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The Big Book and a Study Guide of the 12 Steps of AAA message of hope for those who suffer One of #The Most Most Important Books Ever Written The Words Were #most most important books ever written The words were 70 years ago and never true today A message of hope for all who want a ath to a better life In the year 2018 for me this book s Književna groupie 2: Strovaljivanje principals are outdated as are all other 12 stepeer led support groups To the oint should you be a erson who needs strict faith in something while denying your codependency then You Ll Love This ll love this and fellowship while trashing my review I tried 12 step groups twice and found the disease model the codependency the dependence of a higher ower for addiction to be not for me I do however enjoy Smart Recovery DBSA MHA and NAMI support groups when the need to attend a group arrises for me 12 Steps are universal book outdated The Big Book and a Study Guide of 12 Steps of AA Classic book for addiction especially in Anglo Saxon west societies I already new the main thoughts in this book and the 12 steps but didnt read it from cover to cover I was somehow surprised how much Christianity especially the Protestant branch is there The book is a child of the writers lace and time of course so I understand that but I think it can be a problem in. This is the Original Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Edition The Story of in. This is the Original Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous 1st Edition The Story of Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism This book describes how the founders Bill Smith and Dr Bob recovered from alcoholism through Spiritual Principles This Edition is Euipped with a Twelve Step Guide. .

Other cultures as Gabor Mate says for example I think the #12 steps are universal but they are best set to Christian west thinking and you dont have to be offically religious #steps are universal but they are best set to Christian west thinking and you dont have to be offically religious have your thinking formed by this tradition so I dont think it actually matter much if you are oficially atheist or not if you come from western civilization Some other aproaches from other cultures works on same rinciple of spiritual and emotionalmeaning transformation but can use other non verbal ways in opposite to Christian Dangerously Placed prayer and acts meditationmindfulness orsychedelics under supervision like Ayahuasca for example I am also wondering if there can be some mathematicalstatistical explanation why surendering our will to some Just Destiny power above us works I think we can findaterns showing that surrendering our ego and old Paradise Run programs and going with the flow and synchronization with others creates these effects and we therefore dont need that religious narative I am actually religious but I like to think from various angles You can be honest to yourself and don t run from yourself and yourast without religion also as for example Ricky Gervais shows and that does a lot too We are all assholes much or less so. Prayer Section to help other addictions as well Including Marijuana Drug addiction as well as Overeating Gambling and Sex Addictions The Original Stories Include THE UNBELIEVER THE EUROPEAN DRINKER A FEMININE VICTORY A BUSINESS MAN'S RECOVERY A DIFFERENT SLANT TRAVELER EDITOR SCHOLAR THE BACKSLIDER HOME BREW.

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Metimes Overall AA groups and its branches is still the most effective way to treat addiction and other sychological roblems for me I erceive it as a sort of religion itself
it even have 
even have evangelization rinciple in it In our country Czech Republic is mostly held the similar view of alcoholism you can never drink again you have to let go all addictions etc but the spiritual Concept Which Leads To Real Change Is Or Less Missing which leads to real change is or less missing the institunalionazed treatment here and therefore is not much effective statistically I think there can be the rare case of alcoholic which can drink again normally but if he reach this state he would robably dont #Want To Drink Anyway Thanks #to drink anyway thanks his change and we would robably dont call him alcoholic but its really rare thanks to neurological reasons for example its ussualy some sort of lie or lesser idol like using less harming drugs and other addictions or its just waiting volcano that will erupt someday I am giving 55 stars for 12 steps but 3 stars for the book in current outdated state so overall its 45 for me This audiversion have somewhat amateurish soundreading but sufficient for me This book saved my life Love the language it s written EMEISTER THE SEVEN MONTH SLIP MY WIFE AND I A WARD OF THE PROBATE COURT RIDING THE RODS THE SALESMAN FIRED AGAIN THE FEARFUL ONE TRUTH FREED ME SMILE WITH ME AT ME A CLOSE SHAVE EDUCATED AGNOSTIC ANOTHER PRODIGAL STORY THE CAR SMASHER HINDSIGHT ON HIS WAY AN ALCOHOLICS WIFE AN ARTISTS CONCEPT THE ROLLING STO.

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