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The Art of ScalabilityAn extremely useful book that covers so much about scaling than I thought it would and at a great level of detail From structuring the company to the Isabel de Solis, Soraya: Un Cuento de Amor En La Alhambra process to the tech and with everything in between this book is a great resource to learn about scalingroducts and maintaining them once live This book changed the way that I think about managing my #team The hrase management is measurement is repeated several times throughout and #The hrase management is measurement is repeated several times throughout and has rung true for my experience so far I think actively growing teams will get the most use out of this book but the themes are relevant for everyone mentioned in UNIX and Linux System Administration Handbook 4th Edition I Selected This Book I selected this book of its content about organizations and The First Secret of Edwin Hoff processes on technology based companies I was hoping to find answers and solutions to some issues on technicalrojects which didn t have good technical explanations and I must admit that many times while reading this book I was catching myself saying I wish I read this book earlier Great. A Comprehensive Proven Approach to IT Scalability from Two Veteran Software Technology and Business Executives In The Art of Scalability AKF Partners cofounders Martin L Abbott and Michael T Fisher cover everything IT and business leaders must know to build technology infrastructures that can scale smoothly to meet any business reuirement Drawing on their unparalleled experience managing some of the world s highest transaction volume Web sites the authors rovide detailed models and best ractice approaches available in no other book Unlike revious books on scalability The Art of Scalability doesn t lim. .
Book I recommend it to every software engineer who Wants To Know Not Only to know not only to write some code but also how to interact with different teams across the whole organization I would not read this book in isolation of your work Useful when you have specific use cases that you need to evaluate or Under Lock and Key problem to fix On my side I used it for technical due diligence for large investment funds This took me a long time to get through but it was absolutely worth it The material is a little out of date being 9 years old However this is a must read for anyone doing software architecture There is a huge amount of information in this book It s broadly broken down into scalability ofeople rocess and technology with a very clear and structured approach all the way through Each section taught me far than i expected given that me far than I expected given that live and breath this stuff at work every day helping grow Lookout from 1000 to 30 million users and 6 to 160 employees in the last 35 years This book isn t intended to rovide all the details. It its coverage to technology Writing for both technical and nontechnical decision makers this book covers everything that impacts scalability including architecture Lignin Biodegradation: Microbiology, Chemistry, and Potential Applications: Volume II processeseople and organizations Throughout the authors address a broad spectrum of real world challenges from Something Wicked performance testing to IT governance Using their tools and guidance organizations can systematically overcome obstacles to scalability and achieve unprecedented levels of technical and businesserformance Coverage includes Staffing the scalable organization essential organizational management and leadership skills for technical ,

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About every or even any subject it talks about but it rovides a framework for making sure you are thinking about everything you need to think about and aren t caught unawares I would ve loved links to where to read but those would robably tend unawares I would ve loved links to where to read but those would robably tend go out of date uickly in any case and this book is Helps with determining costs associated with redundancy and scale Always better to learn from others mistakes where bottlenecks exist at higher traffic volumes so you can safeguard yourself in the lanning hase Learned how to split databases for scale in a straight ahead approach Loaded with real world examples This book has wide and deep INFORMATION AND IS A GREAT MANUAL FOR THINKING ABOUT and is a great manual for thinking about eople and tech at scale It feels a bit outdated at times and sufferes a bit from overselling the basics but regardless is as comprehensive a reference as I ve encountered Solid but a bit longCovers all aspects of scale which is uniue Last chapters repeat oints too much and drag a little Still highly recommende. Eaders Building rocesses for scale rocess lessons from hyper growth companies from technical issue resolution to crisis management Making better build versus buy decisions Architecting scalable solutions A'dan Z'ye Yaşar Kemal powerfulroprietary models for identifying scalability needs and choosing the best approaches to meet them Optimizing erformance through caching application and database splitting and asynchronous design Scalability techniues for emerging technologies including clouds and grids Planning for rapid data growth and new data centers Evolving monitoring strategies to tightly align with customer reuirement. ,