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Umm what did I just read I am a bit confused by what I just read and I want answers Dubbed a coming of age novel we meet a seventeen year old girl who is called Kid by the persons around her Kid went to live temporarily with her Grandmother on Swan Island off the coast of New Hampshire Swan Island is home to the Wrinklies as Kid calls them they moved to Swan Island to be away from the Bad Place that is the real world The Wrinklies all gather on Swan Island to retire anddie some of the Wrinklies are strong separatist who do not want to see any young persons on the island Kid is made to feel unwelcome as she awaits the return of her parents What was supposed to be a temporary arrangement for Kid turns into her Grandmother dying and Kid being left to fend for herself on an island where she is not welcomed Added to that is Kid is waiting on her parents to return so she keeps the need to stay out until they get there I cannot say I njoyed this read I felt it dragged in a lot of areas I was xpecting a dystopian read and it was nothing like that I just felt underwhelmed for majority of the read it was as if the book was not going anywherekinda like Kid I guess Maybe this is a me thing and not the book but it just was not for me This book was a gentle little allegory about the current state of our lives as we all hurtle towards a climate apocalypse About the kid a teen who is left by her addicted parents to live with her grandmother temporarily on a self isolating island of seniors our protagonist finds herself in a world where she is unwelcome and unwanted following the death of her grandmother With little of meaning to do and no close friends the kid spends her days trying to mange overwhelming anxiety while also slowly unpacking the xperiences that led her to this little hideaway The wrinklies as the kid calls them just want to live and die in their own way blithely ignoring the climate crisis that they ve created as their island cut off from the bad place rapidly crumbles into the sea The kid herself is trying to get through days of despair and to nvision a life in a world that is falling into shortages and conflict and that is so uncertain If this book isn t a metaphor for what my generation and the generations to follow who are trying to find a way in uncertain times financially socially governmentally and nvironmentally I don t know what is I feel the same uiet uncertainty and building resentment and directionless despair trying to imagine how I can give my kids a safe future and also trying to grapple with what has happened to get us to where we are and who made those decisions for us and who still yields so much power shape our futures This book took me into my own heart and I njoyed it very much Thank you harpercollinsus harperbooks for this review copy Strange I always confuse the title with signet but y makes all the difference the meaning is a baby swan someone on the brink of becoming a magnificent creature So You Re Going In you re going in a coming of age story and that s what it is A story of a 17 year old young woman left on an island of old people by her insufficient parents This story might have been the case of a setting outshining the protagonist The island is so strange its population are agists separatists who want nothing to do with the mainland or anyone above retirement age which CREATES FOR A SINGULAR EXPERIENCE ESPECIALLY for a singular xperience Especially one as young as the girl She finds ways to fit in she works for an old Helpmate eccentric lady determined to digitally optimize herntire past into a most acceptable version She tries to make friends with some of the islanders She sleeps with a dealer who visits island once a month to provide recreational Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy enhancements She waits for her parents Meanwhile the island is succumbing to the sea making the very place feel temporary and fleetingphemeral in a way much like those who live there For them it s a final destination but for the girl it s only a layover she has literally and metaphorically reached the precipice and now has to make some decisions Which is how coming of age stories usually go The writing is uite good but it is mainly a first person and a very young persona t that stream of consciousness kind of narration and so while hauntingly lyrical in xecution this novel may not be for veryone I #Enjoyed It It Read Uickly But It Didn T Really #it it read uickly but it didn t really It was of a thing to appreciate than love It s uite well done for a debut and a good read if you re in a mood for a uiet sad though not depressing story The island of Wrinklies is certainly its most memorable thing though not the protagonist despite the title s suggestion Thanks Netgalley Cygnet is a wholly original coming of age novel and a great debut which is Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader effectively a meditation on the difficulty faced by teens who are transitioning into adulthood a feeling we all. “Terribly moving A clear sighted poignant rumination on loneliness love the melancholy of age and of youth and in its uiet way thend of the world” China Miéville author of Perdido Street StationAn utterly original coming of age tale marked by wrenching humor and staggering charisma about a young woman resisting the savagery of adulthood in a community of the lderly rejecting the promise of youth“It’s too hot for most of the clothes I packed to come here when I thought this would only be for a week or two My mother kissed me with those purple brown lips of hers and said we’ll be back hold tight”Seventeen year old Kid doesn’t know where her parents are They left her with her grandmother Lolly promising to return soon That was months.

