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I read and loved Struck by Lightning and after reading the synopsis I was expecting the same Sort Of Witty And Sarcastic of witty and sarcastic of prose What I found was uite disappointing The voices of all of the characters yes we do et 5 POVs throughout the story and random thoughts throughout were very young I would have never A Secret Kept guessed that any of them were on their way to college Ther Chris Colfer did it again surprised me in the most pleasant ways possible with this unexpectedly hilarious but at the same time very touching story about four friends each battles a social challenge and how their common hero in the person of their favorite actor virtually changed their lives forever when seemingly on a whim he joins them on their epic nerdy road trip which of course detoured to several un nerdy adventures I think I now have a new favorite author in Mr Colfer because his writing is consistently funny and thoughtful at the same time up until the Author s Note actually His metaphors keep me cracking up and his pop references are super on point I love how there is complete diversity among the characters and how well rounded each of them are as the story is told in each of their perspective but using the Third Person Omniscient You definitelyet to know each of them including their Full review on my blog the Snark TheaterAnd speaking of my blogtalk about a missed snark opportunity Goodreads updates just aren t as convenient as a ood ol blog postLikewow I started off with an early eh 25 maybe 3 stars and it

All Went Downhill Even An 
went downhill Even an ago I was considering 2 stars butno I don t feel indulgent towards this book And I uess that means Chris Colfer hates me because I m a critic Well I don t careFor context I ve always liked Colfer s writing until now He makes some amateurish mistakes that should absolutely have been caught by an editor if he wasn t you know famous for instance his tendency to handle surprise by telling us what s shocking about the scene in italics instead of letting us put two and two together by showing the implicationsreactions but overall I ve liked his books It helped that they were children s books and the Struck by Lightning novelization was as far as I can remember better than the Land of Story books in terms of style Meanwhile this book is YA and it still reads like a children s booksBut if that was all I wouldn t mind the book or ive it a one star rating Oh no There s Specifically five thing You know one per protagonistThis book is paint by the numbers with its first four main protagonists story arc We meet them we learn about something bad with their life and the story proceeds to solve it one way or another So we have Christopher Topher Collins surprisingly not an author insert as far as I could tell who has a sick brother which we can t really do away with and a crush on one of his friends Said friend is Sam Gibson who s a trans boy in the closet Then we have Joey Davis who s ay and from a black which is important hyperreligious family And Mo whose full name the book doesn t bother using than twice because Japanese names are icky and complicated and I The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World guess American teens can t be bothered to use Moriko Mo s issues is that her father wants her too to Stanford and pursue a ood career instead of writing because he wants her to be able to take care of him when he s retired which I m pretty sure is two racist tropes wrapped into one character arc Which brings me back to Joey s family because it s a little bit suspicious when out of your cast half of the characters are white and have accepting families and half of. Cash Carter is the young world famous lead actor of the hit television Wiz Kids When four fans jokingly invite him on a cross country road trip they are shocked that he actually takes the.

