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An four or five poems that fascinate me but "these are the ones that tug at me in the most immediate ways Yet there are so many that "are the ones that tug at me in the most immediate ways Yet there are so many that the multiple experiences of Ms Girmay who claims Puerto Rican African American and Eritrean cultures as her poetic roots There are political poems about rape as a weapon of war and a bilingual ode to the letter B and tracing back a great grandfather making his way to the United States After I read the last poem I just felt like dreaming and writing and seeing images nfold in my head and thinking that politics can still move 120 Jobs That Wont Chain You to Your Desk us to be human loving and civilizednlike the ways these words are flippantly thrown around There s also a moving introduction by poet Martin Espada I read Kingdom Animalia "About A Year Ago And Had Really "a year ago and had really hopes for this collection its predecessor Although it wasn t as strong or spellbinding as that book and it d be a bit shocking if it was to be honest I sti Girmay s poems are varied and aware wandering into different Girmay s poems are varied and aware wandering into different and balancing smoothly between language play and observation In many of them there s such power that a reader is hard pressed to not stop consider and reread the same poem once again not because of a lack of clarity but because there s a drive to re experience. Oman who is not afraid to tackle any subject including rape genocide and love always sustained by an optimistic voice assuring Taken by the Pterodactyl (Dinosaur Erotica) us that in the end justice will triumph and love will persevere LOVE you be the reason whywe swagger jive lift the guitar pickp the axe Truly stunning The truth and creativity and fierceness are suffused With Such Compassion And Joy such compassion and joy is the closest to sentimental poetry I could ever get I adored Arroz Poetica Ode to the Watermelon Consider the Hands that Write this Letter Santa Ana of Grocery Carts honestly and several A fierce collection that does not shy away from genocide rape love poetry that avoids the sentimental and breaks the content wide open I have a feeling the the propelling momentum of this collection will not soon leave me This book is everythingI started reading it because of Estefani Lora poem which is my favorite poem by Aracelis But this collection in its entirety is beautiful and real and amazing There is so much to love about it this is a book of poems that are not afraidto love and i will always need to keep it nearby I ve heard Aracelis read The Four Faces of God uite a few of these poems readite a few of them to my boyfriend when we re driving in the car together and now I ve read it cover to cover today I am completely in love with the opening poem Arroz Poetica Ode to the Watermelon the title poem For Estefani Lora Third Grade Who Made Me a Card the pair of poems for Cyclops Mary and Here There are not many debut poetry collections that poems for Cyclops Mary and Here There are not many debut poetry collections that encounter that have th. Stunning highly original poems that celebrate the richness of the author's multicultural tradition Teeth explores loves wars wild hope defiance and the spirit of creativity in a daring se of language and syntax Behind this language one senses a powerful inventive ,
It and gain some "Drops Of Meaning And meaning and It s true that not every poem lives p to this description a few are in description or expansion but most of the poems here will be well worth the time for poetry lovers who want their poetry to come with an awareness of the world and not only self awareness All told I truly enjoyed this one and have to recommend it on to anyone who enjoys dipping into contemporary poetry it s a lovely thoughtful read with much to appreciate and consider Wow This is a really different book of poetry Some of the poems are funny some cute some angry some clever and some I don t A Faithful Church Member understand I enjoy reading them out loud The poems are from such different perspectives I need to pause reread try another smile givep get angry at Bush and Ira laugh nod in agreement laugh out loud I m glad I found it at the thrift store I got much Than My 75 Worth Audacious Fierce Poetry But Now Five my 75 worth Audacious fierce poetry but now five after I first read it I can see that some of the work leans too much on sentiment romanticism but having said that it is done very nselfconsciously Litany and Here are standouts poems Reader I wept Consider the Hands that Write This Letter after Marina WilsonConsider the handsthat write this letterThe left palm pressed flat agains. Hen it is i tilt my hat to the side wearing colors perfumes it's cause love you did it to me oh you do sure turn my tongue to fiddle make the salt taste sweet man i don't need a rooster or peacock even to help me spend my time nope just you love right solid asa line.