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Is is their nd of life retreat to live the rest of their days out happy free undisturbed with like members their own peaceful little village on an island run and pretty much self sustained by themselves They do not want to go back thus settling this little island as their colony The Kid our main character of the story She s lost in life the poor thing A mother and father who fell repeatedly on hard times and also involved with drugs constantly having to pick up and move in the middle of the night The Kid has seen and learned from this type of life but doesn t know how to process it Her schooling has always been in between on the runShe has a grandmother Lolly who lives on the Isle of Swan and we witness an Bryozoan Evolution event in court where I presume Lolly is granted guardianship of the kid while the parents do a clean up Rehab The parents and The Kid go to the Isle of Swan with Lolly There are snippets of Lolly and her daughter fighting withach other she The Kid needs structure Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) etc obviously the parents are unable to care for their child and the type of life they lead is unsuitable Lack of schooling thexposure and yes actually use of drugs lack of money and shelter Lolly goes to bat in court which is great but I don t think anyone Silvers Edge expected or planned for what s next The Kid and parents stay for an uncomfortably short time on the island and then leave promising to come back for her She can tven remember her mother saying goodbye In the meantime time goes by Lolly gets sick and passes and again The Kid has nothing viable to tether herself to Oh she tries to find her parents on the computer yes they have internet but they pretty much are nowhere to be found probably on the lam again still moving in the middle of the night Oh the heartache And very time she walks outside the house she has to deal with the rudeness of the Wrinklies mostly the men who don t want her there because she s not of the age group reuirement They treat her with disdain In the meantime her grandmothers house is getting aten away by the waves of the ocean Eroding the soil and her soul with Going Berserk each crash It s only a matter of time before the house slides into the water and there she will be again driftless unmoored All alone She thinks my parents are alive somewhere and I may never see them again With the house ready to slide into the sea her grandmother gone and nothing holding her back in this island oflderly ccentrics she makes the decision to leave the island and do something with her life She has learned arly in life that cannot depend on anyone Even those you love OK so this book will NOT be to most people s liking but I was fascinated by it and deeply appreciative of reading something so unusualIt s dystopian yet notIt s coming of age yet notIt s meditative yet suspensefulIt s realistic but bizarrely imaginativeThe story telling spins like a drug trip appropriate it stops yet suspensefulIt s realistic but bizarrely imaginativeThe story telling spins like a drug trip appropriate it stops starts taking the reader right to the dge then stepping back from the reveal also appropriate it alternates between in your face sexual xploration and deeply reserved untold truthsThis book is as confusing as my review but much rewarding to readers Season Butler is a dynamic fresh voice in literature brash Season Butler is a dynamic fresh voice in literature brash brave in offering a new way of looking at love life and deathWell done I don t know why but I thought this was going to be dystopian It s not Swan Island is like a retirement village for anti social old people The Kid being abandoned on the island with them is not what anyone wantsSeason Butler s writing is lovely and very descriptive Occasionally there were a few too many adjectives It s not a book where things happen it s introspective all about love and loneliness and learning to let people go so you can begin to live your own lifeThe sea plays an integral part in the novel An ominous presence which The Kid fears It is wearing away at the island like time wearing #away at life It s a metaphor that is prominent throughout and it works very well The loneliness #at life It s a metaphor that is prominent throughout and it works very well The loneliness the wearing down by the waves The Kid is depressed and abandoned and time is crashing down upon herThe Kid s history is faintly revealed there s the beginning of a rape story and then it s just never mentioned again glossed over and forgotten her parents are negligent drug addicts but viewed in such a rose tinted way I feel at 1718 The Kid is too old to still be idolising her parents without an awareness of the negative impact her upbringing has had on her She s becoming an adult and yet in some ways she s written like a much younger child I didn t always believe in her as a personOverall I Autobiography and Other Writings enjoyed the writing and most of the story but at points the characters lacked believability I d still recommend giving it a try and if you ve read it I d love to hear what you thoughtThank you to the publisher for sending me a copy for review Cygnet is out now. Le They don’t care if she has nowhere to go they just want her gone She is a reminder of all they’ve left behind and are determined to forgetBut Kid isn’t the only problem threatening the insular community Swan Island isroding into the rising sea threatening the Swans’ very xistence there To find a way forward the Kid must come to terms with the realities of her life and an unknown future that is hers alone to mbraceSeason Butler makes her literary debut with an ambitious work of bold imagination Tough and tender compassionate and ferocious intelligent and provocative Cygnet is a meditation on death and life past and future aging and youth memory and forgetting that xplores what it means to find acceptance of things past and those to co.

