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Of the book follows Maddy as she searches for the truth and seeks justice Maddy works out that her sister Abigail is the third victim of a killer This leads her into danger and political intrigueThe book is set in a modern day smoggy Los Angeles where China has established a small base in California The murders seem to be linked to this enclave There are local political elections going on with Maddy s ex boyfriend working for a candidate The death of Abigail soon becomes a hot political issue Maddy is forced to use all of her connections to get to the truth as well as social mediaI was full of admiration for Maddy I cannot think of anyone who will not relate to her and her sheer determination She puts her grief on hold to hunt for a killer Some of the things she goes through are uite shocking She does not give up And she has integrity Freedland has created a captivating character in MaddyThis is one book that ou will be reluctant to put down A terrific page turner with a great twist I guarantee that Edge of Chaos Sons of Chaos MC you will race towards the end wanting to know the identity of Abigail s killer and get caught up in Maddy s world Recommended Well written clever idea with a page turning plot Jonthan Freedland has sold 15 million copies sold under the name Sam Bourne Jonthan Freedland has finally put his own name on this new thriller The 3rd Woman is the story about Madison Webb a drivenoung woman determined to cut through corruption and bureaucracy to get to the truth about her beloved ounger sister s murder In a world of lies only one woman can expose the truth The story opens up with Abigail Webb opening her front door when a gloved hand is placed over her mouth Once Abigail is pushed inside her apartment masking tape is expertly placed over her mouth and a strip of cloth was placed over her eyes with her wrist encircle This is the first book that I have read by this author It is a solid well written crime and politics thriller that keeps you hooked with a twist at the end The main character Madison Maddy is a journalist driven to seek for hooked with a twist at the end The main character Madison Maddy is a journalist driven to seek for truth She is motivated by the death of her sister which is treated as a one off random murder by the police But Maddy becomes convinced that her sister s death is the third in a series of very similar killings In this future LA China holds enormous leverage over the USA having called in some of its debt In return for this it has demanded that it receive custom duties and levies at west coast ports Then it Succeeds In Establishing Chinese Army Garrisons In These Ports To in establishing Chinese army garrisons in these ports to it s interests Maddy comes to suspect that a Chinese soldier has committed the murders She collects evidence and persuades the police in a showdown to apprehend the soldier in uestion But then Maddy realizes that is mistaken and confronts the real killer in a sudden dramatic finish to the tale Just couldn t get in to it at all. S part of a major conspiracySHE CAN EXPOSE THE TRUTHIn a United States that has ielded to the People’s Republic of China corruption is rife – the government dictates what the ‘truth’ is With her life on the line Madison must give up the story or face the conseuenc.

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E this causes problems for the LAPD and its leadership who are under pressure from the mayor who is on the campaign trial at the time As her investigation clashes she finds that she too is being spied up on by the Chinese and one of her friends has an accident which seems fortunate to some As she uncovers every bit of the story she is still bent on discovering the truth and always asks who gains from this information being out We readers also see the fine balance of what journalistic integrity can do when allowed they will ask THE AWKWARD UESTIONS AND HOW EXCELLENT awkward uestions and how excellent can impact upon society It also looks at some American election campaigning and the political correctness and the tensions that bubble away below the surface As a journalist Freedland shows the spiralling effect of the investigation and the events in this wonderful thrillerMadison is a wonderful character and her relentless search for the truth will endear her to the readers even when others are trying to deflect her The research and writing in this book is excellent Freedland s writing draws The Summer I Wasn't Me you in and captivatesou and his excellent way of writing and connecting with the reader pours through the pages This is a high concept thriller and throughout the book there are modern day truths and news stories mentioned around the text and they pop up when least expectedThe 3rd Woman is an excellent high concept thriller that delivers from the first and they pop up when least expectedThe 3rd Woman is an excellent high concept thriller that delivers from the first to the last with all the twists and turns a person could want