EBOOK or EPUB (Take Me with You Count on Me #3) Ä Melyssa Winchester

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Storm Basically this book hurt me and made me

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all at same time it was so beautifully written It s not like the other two at all and I think I like that best of all even if it was hard to read at times I guess the only thing I have left to say if your still not sure if you should take a chance on it is be prepared or the If My Love Were a Fire Truck: A Daddy's Love Song feels They re seriously off the charts This review is going to be used a warning of sorts There are two extremely sensitive issues that take place in this story that Ieel I need to warn about or anyone THAT HAS EVER BEEN THROUGH THEM has ever been through them Abuse and Self Harm take place in varying degrees within these pages and as such not only do I believe there should be a warning of 17 on this book because of the content but I also believer a disclaimer should be in place so that anything that I have written does not trigger anyone who has suffered through it The very last thing I want is to bring hurt and pain to someone who has already suffered ar than they should so if you are sensitive to these issues at all you may not want to read this story or at the very least proceed with caution Reader s piece of mind heart and body mean to me than a book sale ever will 3 I love Eric Carmen but what s not to love about him He s sweet and so remarkably compassionate Ready for Summer for other people that all you can do is love him There are so many uotes of his that I loved I couldn t even list them all And I loved the way Eric and Amelia communicated each cautiously and slowly reaching outor the other I slip the piece of paper across the tableWhat s thisA lifeline You know if you ever need itLifeline activatedI loved watching Amelia and Eric build their Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech friendship because theirriendship was built on honesty and trust Each of them carrying burdens heavier than either of them could carry on their own Both of them needing to share the weight of their pain with someone who understood Amelia wasn t the girl we thought she was Her pain ran so deep her troubles so consuming she was Her pain ran so deep her troubles so consuming nearly swallowed her up She lost herself in order to survive a brutal childhood creating a person she could hide behind where she could pretend she was in control of her life She became the exact opposite of what she was But in Eric she A coerência textual found that lost girl again Her growth was amazing to witness and beautiful Another beautiful storyrom Melyssa Winchester about growing changing and overcoming life s battles 5 Star. Or me to learn that even in the worst human being there’s a story to tell and sometimes the cover to that story can be misleading I’m Eric Carmen She’s Amelia Evans and this is our story. .
By the way this was written and Turned Out I Don T Have A out I don t have a clue if this review is even gonna come out right but ignore the other two books before this one and im Write Your Novel!: Tips from a Bestseller flat out tellin u this one will bring u to ur knees and make ueel and a lot of the time its shit u Don T Wanna Feel But Needs To Be FeltIf U t wanna Dogs Behaving Badly feel but needs to beeltIf u a *book that s sweet and lovely and all roses and uckin *that s sweet and lovely and all roses and uckin choose another book but if u want one that s illed with pain and then lifts u up with hope and aith and makes you April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers feel and believe then this book isor u 5 Break Your Heart And Put It Back Together Stars EricAmeliaWhen I irst started readin this and ound out that Eric would be put with Amy there was this part of me that didn t even wanna read it Amy bothers me A lot She s mean and nasty and basically a total bitch right so why should she get with someone that Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome from the other two books is just sweetIt didn t take very longor me to totally change my mind tho I mean I already knew the author was capable of changing my mind bout people since she did it with Dillon Murphy and he was the biggest asshole alive I just didn t see how it was possible with Amy but she didn t redeem Amy she redeemed Amelia As Eric and Amelia grew closer I totally saw something happenin with one of the other characters and near the end it all came together and made me wanna seriously hurt somethingTim Bradshaw Ugh I hate you and your ugly ace I hurt in this book or both Amelia and Eric Their problems or issues whatever combined were torturous to my heart I mean I elt so bad and I just wanted them to be happy even if it wasn t together or whatever They both deserved it Amy was dead and Amelia was alive and I just wanted the best things in the world or herI won t ruin any of the book tellin you what happens but I will see be prepared to be sickened and then made better cause this is not an easy book to read but its so Space Kid freaking worth it I get the payoff I get happiness and two people rising above their situations and becoming even better people than they were in the beginning and middle of the story Will you teach me how to kiss you le sigh Eric I love you 3 The next time there s a thunderstorm watch the sky when the lightning hits Don t go out in it or anything but wherever you are look up and watch it The way one long strike can light up the entire sky Why do you want me to do that Because when you see it you ll know why you re my. Asperger's Syndrome Five years One thousand seven hundred and twenty days How long I've been in therapy because of it One random meeting All it tookor my world to be turned upside down and .
5 STARS Each and every one OF US HAS A FIRE THAT us has a Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town fire that inside us and they can try like hell to put out thatlame but as long as in our minds we know who we re meant to be they don t stand a
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Andy Biersack Veil Brides I have to be honest here In the irst two books I didn t like Eric During reading Hear Me now i thought that Making a book about Eric would be a ail that Making a book about Eric would be a Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water fail because i thought he was too passive whatever the reason that made me think that i WAS WRONG IN LOVE with everything in this book Usually i m very good at guessing what will happen and the way they willall in love and the like but in this book the author took me by surprise at EVERY TURN She This book was hard Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus for me to read The issues in here are a little to close to homeor me Two of them than others I wasn t even sure I could review it because of this but I owe it to the author to tryEric and Amelia s story is not an easy one to stomach I stopped reading this book 3 times because the visual aspects were so real and so raw that it physically made me sick It s not a bad thing It s a very real portrayal of real issues and should be seen by everyone but I m tellin u straight out it s gonna make u sick before it makes u better You are gonna wanna hurt someone Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse for what these characters go through I wanted to physically hurt Amelia sather and Eric s bullies at the same damn time I was the bully before but knowin what I do now bout life and pain and the reality of what words and actions cause I Troubled Waters fucking hated what he went through and wanted to hurt them like they hurt himThis story is less bout Eric and about Amelia This was her redemption but healing at the same time and by the end I think that I got my moneys worth with both of those things The author made me believe in the struggle and also the progression of change What I mean is that it can happen It s not unrealistic ororced and ake Considerin how personal this one was to me and my own struggles the author made me believe that even I can change rom the way I m thinking if that makes sense She took a real thing and made it count or than just some character on the page For the readers that might be living it too There s a whole lot of sadness and pain in these pages but hope too Finding something in someone even the most unexpected someone and learning your worth and how to heal until you can become a better person it was perfect Im so affected. Numbers They’re significant In my life each one meaning than the one before it Seven years Two thousand ive hundred and ifty ive days That’s how long it’s been since I learned I have. .

Take Me with You Count on Me #3