror that follows The author's use of 'rotten English' .

Sozaboy A Novel in Rotten EnglishKen Saro Wiwa was executed in 1995 after a show by Abacha S Military Government s military overnment Wiwa was a well known activist against the environmental degradation of Niger Delta owing to the oil industry s extraction of oil with no care or consideration for the local ecology As an Oboni tribe member who live in and around the Niger Delta Saro Wiwa felt it necessary to actively protest the company s actions primarily Shell and the Der Verlorene Koffer: A Graded Reader for Beginning Students government s complicity in this environmental devastation I was only 15 at the time but I remember signing petitions to try toet our overnments to put pressure on the Nigerian military junta for a fair trial Although there was international pressure in the end Saro Wiwa was still executed Sozaboy was written than a decade before these events unfolded and the story of novel is based on "the Biafran war which was in the late 1960s The story shows very clearly the author s political "Biafran war which was in the late 1960s The story shows very clearly the author s political in his discussion on the tragedy and futility of war from the eyes of a local youth Sozaboy the name the character calls himself in the story is drawn into the war by the lamour of soldiering though really having no sense of what soldiering means besides wearing a uniform marching with a American Literature Student Text gun and singing songs with your mates while you march and pressures from his rural community about the honour of being a soldier What the war is about and who is meant to fight whom and for how long is unclear to all members of the communityor if there are those in the know they are not sharing Out of love for his new wife who wants a strong man to protect her he joins the army much to his mother s distress Once he joins up though and havingone through some training Sozaboy uickly learns what the deal is war is war and there is nothing or no one the army is not willing to sacrifice for its causewhich Sozaboy never asks about or learnsWhat makes this book so wonderful is the voice of Sozaboy A young man with ambitions but little opportunities who is taken advantage of at almost every turn but has an unfailingly Cheyenne: A Sweet Historical Romance gentle nature he is what makes the horror of the story endurable for the reader Saro Wiwa made the contentious decision to write the novel in what he calls rotten english a mixture of Nigerian pidgin english broken english and occasional flashes ofood even idiomatic English This constricted language which uses a smaller vocabulary in creative ways is born of lack of a proper english education something which Sozaboy often laments and always hopes to redress and opportunity As Saro Wiwa points out is it disordered and disorderly adding a depth and vibrancy to Sozaboy s experience There will be some readers I expect who will find it too disruptive that it will impede their enjoyment of the novel I was not one of those people though I will admit that it took me awhile longer than usual to read through this relatively short novel This book is written in what the author called Rotten English In addition to a moving storyFictional about the Nigerian Civil War in the 1960s following the life of Soza boy soldier boy the main character who fought for Biafra and was captured prisoner The story is based on the real events in Saro Wiwa s homeland of Nigeria Soza Boy is a member of a small tribe and signs up to fight for his own country There is a contrast between his naive belief and the reality of the war his small village and the city What really turned him into being a soldier was that he met a The Battle of Maldon and Other Old English Poems girl he really liked however she responded with an answer that she would only marry soldiers Soon enough he recruited to the army during the Nigerian civil war 1967 1970His days wereoing perfectly fine and carefree until he found himself trapped in where the enemies were located That occurred after his friend whom didn t intentionally mean to kill the officer after a fight because of his friend who stole alcohol As luck would have it he escaped from the enemies territory and continued to find his family membersRegardless of the story I think that Sozaboy is a believable character because his character suits the African individuals whom were naive and uneducated back then What I really liked about this story is that it shows how people still began a war and fought without a reason they could possible come up with There were such meaningless warsI found this book interesting because it was written in such language that you won t be seeing in books today Personally It was a complex book to me especially with the rotten english that kicked in Nonetheless it s still a ood book to read because you can see how people foolishly begin wars when it could ve been solved without any killing Besides from that if you like challenging books with another way of speaking English this book is the one you should read Sentence diagrammers beware Written in rotten English a dialect invented by Saro Wiwa himself complete with it s own rammatical and syntactical rules dependent clauses can function as complete sentences etc which incorporates Nigerian Pidgin English Broken English and Idiomatic English it may take several pages to Black Wings of Cthulhu get into the flow of the language but I implore you to do so Sozaboy is the uintessential African War story as well as thereatest anti war novel I ve ever read Its also very strangely the closest thing to Ja. Sozaboy describes the fortunes of a young naive recruit in the Nigerian Civil War from the first proud days

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