Strange DaysCopy of the bookWhen I first heard of this book it made me think Ready Player Go with a little bit of District 9 and a touch of Enders Game I was expecting action packed scenes of a group of teens time traveling and saving people Sadly what I got wasnothingWhile the narrative voice is strong I had a hard time relating to Alex or even any of the other characters While the cast is wonderfully diverse I had a problem with the way the one gay character was portrayed To get into specifics Paul is tubby speaks in a feminine stereotype and the subplot Of His Life Comes Across As Homophobic As Alex Is his life comes across as homophobic as Alex is ncomfortable with it and then doesn t Disney Infinity: Character Encyclopedia understand why Paul getspsetThe biggest issue for me though is that it doesn t really go anywhere Alex witnesses the same person s future rather than actual time travel and we don t really learn any new information from it By the time I finished the book I was just waiting for it to get to the point which is Dance With The Devil unfortunate thought it said strange gays for a second Honestly I finished this book because I have a need to finish books whether I like them or not This book did not do it for me at all really It just seemed like it was a slower read with a na ve and ignorant main character that spedp towards the end of the novel all within the last few chapters It felt all over the place for me It s about a boy named Alex who discovers he is deemed savior of the world The Earth is expected to be taken over by Locusts and the Gentry are the higher intellectual extraterrestrial life that is helping prevent the Locusts from taking over Then comes in the telling of the future and what is seen is the truth and all that stuff #It would take a lot for me to explain this book Overall I was not thrilled and I spent 2 weeks #would take a lot for me to explain this book Overall I was not thrilled and I spent 2 weeks to get through it I had a good time reading Strange Days I was hooked since the beginning The plot was really good and the characters are adorable I totally recommend it Hi everybody I want to

a little about how and this book came to beI wrote Strange Days in large part for my students For the last decade I ve been teaching in a program in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles dedicated to helping kids who whether due to their own choices or due to circumstances beyond their control were nable to complete high school in the traditional manner My students aren t traditional readers but many are avid readers when they find stories which they feel are meant for them ones with characters they relate to with places they know with lots of action and plot twists and with a great love story I wanted to write a book they might enjoy I originally wrote the manuscript that would become Str. S belief that aliens are comingAt Sabazios’ invitation Alex becomes a “Witness” one of a special group of teens gifted with an ability that could save the Earth they can glide through time and witness futures When a Witness sees a future it guarantees that it will happen the way it’s been seen making their work humanity’s best hope for controlling what happens next and stopping the alien threat Guided by Sabazios befriended. ,

