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Mat of this book is really nice i The Mad Wolf's Daughter love how as Kate Beaton is making fun of history she is also schooling us An incredibly clever collection of comics with topics ranging from history toiterature to pop culture and everything in betweenYou don t have to know a thing about Kate Beaton s Hark A Vagrant to enjoy this book I didn t And it is so much funLike any great observational comedian Kate takes idiosyncrasies or exaggerates details to create comic goldFor instance here s the dialogue from a comic about the Black Prince and some of his early exploits How are you feeling about being a hero of the battle of Crecy Bro I am stoked This is uite a momentous event so far in the war Those French guys were Hawkes Prey Sonny Hawke Thriller like Whoaaaaaa I keep forgetting you are sixteen And my army wasike eat it Ka chow pg 114There s another one I Get Over It Fab Life liked about the Greek god Zeus going on a first date that doesn t make much sense without the pictures so youl just have to check it out for yourself on page 123 Basically it s a play on all of the mythological stories about Zeus revealing himself to mortals as a swan shower of gold or something else and still getting the girl Kate has a point I mean how does that even work showing up as a shower of gold It s ridiculous and almost begging for a comic to make fun of it Like this one In addition to the observational humor Kate takes characters from old posters newspaper clippings or magazine photos and gives them a back story Some of her creations are just hystericalThe spare and pencil drawn style strongly reminded me of Nimona which I also enjoyed I highly recommend this collection for readers who enjoy comics or satire Oh Kate Beaton Unfortunately for me this collection just wasn t as collection for readers who enjoy comics or satire Oh Kate Beaton Unfortunately for me this collection just wasn t as as the previous one Hark A Vagrant That s not to say that this is a bad collection as there was plenty in here to No Prisoners Star Wars The Clone Wars love but it just wasn t asaugh out Husband for Hire loud as the first book and my expectations were rather highMy favourite things about this were the comics about Wuthering Heights and straw feminism and pretty much any of theiterature ones naturally However some of the historical comics I couldn t really understand particular some relating to classical historyliterature as I m just not familiar with the basis of the jokesI still An Egg Is Quiet love Kate Beaton and I would still recommend this collection but the first is her best You see me rollin up pops you step aside Let the above serve as notice everyone better get outta Kate Beaton s wayThis book made meaugh on almost every page Beaton isn t just razor sharp she s a diamond tipped drill maybe kind of Cinque indagini romane per Rocco Schiavone (Il vicequestore Rocco Schiavone Vol. 6) like the one in ARMAGEDDON A big powerful one anyways mercilessly cutting through both the flawed politics of gender representation and the absurdities of Nancy Drew with eual wit You haven tived until you ve read Straw Feminists Or Strong Female Characters Or her thoughts on Lois Lane Or her multi chapter version of Wuthering Heights Am I fangirling enough yet Beaton s also a history buff and her takes on everyone from Julius Ceaser to Ida B Wells will just make you Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey love her even It s rare that a serious work of feminist thought is this charmingly drawn and also side splittingly funny when somethingike this comes along pops you step asid. E wicked yet chivalrous Black Prince “Straw Feminists in the Closet” and a disgruntled Heathcliff Delight in what the internet has ong known Beaton’s humour is as sharp and dangerous as a velocipedestrienne so watch out. Ual book had been this entertaining The Black Prince is a great strip where the teen terror talks What Is a Googly?: The Mysteries of Cricket Explained like a yoof of today and the US Founding Fathers go to a mall and an amusement park to hang out Ben Franklin is so awesome Ioved his silly one Of Magic and Mating New Canton Republic liners I can dig it and how he s writtenike a hipster Beaton s pissed off Wonder Woman remains the undisputed greatest version of the character but I also oved her Lois Lane Reporter strips Lois tries to the undisputed greatest version of the character but I also oved her Lois Lane Reporter strips *Lois Tries To Her Job Despite Clark *tries to her job despite Clark butting in to ask her if she wants to know Superman s secret identity and then she Bloodleaf loses her rag I have a secret too come here You Are in My goddamned way Brown Recluse Spider Man is also my favourite version of the character MarvelDC you seriously need to hire Beaton to write for you The funniest strip was Strong Female Characters with their catchphrase Sexism is over I m not going to say anything on them just read it and cryaughter The Confusion: Books Four & Five of The Baroque Cycle like I did Straw Feminists in the Closet is a great satirical piece too Some of Beaton s best stuff is just random mashupsike Pride and Prejudice where all the men are Fox Mulder and Liz is Scully Lady s Favor about a knight who chops off a woman s hair to wear on his is ridiculously good Fan favourites from the first book Mismatch like Napoleon Peasant Comics and Nemesis returnove those and the Femme Fatale parody was brilliant too So much greatness in this book the velocipedestrienne she s on the cover snippets from old mag Idler spooky postcards NancyGorey covers fantastic pieces all Not everything is a home run I haven t read the classic Japanese novel Kokoro so the parody wasn t as fun as Wuthering Heights for me A Going All the Way Planning for a Marriage That Goes the Distance lot