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I like dragon books what can I say So when I see a new book about dragons I m fairly inclined to pick it up Unfortunately this book was a complete disappointment The premise is that a dragon wakes up in a modern day world where there are mages and magic suddenly increasing the amount of magic in the world The dragon oes around as a human I only made it through the first 75 pages before I decided the book didn t seem like it was only made it through the first 75 pages before I decided the book didn t seem like it was to et any better and honestly 75 pages in I should have started to see plot progression not worth any of time so i Not worth any of time so I it My major problems with the book besides that it has so many useless scenes that don t push the plot or character development forward lies mainly in characterization Holy moly Tesser is like a male version of Bella from Twilight That is definitely not a compliment Basically this incredibly old wise dragon becomes a super hottie with old eyes that Elena's Conquest goes around flirting withirls and saving them from rapists and being the center of newspaper attention for the first 75 pages Uhhhh yeah Now I don t know any dragons personally so I Sister of My Heart guess I can t speak for them but look at this line from the book Tesser smiled seductively Good evening ladies Enjoy the food Yeah I can t stand this dragon He has a modern sensibility on par with humanity which is weird considering he s a dragon and he s been sleeping for ages he thinks about the attractiveness of another species he makes commentary on social issues like rape and cussing and alcohol many humans act like assholes when they drink hard liuor Some nights it seems like all of them are assholes Just no I cannot swallow this version of a re awakened dragon Maybe you can I just can t My notes from this book sum up what I think about this bookThis book needs some serious editing It includes too many mundane actions that don t advance the plotWhat the hell He s a dragon and heoes around rating how attractive women are What the hell is a dragon He s just like a horny confused teenage male with a ton of power Stop these crap wandering scenes and King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies get on with the plot I want magic and less random hot strangerets dropped into a townThat is all One star I really didn t like this book But who knows Maybe you can Rescuing Gus get over the issues I had with the book I wouldn t recommend reading it though Eh The first part wasenerally interesting but the second part was over the top absurd Maybe I should have magically transformed into a teenage boy before reading it I probably would have been appreciative In the first 10 15 minutes of list. From the creator of Elmoryn and the author of the smash hit horror epic Adrian's Undead DiaryWelcome to Tesser A Dragon Among Us the first Reemergence NovelImagine for a moment that you are a Dragon A creature of unimaginable power unending intelligence and strength and you've just woken from ten thousand years of slumber Worse yet you've awoken underneath a city; Boston an alien and strange place that defies everything you've ever knownYou.

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Whether the author even respects women at all A Class of 92: Out of Our League great start to a series Aorgeous man is caught on camera coming to the aid of a woman being assaulted The only problem with this is is that he is stark naked the clip oes viral Trying to figure out what century it is this poor shape shifting dragon is awake and lost IN A CITY HE DOES NOT KNOW AS THE a city he does not know As the oes along we learn that there are seven dragons each has a duty to an earthly power that they must maintain in order to keep the balance of the world I really enjoyed this original inventive story and the narration helped bring these relatable characters to life Gotta be the firstI honestly think this is my finest novel I love the setting the characters the dialogue and the love story that comes out of nowhere and yet seems to fit in just rightI sincerely hope that Tesser becomes the beginning of a wonderful literary experience for my readers as well as myselfWorld enjoy I could not write something better which is why I don t write Basically a male power fantasy If that s your kind of brain candy this ll do the trick otherwise avoid Having a hard time rating this The premise was How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead good and there wereenuinely reat moments in the writing Unfortunately there were suirm and wince moments Resorting to bad caricature for the Brit Professor Cosmo Magazine stereotypes about women though some of the conversations between the two female leads were fairly accurate A protagonist who is sort of fifty shades of dragon And Two Underdeveloped Male Sidekicks two underdeveloped male sidekicks who tries way to hard with the pop culture references don t we all have a Deadmau5 teeshirt and way over the top F bomb dropping Liked the Canadian reference though Henry aka Spoon whatever happened to his wife The prose becomes really ponderous in places and some overuse of a thesaurus makes for a few amusing moments ie the pinnacle of the staircaseI could barely wait to finish it and at the same time did enjoy some passages Kind of like when you re stuck at the cottage and the only thing to read is your Great Grandma s collection of Jean Plaidy novels I really enjoyed reading Tesser A Dragon Among Us What a reat story Tesser is a dragon who awakens under present day Boston He s been asleep for a VERY long timeNot only is he a dragon but he can shape shift into any form he wishesI don t want to spoil anything so I won t tell you any I will tell you that I truly enjoyed this book I hope that Chris Philbrook will write some stories about Tesser I just finished the book and I am craving Thank you Chris Philbrook. Dowed even the lory of old magicThis was not the way it was supposed to beMeet Tesser the Dragon He who walks in any form and flies the skies free of fearA Dragon Among Us is Tesser's story Walk with him as he learns the human way and discovers the dark truth about why magic has really faded from the world he calls homeAnd just maybe humanity will remember why dragons were most noble and most savage creatures againWelcome to The Reemergenc. Ening to this book I had the Sinking Feeling I Wasn T Going To feeling I wasn t oing to it But I had received the audio book in exchange for an honest review so I knew I would listen to the whole book even if it took me a month to et through it My initial reaction was SO WRONG The book became so entertaining it only took me 2 days to listen to the audio The characters were well developed and the authors description of the settings made you feel like you were there watching the story unfold I enjoyed all the characters but the characterization of story unfold I enjoyed all the characters but the characterization of seven dragons was extraordinary The author expounded on the peculiarities brawn and vulnerabilities of each one transforming them into fascinating characters The perspicuous narration added an extra layer to the reading experience Each character and dragon had a distinctive voice that well matched the personality created by the author If you are looking for a fantasy that will o beyond the boundaries of reality I recommend you read Tesser I would have liked to Fallen Angel: The Passion of Fausto Coppi give the book 4 stars but the writing style and poor editing makes it only 3The story itself was very enjoyable but it could have been written better I found the writing style took away from what was ultimately a creative taleStill if you enjoy supernatural fantasies I would recommend this storyI wanted to expand this review just a bit I read the Kindle version and the editing was not soreat Character names were often mixed up clearly incorrectly used It was enough to be distracting from the story For some reason also the overall writing style didn t appeal to me It just seemed unclear in many places as though the descriptions meant to clarify certain details ended up making things convoluted rather than clearThat being said I did enjoy the story I mean who doesn clearThat being said I did enjoy the story I mean who doesn like dragonsAnd these dragons weren t just After Tamerlane: The Global History of Empire Since 1405 giant flying lizardsthese were intelligent magical beings who could pretty much be do anythingI enjoyed the origin story behind the dragons too It is definitely a different kind a tale and not what one would expect in a story of dragons It s magical and entertaining for sureSo I wouldive the book 35 stars overall The story definitely rates 4 stars just the execution rates 3 stars Hopefully if there are books to come in a series the author and editors can improve on those things However I think I would enjoy continuing to read about this world and these characters in future incarnations The prologue was okay but then it went WAAAAAY downhill from there The female characters were so one dimensional that it made me wonder. R last memories were of primordial forests erupting volcanoes sculpting a developing world faeries witches vampires krakens and monsters that feared where you turned your eyesBut all that is Alien Alpha gone Humans only barely coming into their own in the world from your memory have taken over They have erected cities made of stone and steel erupting from the earth like stalagmites reaching for the high blue sky and developed sciences that have oversha.