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Cygnet AUTHOR Season ButlerKnow personally Ms Butler xplores issues surrounding loneliness social isolation bullying self confidence confusion love parenting family relationships desperation and drug addiction It s social isolation bullying self confidence confusion love parenting family relationships desperation and drug addiction It s well told story which was rather moving as The Kid manoeuvred her way around the dystopian landscape she inhabited There is a profundity to it all that is often missing in books featuring youngsters so I found that very refreshingAll in all this is a bleak and disturbing work of fiction with some insightful rumination and wonderful depiction of the Isle of Swan and the characters specially the Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript elderly known in the novel as wrinklies I thought the lack of named characters was a superb idea to showcase the issues with which they were suffering and making them the central aspect of the story What is illustrated adeptly is the differences and similarities between the old and young and thatach age group has its own struggles to contend withMany thanks to Dialogue Books for an ARC 75th book for 2019While I liked the writing in parts the overall pacing seemed off to me with very little happening over the course of the book and a final sudden coming of age of the main character seemingly tacked on at the nd While I found neither the main character nor her flock of lderly tormentors were particularly likeable or interesting this might just be because I am the wrong demographic for this book 2 stars gifted cheltfestivals Do you Infamous ever finish a book and just think Well I think I liked it When you didn t love it and you definitely didn t hate it and just had a pretty good time reading it overall Those are the hardest reviews to write for me Nothing to rant about nothing to rave about just a solidlynjoyable readCygnet had a super interesting premise which sees our protagonist seventeen year old Kid left on Swan by her parents seemingly for just a few short weeks but then those weeks Walled elongate into months Swan isssentially a retirement community a remote island where you have to be 65 to live there Kid s grandma Lolly bends the rules to allow her granddaughter a safe haven but not all the residents are happy about itFunny dark and melancholy Cygnet has a realist dystopian vibe and I loved the interactions between Kid and the other residents although some were a little odd specially Rose and The Duchess who Kid keeps company as her health deteriorates Some of Kid s thoughts were hilariously honest and weird as well as heartbreaking when she looks back on her time with her carefree read neglectful parentsI really liked Butler s writing and introspective storytelling this book is a bit plotless so be warned but if you like character driven reflective narratives then give this one a try 35 stars rounded upThis is an introspective book a portrait of loneliness not just the being alone kind of loneliness but being among people and not wanted Seventeen year old Kid that s what the lderly people on Swan Island call her She s the daughter of drug addict parents who leave her with her grandmother on the island where the Swans are living out their old age and they don t much like having her around When her grandmother dies she s left to fend for herself waiting for her parents to come back as they promised while the ocean wears away at the cliffs and she fears that the land around and under her grandmother s house will fall Flashbacks to the time before she arrived here reveal that her life was not very stable then ither on the mainland and her childhood not a very happy one a lonely one then as well But yet she continues to believe that she has to stay until her parents return for her There are some uirky people here but a few of them are kind to her or at least tolerate her Several things happen that move her to despair but allow her to come to terms in a realistic way about how to move forward with her life There s not much of a reprieve from that gut wrenching sadness Kid feels but there is ultimately and thankfully the moment when she comes of age and to an understanding of what she has to do A sad uirky and moving story I m bothered when characters go unnamed and I was here as well but still I was able to feel for The Kid I received an advanced copy of this book from HarperCollins through NetGalley and Edelweiss The Isle of Swan is an island in the ocean populated by free spirit hippie type Elderly People The People people The people called Wrinklies they are possessive of their island their territory They only allow folk from the mainland once a week for business or deliveries and mail They are into organicnaturals herbalistics gardening and pollinators and self care They pay or barter for goodsservices and drugs throughout the island They have a deli called Psychadelicatessan The mainland is referred to as the Bad Place the rat race the politics the rules the materialism the crime tc Th. Ago Now Lolly is dead and Kid is alone stranded ten miles off the coast of New Hampshire on tiny Swan Island Unable to reach her parents and with no other relatives to turn to Kid works for a neighbor airbrushing the past digitally retouching family photos and movies to arn nough money to surviveSurrounded by the vast ocean Kid’s temporary home is no ordinary vacation retreat The island is populated by an idiosyncratic group of lderly separatists who left behind the youth obsessed mainland ”the Bad Place” to create their own alternative community These residents call themselves the Swans Kid calls them the Wrinklies Even as Kid tries to be good and uiet and patient the adolescent’s presence unnerves the Swans turning some downright hosti.