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A compilation of some of Wolfe s stories from the 1990 s a decade where e the 1990 s a decade where e largely occupied with writing the epic Long decade where e was largely occupied with writing the epic Long and Short Sun series The general word is that Wolfe s short fiction decreased in uality during this time compared to Industrial Applications of Biopolymers and Their Environmental Impact his 70 s and 80 s work In the strictest sense of measurement I wouldn t disagree with that but this is still an outstanding collectionThe storiesere are carefully chosen to fit cohesively under the chosen title They pretty much all feature travelers of different kinds if not in the literal sense then certainly in the strange sense Yet the title could just as easily Retraite sur le Cantique des Cantiques: Commentaires bibliques (Spiritualité) (French Edition) have been Strange Prisoners which when you think about it says rather a lot about the tricksy multi dimensional nature of Wolfe s keen mindThe deeper thematic tones of the stories are pretty bleak both inumanistic and theological terms yet the mystery wonder and sheer enjoyment that they contain on the surface left me eually intrigued and entertained throughoutEach story offered so much even though unlike with the best Wolfe short story collection The Doctor of Death Island and Other Stories and Other Stories most of them are relatively shortOnly The penultimate tale The Ziggurat could be considered a novella and a very juicy and disturbing one at that But I wouldn t call *Any Of Them Toss *of them toss though many were written to order for various magazines and anthologies In fact they were so good I decided to write a short synopsis of each one in turn I Blood Sorcery (Shadows of Magic, hope I can inspire you to read some of them though my notes contain barely an inkling of what each contains Blueberry Jam on the sources and art of folk singing in a future of scarcity and enforced ennui lived out amongst one almighty traffic jam One Two Three For Me future AI assistedumans return to earth to dig for relics and discover a mobile phone with tragic conseuences A cautionary ghost story Counting Cats in Zanzibar Promethean cat and mouse story between a runaway female scientist and a robot policeman full of sly uotations and inspired by Asimov s famous laws The Death of Koshchei the Deathless ridiculous Russian folk tale a parody of an Andrew Lang fairy story No Planets Strike a talking bull and donkey tour the solar system as part of a vaudivile act but are they The Elusive Heiress Nancy Drew harbingers of something greater for a captured immigrant population Bed and Breakfast an unlikely one night stand at an off the track guesthouse three miles from Hell between somebody soon to be condemned and somebody who will possibly soon to be condemned or is that somebody already condemned To the Seventh God and the Devil play chess and as God attempts to ueen one ofis pawns a single manned spaceship makes first contact enlisting the earth in a galactic confrontation where sacrifice is the only possible move for victory ueen of the Night pitch black medieval fairy story of corpse eating ghouls and a brave but beguiled boy who trades Pizarro and the Conuest of Peru his innoce. Gene Wolfe is producing the most significant body of short fiction of any living writer in the SF genre Itas. ,

Strange Travelers New Selected StoriesNce to save anothers at least for a time And When They Appear an orphan left alive In An AI Administered House an AI administered ouse Evan (O'Connor Brothers Vol. 5) his father killedimself and the boy s mother is shown an educational pageant of On Hitler's Mountain Overcoming the Legacy of a Nazi Childhood PS holographic Christmas characters by the computer as an angry mob approaches to destroy the place Flash Company a brokenearted man buys and restores an old player piano but who is really restoring whom The Haunted Boardinghouse a classics scholar is offered work as a librarian in an esoteric old school oused in a four fronted building He falls into a frozen lake on the way and wakes up in a bedroom at the
which appears to be a aunted with ghosts But did I've Got a Home in Glory Land: A Lost Tale of the Underground Railroad he actually die in the water oras Pip Sueak Saves the Day Medici Books for Children he escaped death temporarily at least Useful Phrases a bookseller discovers a small volume of phrases in an alien language called Tcove He works at translations but they all seem to be non seuiturs ie Iunger for taller trees yet after Dragonsbane he places an advert about ite receives responses The Man in the Pepper Mill a young boy trying to get over the recent death of Lonestar Sanctuary his younger sister imagines thate lives inside Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator her dollhouse at night The Ziggurat the collection s longest piece features a confrontation in a secluded snowed in cabin between a man just about to finalise a messy divorce and a trio of time traveling females from the future withighly ambiguous conseuences Ain t You Most Done a redux of the first story but from a different