of the historical strips are ok at best and don t produce bellyaughs Juarez and Maximilian the Rum Rebellion and the Last Days of Georges Danton were all meh As was the extended strip of Nasty Boys from an old Janet Jackson video uirky but kinda dull Generally though Step Aside Pops was tremendously enjoyable and genuinely hilarious Kate Beaton is one of the funniest cartoonists in the world and this is easily one of the best humour comics of the year do your ticker a favour read this and Test logiciel en pratique laugh heartily Hark A wonderful comic I ve seen Kate Beaton s work online before and always thought it was very funny so I was happy to get a collection of her comics as a Christmas present Naturally I read the whole thing on Christmas day while seated in theiving room surrounded by my familyI really enjoyed the whole thing and I will definitely re read it I Two Badges The Lives of Mona Ruiz love Beaton s style and sense of humor The only reason I give four stars instead of five is honestly my fault I didn t understandike a third of the jokes because my history is pretty rusty But I imagine as I A Queen's Spy Plus The Tudor Heresy - Mercenary For Hire Series: Tudor Historical Fiction Novels - Adventure Fiction (Tudor Mystery Trials) learn I will read this again in the future and those jokes will make sense to me PBut over all a very entertaining collection Iove Kate Beaton Her comics mostly about classic iterature and history are just so completely right up my alley that she would have to be pretty terrible for me to not ike her work at east a ittle And she s very good I m reasonably sure that most if not all of these strips were originally available in her webcomic but it was great to see some of my favorites again and the for. Kate Beaton returns with all new sidesplitting comics that showcase her irreverent Confederate Waterloo love of history pop culture anditerature Collected from her wildly popular website readers will guffaw over “Strong Female Characters” th.

Summary Step Aside Pops A Hark A Vagrant Collection

Ahahahahaha breathes AHAHAHAHAHI can t remember the ast time I Laughed So Much At A Comic Strip Not Only The so much at a comic strip Not only the of humour of the author is witty absurd and clever but the art style makes it double the fun If you are a book nerd a science nerd a history nerd or just any nerd really you are going to ove this Absolutely recommended I feel super bad about this review Kate Beaton deserves my best words because she is a wonderful smart creative genius who produces such sassy and perfect ArtBut I Super Read I super read in the middle of the night during a Read a thon and other than remembering that I The Eatonville Anthology laughed freuentlyoudly and obnoxiously I remember NOTHING about this book I mean the entirety of my oh so helpful review after reading was This book wasn t The TM Techniue An intro Transcendental Meditation Teachings Maharishi Mahesh YOgi Arkana long enough THANKS A BUNCH ASHLEYIf you aren t familiar with Hark A Vagrant what are you even doing with yourife Check out this book or her previous collection which was just called Hark A Vagrant or just drop by her site and peruse any old comic at all It s a great mix of silly nonsense historical sassiness and poking fun at Das Glücksbüro literatureAnyway here are some fun comics I tried reading this book a while back and couldn t get into it Very glad I gave it another try Some of the comics I don t get and perhaps it s because I am not knowledgeable enough about history anditerature and Bodies in the Bog and the Archaeological Imagination literary history For the most part these are uirky delightful fucked up funIf there is a book youove or a man woman god rebellion author or novel you idealize don t go ooking to Kate Beaton to help you uphold your un acidified notions of progress splendor and human nobility She goes after just about anything that might also be gone after for the sake of nostalgia or glorification She even goes through archives of old postcards and broadsides and book covers and animates them in strange and genius mannerHere is a seuence I particularly enjoyed One covers and animates them in strange and genius mannerHere is a seuence I particularly enjoyed One her strategies as you can see below is to take characters of yore and et them oose in modern settings Images also on my blog post They weren t formatting correctly in here the comics in this book are most or all online I appreciated reading them in book form I don t know that the order in which they are read matters so much but it is nice that in the book the comics that are of the same seuence are put together while in the web comics they are often separated because the archive is in the order of date published Some of my favoritesFounding fathers comics aboveStrong Female Characters seuencehttpharkavagrantcomindexphpid311httpwwwharkavagrantcomindexphpJuarez and MaximilianBronte sisters Sui Fun Cheung seuence along with a ink Wuthering Heights aka Dithering Heights Or no Blithering Heights Kate Beaton returns with a second collection of strips from her brilliant website Hark A Vagrant in Step Aside Pops and it s as funny and inspired as the first collection was Beaton s strips range from historical and This Could Be Our Future literary references to superhero comics parodies to random bits of comedy and riffs on old bookmagazine covers posters and postcards Her version of Wuthering Heights is hysterical with permanently scowlingunatic Heathcliff and dim Cathy playing out their demented romance in Northern England if only the act. The seuel to the hit comic collection Hark a Vagrant which appeared on best of ists from Time NPR and USA Today; spent five months on the New York Times bestseller ist; and won Harvey Ignatz and Doug Wright awardsCartoonist. ,
Step Aside Pops A Hark A Vagrant Collection