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The Beatles Were UnderratedI have not read anything by David Hepworth before but I uite liked This It Is Various It is various on mostly rock music grouped into themes really liked the first chapter on The Beales I also like lists of good songs or albums like Great Accidental Trilogies The Greatest Hot Streak in Pop Kinks and the columns about like The Great Accidental Trilogies The Greatest Hot Streak in Pop Kinks and the columns about to lay at weddings and funerals Not everything was great but the interesting bits were well worth it for this uick read Incisive and wittily informative as always just too short 35 I have to admit I might have given this an extra half star if it wasn t for a sense of having heard or read uite a lot of this book s contents before Anyone who reads Dave Hepworth s blog What is he on about now or listens to the The Wapshot Scandal podcast he co hosts with Mark Ellen will be familiar with an awful lot of the arguments he makes in this book that The Beatles were in fact under ratedarticularly their early work that rock fans attitude towards The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman pop music is arbitrary snobbery and that neither rock norop music is much suited to roviding a soundtrack to funerals Nonetheless it s a good read and I articularly enjoyed the collection of essays that began life on Radio 3 looking at amongst other things the concept of authenticity in music He notes that while Seasick Steve a jobbing session musician of a certain age who Very entertaining Only 3 star rather than 4 because several filler chapters are just song lists eg songs to Dark Alchemy (Dark Alchemy, play at wedding and felt likeadding No idea how this only has a 368 rating For articles and essays I enjoy these as much as I do Didion He does the little hook line at the end of each iece but only a few are saccharine and most are meant to be Hepworth has the nack for voicing observations that you completely agree with and have never solidified into thought yourself and does so with a light candid touch while writing about one of the most olorising subjects you can throw into a conversation Loved every Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 page of it I ve seen a few complaints about this book being little than a collection of The Word essays strung together I don t have anyroblem with that having forgotten the few issues I read many years ago I was disappointed at how flimsy the articles were It s a short read I finished it in under two hours and Pop music’s a simple leasure Is it catchy Can you dance to it Do you fancy the singer What’s fascinating about op is our relationship with it This relationship gets complicated the longer it goes on It’s been going on now for 50 yearsDavid Hepworth is interested in the human side of The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone pop He’s interested in howeople make the stuff and importantly what it means to us In this wide ranging collection of essays he shows. He articles range from a couple of thousand words to a couple of hundred There s a strongfocus seems the wrong word because there really isn t much focus across the whole thing so let s say an emphasis on the 60s and 70s with influences of the blues given a short once over but ultimately it really does feel like to ut in musical terms a collection of B sides rarities and oddities the sort of thing record companies will The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! put out when a band is out of contract and that s all they ve got left toush IT S AN ODD COLLECTION OF s an odd collection of thoughts many of which feel like notebook noodling there aren t many record shops around any why I don t like to be asked about music at Witchcraft for Tomorrow parties iTunes isn t as good asutting together an old compilation etc of a old man shouting at the kids on his lawn There are a few fairly random top ten lists music trilogies best gigs songs about travelling that you could find on anyone interested in music s blog and there s little to no deep insight on any of them that that same blogger couldn t do as well or better Overall disappointing and given how much I enjoyed Hepworth as a resenter and journalist doesn t make me want to rush out to get any of his other books The back cover blurb says he s one of the best music writers around a dream author a clever writer and sublime those things may well be true and the holistic raise may be because this is a collection of essays but as a volume the ieces feel very lightweight and thrown together My favourite line is The drum solo is the auditory euivalent of Being Unable To Find unable to find exit from a multi storey car ark My two loves in life are books and music Combine them and I am in literary and musical heaven Nothing is Real by David Hepworth was a brilliant read that collected some of his Rolling Thunder previous articles Reading his articles I felt envious about his experiences but enjoyed getting to live vicariously through himand I would love to go through his vinyl collectionNothing is Real The Beatles were Underrated and Other Sweeping Statements About Pop by David Hepworth is available now Terrific set of essays and opinionieces full of insight wit and knowledge about that wondrous thing called Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? pop music I found myself nodding and saying yes damn right absolutely all the way How it isossible to take music seriously and at the same time not drain the life out of it From the legacy of the Beatles to the dramatic decline of the record shop from top tips for bands starting out to the bewildering nomenclature of musical genres with characteristic insight and humour he explores the highways and byways of this vast multiverse where Nothing Is Real and yet it is emphatically and intrinsically so Along ,

The Big Four

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Hrough which robably says about me than the author but who knows A gem of a Writer Nothing Is Real Is Nothing is Real is compendium of essays by the veteran music journalist and ublisher David Hepworth some of them taken from his recent BBC3 series some Bootie and the Beast published here for the first time and others culled from the late lamented Word magazine These wide ranging opinionieces touch on many aspects of the music industry and rock journalism taking in topics like the ersonality dynamics within groups the difficulties with showing music acts on live television and as er the subtitle why The Beatles might in fact be the most under rated act in music historyAs such Nothing is Real lacks the overarching themes that ran through Hepworth s revious titles 1971 and Uncommon People the rise and fall of the rock star This isn t too much of a drawback because even when he is utting across a contentious view or adopting a wilfully contrarian stance David Hepworth is an entertaining and erudite writerAmong the best essays in Nothing is Real can be found in the first uarter of the book which is devoted to the aforementioned Beatles Hepworth attempts to reclaim the Fab 4 from the chin stroking critics making a spirited case that what was important about The Beatles wasn t their latter innovations and cultural significance but it was about The Beatles wasn t their latter innovations and cultural significance but it was sublime tunes and melodies of their early work Another excellent article is Hepworth s appreciation of the much maligned drummer as being the most important member of any group and also a The Art of Mary Beth Edelson particularly sharpiece on how the record industry destroys bands by giving them too much time to roduce albums there is nothing in media and entertainment that cannot be ruined by money and time there is no better illustration of that rinciple than A Hard Day s Night Other stand out ieces deal with the Hard Day s Night Other stand out ieces deal with the of making a funeral mixtape or DJing at a wedding why rock stars never say anything interesting during TV interviews and why the real reason Live Aid was such a success was because of the weather rather than Freddie Mercury and ueen and Hepworth should know he was resenting the live TV coverage on the day Nothing is Real is an enjoyable and diverting stopgap while we are waiting for David Hepworth s next major roject on music history. He way he asks some essential uestions about music and about life is it all about the drummer; are band managers misunderstood; and is it appropriate to None Like Him: 10 Ways God Is Different from Us (and Why That's a Good Thing) play ‘Angels’ at funerals As Pope John Paul II said ‘of all the unimportant things football is the most important’ David Hepworth believes the same to be true of music and this selection of his best writing covering the music of last fifty years shows yourecisely why.