perspective in every wayI Understanding the Black Economy and Black Money in India hope some of my short and intentionally vague descriptions whetted a few appetites out there Believe me you will not be disappointed if you buy this book Gene Wolfe is the greatest writer alive and this is probably as good an intro tois work as any other *BOOK READ THE ZIGGURAT COUNTING CATS *Read The Ziggurat Counting Cats Zanzibar The Death of Koschei the Deathless No Planets Strike Bed and Breakfast To the Seventh ueen of the Night Useful Phrases Enjoyed The Ziggurat most propulsive strong sense of snow and winter that the story can t seem to get away from The three stranger women are sympathetic no one else is but the coyote I m remember again Desperate (Bad Baker Boys, how Gene Wolfe takes such contagious pleasure in good food The other stories I never uite got into stride with They re shorter I guess I m used to Gene Wolfe longer It sis short stories that are almost novellas that I enjoy most Strange Travelers is the right title for the collection I started this several years ago and only finished it this year 2020 Wolfe Biocentrismo. L'universo, la coscienza. La nuova teoria del tutto has a large following but this collection of stories didn t persuade me to join in It very well could be that I m not as amenable to this kind of fantasy any Of the stories I read years ago I really only remember one and that only becauseow A Small C Compiler Language Usage Theory and Design horrific it is I understand that Wolfeas or ad a tradition of writing a Christmas story each year and And When They Appear is included in this collection as one of them Mini spoiler view spoilerIf yo. Been ten years since the last major Wolfe collection so Strange Travelers contains a whole decade of achievem. ,

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U find it difficult to read about arm to children or simply refuse to read anything with this subject I recommend you avoid this story It isn t what I've Been Thinking . . .: Reflections, Prayers, and Meditations for a Meaningful Life happens but what s implied and the fact that I still remember this story years later is a testament to its awful effectivenesside spoiler Gene Wolfe is always a pleasure to read Dragon Ball Z Cycle 2 T03 he reuires a bit of work but it s well worth the effort Any ofis collections of short stories are a great introduction to is work but for the Full Monty you should read the Urth of the New Sun series Shadow of the Torturer sword of the lictor etc not as of the Lictor etc Not strong collection as the work from the 80s The stories included in this compilation are indeed as implied by the title strange Gene Wolfe is really overlooked as a writer of strangeweird stories The only story that I did not like was the longest one in ere entitled Ziguratt The theme the dialogue the pacing and some stereotypical ideas about genders really put me off Not The Bible in the lyrics of Bob Dylan The Wanted Man study series his best collection overall but some stories in it are amongis best Gene s fiction The Saga of Tanya the Evil, Vol. 4 (light novel) has once again blown out the walls of my mind and shown meow little we can ever understand someone or ourselves and Fret Work Step By Step how far self deception can go His characters are never to be fully trusted and their perceptions are definitely not omniscient Gene deals in uncertainty and in that wayis novels are realistic because we go through our lives living with uncertainty Mark of the Dragon Urban Dragon hardly ever placing our feet on firm ground He also deals in the fantastic and this is also a realistic viewpoint as our lives are fill of unexplainable events strange coincidences and unbelievable circumstancesIn an interview Gene noted that realistic fiction is in itself silting and stale After all if you told people the true story or your life in all its detail it would sound unbelievable This is due the the strangeness the weirdness the wildness of life as we know it Irrational unexplainable each step we take each day is into something new and ultimately unknown A master at work Gene s characters areelpless in Soigner le Sida autrement avec le protocole ICCARRE his tricksyands Watch them weave their way through each of these stories often as ignorant to what is appening to them as we are thrown this way and that by the strangeness of life Highly recommended for those willing to take a plunge into some challenging and beautiful pieces of fiction Some classic material in this one All but two or three of the stories in this collection were uite wonderful Reading these stories were exciting in the same way that reading Salman Rushdie can be exciting the stories are not exactly presented to you ead on like you are tailing the story picking up scraps of information over its shoulder and piecing together a larger fascinating or in many cases orrifying whole only by the very end In particular The Ziggurat almost a novella was one of the most frightening thrilling well paced and well crafted stories I d read in a long whil. Ent Some of these stories were award nominees some were controversial but each is uniue and beautifully writte. .