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Grin to belly laugh A seemingly effortless handiwork of storytellingFor those nfamiliar with Herriot s tales of being a country vet this is a grand introduction since it is fairly chronological of his career plus it has bonus inserts of historical trivia and color plates of the Yorkshire areaAnd for those who are Herriot fans this is delightful reread of the best of his stories All the best from one of t I LOVED this book I wasn t able to suppress my laughter at times and that s saying something I ve this book
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wasn t able "To My Laughter At " my laughter at and that s saying something I ve read other collections of his but would recommend this one since the stories though a partial collection are in chronological order so you keep track of persons etc I adore his retelling of courtship blunders READ IT These are vet stories so get ready for all sorts of fun I haven t read James Herriot since I was a child but I have fond memories of his compassion for animals As I have an impending visit to Yorkshire and the Dales I was delighted to find this old collection of his at a thrift store I really wanted to get an intimate view of the people and the place and wow this did that Herriot s stories are a joy Cozy touching and full of humanity Sometimes that humanity is frustrating and selfish other times sad this book did make me cry a couple times and also laugh out loud funny This particular edition was especially wonderful because it included far than his stories This dictionary sized hardcover has illustrations throughout and marginalia that provides insights on life in the Dales during the Victorian era در آخرین روزهای رضاشاه up though the 50s This includes factoids on animals peat harvesting and farm and veterinary euipment and even some traditional recipes There are also color photo sections sporadically throughout the book that discuss things like Yorkshire castles pubs and the native flora and fauna As a research geek this thrilled me I was left with a comprehensive overview of the region and life the way itsed to beIf you re of this same м книгам эпизоды из ветеринарной практики автора Интересный иллюстративный материал наглядно пре. I really wanted to give this book 4 stars as it was a "Wonderful Collection Of James " collection of James s stories made even better by all the fabulous photos and snippets OF INFORMATION CONCERNING THE AREAS AND information concerning the areas and the author is talking about I ended p with about 4 pages of recipes and I ve even made two of them already Fascinating Unfortunately I find it really difficult to read or watch for that matter about situations where people are humiliated and there are a number of them in this book and that is why it s got 3 stars and not 4 However I would highly recommend this book for anyone who loved the tv show or remembers reading the novels years I have such a fond spot in my heart for James Herriot I ll admit it His love for his life is inspiring He loves taking care of these animals he loves the place he lives and he loves his family especially his beloved wife Helen and it shines through in these semi autobiographical memoirs of his life as a country in these semi autobiographical memoirs of his life as a country in England Yorkshire area specifically the DalesThe author of All Creatures Great and Small and several other books chronicling his adventures with Seigfried and Tristan puts together some of his favorite stories in this volume The Best of James Herriot some of which come from each of his books I am a fairly jaded reader but some of these entries make me laugh out loud And some make me tear p as when he has to put an old man s companion his old dog down This volume has some nice side notes and illustrations about euipment and breeds of animals that Herriot worked with It also has beautiful photos of his country This was a very fun and enjoyable read OKit is sappy but the good kind of sappy And I enjoyed the heck out of it James Herriot stories are both relaxing and wryly hilarious One moment centers pon a lovely descriptive passage filled with insights about the land or people or the human condition or animals and then there will be in a twinkle an episode of some kind that ranges from Собрание лучших новелл английского писателя включающее и новые и уже знакомые читателям по прежни.
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Indset it s well worth Seeking Out This Particular Edition this particular edition intend to keep it on my shelf as a reference book for my writing This may the best book I ve read this year For an Anglophile such as myself this book is an immersion into the world of the Yorkshire Dales circa 1940s Herriot does not sugar coat veterinary work animals are badly injured die give birth and survive and James Herriot chronicles all of it He does not dumb down the medical terminology either His writing is warm and funny but also gives life to the people and animals that appear in his books This is a collection of stories from his other books and contains interludes of color photos of Yorkshire life and is bookended by hand drawn illustrations of animals tools even recipes in the margins of the main text Despite being an altogether heavy book it s a large hardcover with nearly 500 pages I enjoyed reading this before bed the chapters almost always end on an plifting note Altogether an enjoyable read This is a book to cherish if one is a Herriot fan It s a large book full of his and his readers favorite stories beautiful photographs and delightful drawings I read his first book almost 45 years ago and just reread it and loved it all over again I was blessed to be able to visit beautiful Yorkshire and his homepracticemuseum in Thirsk which I highly recommend The World of James Herriot Through books like this James Alfred Wight Herriot is still able to make Poison (Med Center, us laugh and cry He will forever be one of my favorite authors laugh out loud moments feel your heart sliding moments and plenty of aww moments highly recommended I m re reading books that I own This is a favorite with many short stories Anyone that isn t reading James Herriot to their children should be Reading this makes me want to return to Yorkshire for a visit I m also eager to read books by James Herriot This edition is beautifully illustrated with drawings and photos I may even try some of the recipes. дставляет природу и быт тех мест о которых рассказывает ДжХэрриот рецепты дешевых йоркширских блю.