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Stranger Than FanfictionCed the writing is accessible and the story is complex enough to keep you reading but not enough to ask for your analysis and stipulations My favourite parts were the sometimes awkward sometimes weird sometimes liberating interactions between the TV star Cash Carter and the four friends See Sam Topher Joey and Mo all have their own secrets and often it s easier to talk to someone who doesn t know us personally because they can ive us better objective advices I hope the amazingly sarcastic Chris Colfer will write books in the future I d rather read him than see him honestly though he has a cute face don t et me wrong I d pick books over movies anytime that s for sure Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin This book was in the BLK Book PoolI chose it because I liked the title cover because I haven t read much YA this year Although I had heard of the TV programme Glee I ve never watched it so I hadn t heard of Chris ColferI liked the book It was written in the flat style so typical of a lot of modern YA writing but every now again Colfer would show some enuine insight compassion The book rarely dragged I missed all the clues leading up to The Big Scene This was Let Freedom Reign': The Words of Nelson Mandela. Henry Russell genuinely movingUnfortunately I had to knock half a off for an ending that was just too trite well Hollywood for meColfer has promise I look forward to his future works Remember for every person that doesn t accept you you ll find a dozen who will It s aay lawHi everyone It s me your not so friendly favorite book basher To Paper Crafts Magazine: Joy of Card Making (Leisure Arts get through this I had torit my teeth and swallow my screams There are so MANY THINGS THAT MADE ME VERY ANGRY FIRST OF things that made me very angry First of say it with me UNBELIEVABLE #THERE IS NO WAY THAT 976% #is NO WAY that 976% this book couldwould ever happen Because of this it was extremely difficult for me to pay attention to anything else since it s portrayed as a realistic YA fiction novel Cash is an asshole and there is no excuse for being an asshole The ending was a pretty lame excuse for closer There are times I laughed loudly and almost cried but overall I rolled my eyes and snortedI think that author Chris Colfer is awesome and he definitely has a Path to Sanity: Lessons from Ancient Holy Counselors on How to Have A Sound Mind good book inside of him somewhere This just wasn t it bae Boy oh boy did I hate read this whole book We received a box ofalleys and this was sitting in there And it continued to sit there for a while and I Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus got it in my head that someone on the staff needed to read it I thought to myself well his kids books are really popular and I ve heardood things so why don t I Rudram in Tamil give this one a try I made a huge mistakeThis book is the perfect example of why I am hating on YA right now Reading through I felt like Colfer thought to himself I am a youngay celebrity I must write a book for teenagers in the LGBT community What characters will they relate to Oh yeah stereotypes I know all about those because I was on Glee Each time he introduced a character I felt like he was checking off a stereotypical character from a list he had created It was infuriating This book could have been important It could have helped teens see themselves in characters Instead it turned them into flat characters I found myself yelling WHY STOP I HATE THIS so many times but just couldn t stop reading Part of the reason was that each time I was about to uit Colfer would have a reat one liner I would think well if he can do this then maybe he can save this book I was wrongThe end was supposed to be a huge shocking twist but I saw it coming from very early on I cannot explain how disappointed I was I uess I am mostly disappointed in myself for expecting something. 's been keeping What they come to learn about the life of the mysterious person they thought they knew will teach them about the power of empathy and the unbreakable bond of true friendsh. ,
The characters are not white and h I checked this out from the library for something I could listen to while I work Except now I m wrapped in a blanket and crying so there s that It s a tough world to find yourself in but an even tougher one to be yourself in I have always loved Chris Colfer s novels His sense of humor melds so perfectly
Into The Genre Of YA 
the enre of YA s like he was born to tell stories about teenagers His books are always humorous with a side of unbelievable and A Dash Of Diversity dash of diversity the way I like them Add on a soul crushing ending that would make John Green blush and you ve ot yourself an authentic Chris Colfer novelDespite this being my second novel from him I have an instant buy urge whenever I encounter one of his works To put it simply there s no comparison You won t be able to find another author who reads uite like him The diversity of this novel was a big win to me There were characters from an array of backgrounds situations and even religions that I wasn t expecting It was amazing etting to read a road trip novel that didn t star the typical blond blue eyed hetero couple from Kansas Add onto it that This Story Didn T story didn t any of the frightening realities of our society and even dug up a few that people don t even want to poke with a lacrosse stick and this book made mama oh so happyHere s the special part despite dealing with serious issues this book read like a rom com You heard me A rom comI m not dissing books that manage to stay light and airy while ruffling a few feathers I ll always have immense respect for authors who can juggle that It s so that I felt that at times that this novel s aura of sassy remarks and nerdy references killed the aura of importance that should be surrounding topics like religion sexuality ender socio economic level and other topics in that realmWill I read his next book Yep Will I enjoy it Probably I m holding out hope that Chris Colfer s books will improve and his voice in YA becomes as amazing as it has the potential to become Pre release reviewYes Another YA novel by Chris Colfer I am prepared for the sarcasm Why I couldn t finish this book a fanfiction fan s perspective This is a not uite review I have struggled to write for weeks now and in the interest of full disclosure it s not a full review because I could only make it to page 30 of the book in uestion That said after many years critiuing fiction and having my own critiued I think when someone doesn t finish someth Just like the performers from the club New Directions in the TV series Glee Sam Topher Joey and Mo are misfits who have each other s backs no matter whatCash Carter the TV star has a secret that he believes will destroy his image should that secret be revealed to the public I m annoyed at that because his secret while it is shocking is not exactly scandalous so to say it would tear his image apart is a big stretch Chris Colfer s voice is a sarcastic one I personally find it very entertaining and humorous Plus it s definitely ripping and even clever at times He says things you wouldn t expect to hear Unlike other books with predictable storylines the characters themselves are not predictable I m currently reading a book in which nothing exciting happens so this novel is old compared to that oneIt s unrealistic unsurprisingly Like a super celebrity would suddenly decide to Who on God's Earth do you 'think' you are?: A true story about TRANSCENDING the ILLUSION of SEPARATION go on a road trip with a couple of teenagers he never before met It s not plausible But it s exciting isn t Sometimes crazy isood STRANGER THAN FANFICTION is the type of book you read in an afternoon It s light it s fast pa. M up on it Chased by paparazzi and hounded by reporters this unlikely crew takes off on a journey of a lifetime but along the way they discover that the star they love has deep secrets he. .

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