Jonathan Freedland will continue where Sam Bourne left off and has delivered a classic thriller Literally I could not finish this book It was that bad It tries to be the thoughtful murder mystery which is a genre I greatly appreciate However this book written by a man in a woman s perspective is truly stereotypical and offensive I believe the author is trying to give power to women but he does so by making his characters stereotypes I finally deleted the book from my iPad when the main character female journalist who has just spent her day chasing down a dead end lead is forced into a hug by an ex boyfriend She says no He thinks she needs the hug anyway Their lips meet She sets aside her exhaustion and critical thinking skills to give an ex boyfriend a blowjob She is full of desire This of course is after 2 days if investigation in a sex club and and governmental cover up while investigating her sister s murderTerrible Don t waste Khaiye Aur Vajan Ghataiye your time Jonathan Freedland is an established writer of fiction under the pen name Sam Bourne and a well known British journalist This is my first introduction to his work and I was impressed What we get in The 3rd Woman is a clever fast paced political thriller with a smart female lead and a realistic edgeAoung woman is shockingly murdered in the opening chapter We meet her sister respected journalist Maddy Webb The rest. E investigating her own sister’s murderSHE CAN’T TRUST THE POLICEMadison refuses to accept the official line that Abigail’s death was an isolated crime She uncovers evidence that suggests that Abi was the third victim in a series of killings that’s been hushed up

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Brilliant right up there with my favourite thrillers of all time Full review to follow as a new release spotlight on the blog 8th July Highly Recommended Suspense twists and an insight into political games made this a gripping page turner Wooden writing cardboard thin characters Stopped a third of the way through might pick it up again if there s really nothing left to read The 3rd Woman is a solid mesh of murder mystery and political thriller with just a slight sci fi sort of edge is a solid mesh of murder mystery and political thriller with just a slight sci fi sort of edge it The very near future as Jonathan Freedland imagines it sees the United States of America so crippled by debt that it s had to sell off some of its sovereignty and accept the military presence of its largest debtor China on its home soul It s not all that far fetched and the speculative aspect largely stops there although Freedland does take some liberties with the future of social mediaMadison Webb is our typical journalistic heroine an obsessive loner who can t resist the puzzle of a good mystery especially when it s a murder so close to her heart She s damaged goods there s a whole subplot dedicated to the mystery of what her mother s illness is hidi The 3rd Woman Stylish ThrillerJonathan Freedland has finally come out from his nom de plume Sam Bourne and delivered a high uality well thought out thriller that delivers on every level As Sam Bourne he has sold over 15 million books uality well thought out thriller that delivers on every level As Sam Bourne he has sold over 15 million books with The 3rd Woman that will continue this is a book that will draw ou in feel like في الانفصال you are at the centre of plot and with all good thriller writers the clues are there but canou put them togetherThe plot centres around LA Times investigative journalist Madison Webb an insomniac with a fervent belief in revealing the truth and the Chinese People s Liberation Army based in the California ports The high concept thriller starts with a truth that the Chinese own a lot of the debt of the United States and they have finally got sick of not getting paid so collect taxes and payments from the ports The Chinese officer class are able to get away with many things such as drink driving gambling and drug takingMadison Webb s life takes a turn when her sister Abigail is murdered and the police are telling her it is a heroin overdose and there is no foul play Madison does not accept this and as she begins her investigation she uncovers that there were two previous murders identical to her sister s and that the police did not or would not link as the work of the same killerAs she begins her investigation she makes a link between the murders and a member of the PLA and when she reveals this so begins a fire storm against the Chinese in Los Angeles With her links to the Police she tries to use her contacts and an unusual source her ex boyfriend a political campaigner in the California gubernatorial race Madison discovers that her murder was not isolated and at the same tim. A chilling high concept thriller from No 1 bestselling author and award winning journalist Jonathan Freedland Perfect for fans of Robert HarrisSHE CAN’T SAVE HER SISTERJournalist Madison Webb is obsessed with exposing lies and corruption But she never thought she would The 3rd Woman