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Apher Rankin 2009 s Heidi Klum tribute Heidilicious featuring ten different motifs of a single model subject Britain s Rosie Huntington Whiteley Rankin s set ups range from a full body black body paint set up to a dramatic Death Valley photoshoot to a set of high glamour interiors Wicked Way to a stunning snake tattoo session and even a punk rock motif complete with RHW in full mohawk modeRankin s photographic style is at times reminiscent of other high end photogs Herb Ritts in the Black Summer se. Already boasts an impressive portfolio of work She Appeared On Runways appeared on runways AutumnWinter 2010 and has shot high profile campaigns for Burberry DKNY and Ralph Lauren with some of the best photographers in the business She epitomises the spirit of Thomas Wylde; supersexy and empowered innate

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The cover model appears in ten different collections of images In Various Stages Of Undress Begins With Her Covered In various stages of undress Begins with her covered in appears to black ink from there she is Madonna like dirty ballet with rocks African clothing Western snake like Punk and glamour engaging Interviews at end to discuss the poses Rankin s newest photography book10 different portraits shoots with one modelVery good Thomas Wylde fashions serve as the backdrop for a uniue new book named Ten Times Rosie by famed photogr. This fashion related art book sees photographer Rankin shoot top British model Rosie Huntington Whiteley celebrating 10 seasons of edgy clothing label Thomas Wylde After casting Rosie for the 2010 SpringSummer campaign Rankin and Thomas Wylde CEO Paula Thomas realised that they had found the perfect collaborative triumvirate Only 22 years old Rosie. ,

Ten Times RosieSsion and pure Scavullo in Snake Bite which may actually be part Of Its Glory What Its Glory What glory What is how one photographer using a single model ends up with ten completely different themes all of which are compact and effectiveThe book which appears to have begun as a promotion for the Thomas clothing line even when there are no clothes in some of the pictures of course stands ust as well on its own as a conceptual photo document as well as another successful chapter in the photographic ourney of Ranki. Ns of which have found their way into the closet's of
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world's urban 'Rosie x 10' is her first collaboration on a large scalewith one photographer and the first major publication devoted solely to her It promises to be the book to catapult her into the next phase of a stellar career and gain even wider recognition as the supermodel of the