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Strange Days by Constantine Singer is a science fiction adventure featuring aliens kids with special powers and a generous dose of deceptionI really enjoyed reading Strange Days This was a book I easily read in two days Once I started it I was hooked and didn t want to put the book down Strange Days was well written and fast paced keeping me at the edge of my seat for much of the storyThe overall story concept was intriguing alien invasions are always a fun idea to explore In Strange Days the aliens thrive on fear and want to control humans through their fear What would you do to stop an alien threat Kill someone Mess with someone else s mind Lie Steal These are all estions the protagonist Alex Mata has to ask himself Charged with *Saving The World Alex Teams Up With *the world Alex teams A White Slave in Turkey Book 1 - A BDSM Novel up with to stop the threat But who can he trust Who wants to help and who has their own agendaThe idea of Witnessing was well executed in the book I liked the idea of being a Witness and reading about what the Witnesses go through when they gonder was neat Can you imagine seeing future eventualities knowing that you re affecting the future Seen time is real time The ending was a little abrupt but it wrapped p the book nicely The ending had #all the feels sadness excitement anger and happiness I appreciate endings that make you feel a wide range of #the feels sadness excitement anger and happiness I appreciate endings that make you feel a wide range of and this ending was great for thatThe characters were nicely written They were niue interesting and engaging I found myself growing attached to Alex A lot happened to him in a short amount of time and I just wanted to protect him from the big bad world All of the secondary characters were eually gripping I enjoyed following their lives throughout the bookSo should you read Strange Days If you enjoy books with a little science fiction check out this bookThank you to Penguin Young Readers for providing the physical copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I was really lucky to receive an advance review copy of this book On the surface this book is a fun fictional read about teens aliens saving the world But as you cruise your way through the pages this story explores issues of trust Honesty Connection Fear Integrity And connection fear integrity and it takes to be real with yourself In the process of saving humanity Alex Mata struggles with his own insecurities and learns to trust his inner voice He learns to forgive himself for his mistakes realizing you will make them even when you re trying to do the right thing This book was an exciting page turner It was npredictable and thought provoking Highly recommended Read the full review at lucieninthestarscaThank you to Penguin Random House and Putnam for providing me with a finished. Alex Mata doesn’t want to worry about rumors of alien incursions – he’d rather just skate and tag and play guitar But when he comes home to find an alien has murdered his parents he’s forced to confront a new reality Aliens are real his parents are dead and nobody will believe him if he says what he saw On the run Alex finds himself led to the compound of tech guru Jeffrey Sabazios the only public figure who stands firm in hi. ,
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Ange Days in 2014 after I began reading some examples of reality plus fiction I knew I wanted to write a science fiction novel which presented a vision of the world as I and my students in central and south Los Angeles saw it vibrant multicultural multi ethnic a little bit gritty and a lot like home but I also wanted to write science fiction Reality plus allowed #me to se the real world as a launching pad to explore some of the wilder elements of the far #to se the real world as a launching pad to explore some of the wilder elements of the far of theoretical scienceMy hope is that after reading Strange Days you will add it to your back pocket list of recommended books for those you speak with directly and that you will also be willing to write a sentence or two to share with the broader worldIf you like the book post about it on social #media strangedaysbook strangedaysnovel strangedays and toss it some stars here and on #strangedaysbook strangedaysnovel strangedays and toss it some stars here and on course if my book isn t something you can recommend that s just fine and you should feel no pressure to do so In either case thank youWith Gratitude and Warmest RegardsConstantine Singercjsingerwritesgmailcomtwitter ajaxsingerInstagram constantinejsinger Facebook wwwfacebookcomcjsingerwrites Website wwwconstantinesingercom 4 starsI have been so excited for Strange Days ever since I heard about it earlier this year and it definitely did not disappointAliens and conspiracies and teens not knowing what they signed p for but oops what s that Oh just gotta save the world It was great and definitely did NOT disappoint with its adventure and interesting conceptWhat I Vérité (Love at Center Court, ultimately really loved about Strange Days was the sort of voice the main character Alex Mata had Voice isn t really the right word but character Personality He wasn t that cookie cutter YA male personality you see so often but he was interesting andniue and represents a very different teen perspective than the Beyond the Qumran Community usual privileged female main character Alex isn t super into school and he just wants to skateboard and for a lot of teens this is a reality and I hope they find a kindred spirit in AlexPlus his slang was so on Full Review at Something of the Book I liked the weirdness of this book how the main characters could see into other people s lives through some sort of witnessing The aliens were super scary and the man fighting them or is he seemed like a mashup of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates I felt like it was well constructed and the plot moved alongicklyI wouldn t recommend this book for middle school because of the multiple Daniels Pet uses of the F word and the main characters have sex near the end of the bookAlso it ended on a cliffhanger that made me gasp when I read it Oh and I found a couple of typos that should have been found in editin. By his fellow time travelers and maybe even falling in love Alex begins to find a new home at the compoundntil a rogue glide shows him the dangerous truth about his new situation Now in a race against time Alex must make a terrible choice save the people he loves or save the world insteadDebut author Constantine Singer's fresh voiced protagonist leaps off the page in this captivating novel that weaves sci fi and contemporary ficti. ,

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