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Wicked Loving Lies
Those renegade cold blooded micro conomists are back for fun filled worldly observations and scathing attacks on the status uo This time around the pair THE ECONOMICS OF THE WORLDS OLDEST economics of the worlds oldest and the myths and o TABLE OF CONTENTS close to verbatimIntro In which the global financial meltdown is ntirely ignored in favor of ngaging topicsthe perils of walking drunkthe unlikely savior of Indian womendrowning in horse manurewhat is freakonomicstoothless sharks bloodthirsty One Ticket To Texas elephantsthings you always thought you knew but didn tChapter 1 In which wexplain the various costs of being a womanLaShanna part time prostituteOne million dead witchesThe many ways in which females are punished for being born femaleEven Radcliffe women pay the priceTitle IX creates jobs for women men take them1 of Helpmate every 50 women a prostituteThe booming sex trade in old time ChicagoA survey like no otherTherosion of prostitute payWhy did oral sex get so cheapPimps vs Realtors pimpact vs rimpactwhy cops love prostituteswhere did all the schoolteachers gowhat really accounts for the male female wage gapdo men love money the way women love kidscan a sex change boost your salarymeet Allie the happy prostitute why aren t there women like herChapter 2 In which we discuss compelling aspects of birth death though primarily deaththe worst month to have a babythe natal roulette affects horses toowhy Albert Aab will outshine Albert Zyzmorthe birthdate bulgewhere does talent come fromsome families produce baseball players others produce terroristswhy terrorism is so cheap Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy easythe trickle downffects of Sept "11the Man Who Fixes "man who fixes the newest ERs are already obsoletehow can you tell a good doctor from a bad onebitten by a client at workwhy you want your ER doc to be a womana variety of wa. The New York Times best selling Freakonomics was a worldwide sensation selling over four million copies in thirty five languages and changing the way we look at the world Now Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Dubner return with SuperFreakonomics and fans and newcomers alike will find that the freakuel is ven bolder funnier and surprising than the firstFour years in the making SuperFreakonomics asks not only the tough uestions but the unexpected ones What's dangerous driving drunk or walking drunk Why is chemother.

Characters SuperFreakonomics Global Cooling Patriotic Prostitutes and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance

SuperFreakonomics Global Cooling Patriotic Prostitutes and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life InsuranceYs to postpone deathwhy is chemotherapy so widely used when it so rarely workswe re still getting our butts kicked by cancerwar not as dangerous as you thinkhow to catch a terroristChapter 3 In which people "ARE REVEALED TO BE LESS GOOD THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT "revealed to be less good than previously thought also less badwhy did 38 people watch Kitty Genovese be murderedwith neighbors like thesewhat caused the 1960s crime xplosionhow the ACLU ncourages crimeLeave it to Beaver not as innocent as you thinkthe roots of altruism pure impurewho visits retirement homesnatural disasters and slow news dayseconomists make like Galileo hit the labthe brilliant simplicity of the Dictator gamepeople are so generousthank goodness for donorcyclesthe great Iranian kidney xperimentfrom driving a truck to the ivory tower John Listeconomistwhy don t real people behave like people in the labthe dirty rotten truth about altruismscarecrows work on people tooKitty Genovese revisitedChapter 4 In which big seemingly intractable problems are solved in surprising waysthe dangers of childbirthIgnatz Semmelweis TO THE RESCUEHOW THE ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT ENDANGERED SPECIESCREATIVE the rescuehow the Endangered Species Act Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead endangered speciescreative to keep from paying for your trashforceps hoardingthe famine that wasn t300000 dead whalesthe mysteries of poliowhat really prevented your heart attackthe killer carthe strange story of Robert McNamara seatbelts at Fordlet s drop some skulls down the stairwellhurray for seatbeltswhat s wrong with riding shotgunhow much good do car seats docrash test dummies tell no lieswhy hurricanes kill and what can be done about itChapter 5 In which we take a cool hard look at global warminglet s melt the ice capwhat s worse carxhaust or cow fartsif you love the Bryozoan Evolution earthat kangarooit all comes down to negative Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) externalitiesTheClub vs LoJackMt Pinatubo teaches a lessonthe obscenely sma. Apy prescribed so often if it's so ineffective Can a sex change boost your salarySuperFreakonomics challenges the way we think all over againxploring the hidden side of verything with such uestions asHow is a street prostitute like a department store SantaWhy are doctors so bad at washing their handsHow much good do car seats doWhat's the best way to catch a terroristDid TV cause a rise in crimeWhat do hurricanes heart attacks and highway deaths have in commonAre people hard wired for altruism or selfishnes. Rt somewhat twisted gentlemen of VenturesAssassinating mosuitoesSir I am very kind of scientistan inconvenient truthinesswhat climate models missis carbon dioxide the wrong villainbig ass volcanoes and climate changehow the cool the arththe garden hose to the skyreasons to hate geoengineeringjumping the repugnance barriersoggy mirrors and the puffy cloud solution over waterwhy behavior change is so harddirty hands and deadly doctorsforeskins are fallingEpilogue Monkeys are people toomicroeconomics xperiment teaching monkeys to use moneyprice shocks income shocksgambling loss aversioncrime paysprostitutionfear of damage to monkey social structure Going Berserk endsxperiments Reading this book was an normous Pleasure It Was Like Sitting It was like sitting with a superb raconteur and hearing story after story of amazing and xtraordinary Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America events Oh no youxclaim surely that one can t be true But yes it is And so you leap on hungrily to the next peculiar storyThis is a treasure chest of information for anyone interested in psychology Autobiography and Other Writings economics or ju Mostly of the same as Freakonomics with riffs on Malcolm Gladwell s books thrown in The glaring difference is the chapter on climate change which attempts to go waaay beyond the author sxpertise in behavioral conomics and contains unfortunate misrepresentations of climate science For a detailed critiue I d recommend Still there s no denying that convincing the public to recognize the need to curb CO2 missions is an almost impossible task Also there s a laughable line about how Congress undid the repeal of the Unbeatable Mind (3rd Edition): Forge Resiliency and Mental Toughness to Succeed at an Elite Level (English Edition) eBook: Mark Divine: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l. estate tax for 2010 Apparently the authors had a deadline to meet and tried to predict that the Senate would behave rationally All in all I m starting to think that behavioralconomics is better at xplaining after the fact than predicting. SCan ating kangaroo save the planetWhich adds value a pimp or a RealtorLevitt and Dubner mix smart thinking and great storytelling like no one Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript else whether investigating a solution to global warming orxplaining why the price of oral sex has fallen so drastically By xamining how people respond to incentives they show the world for what it really is – good bad ugly and in the final analysis super freakyFreakonomics has been imitated many times over – but only now with SuperFreakonomics has it met its mat. ,