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THE BOOGEYMAN Fawcett Gold Medal Book

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Ky with well written imagery and a complex enigmatic plot I highly recommend It To Any Horrorthriller to any horrorthriller Another great suspenseful story by BW Battin Recommended to anyone who likes a good mysterious serial killer tale 375 Overall a good read just sort of lacking it seems though couldnt really put my finger on it Easy to predict who the killer was even though there was a slight twist spoiler alert its a wig Still fun easy read Well written Basically a serial killer doing his thing and then gets caught in the end Still fun journey though just could have been bett. Melissa James must find the creature who becomes elusive the he "kills And tracking him down after he kidnaps her kid. "And tracking him down he kidnaps her own kid. ,
I loved it creepy as heck and really different for a horror book I m a fan of reading about the boogeyman so this drew me in all the Not the book the new movie is based on but good none the less Although I found myself interested in the side line story of the trials and tribulations of the new sheriff than the serial killer story of the Boogeyman In any case it is a ick read with the last 60 pages or so reading REALLY fastit all comes down to the wire This book is a perfect example of that nostalgic mass market paperback horror little known but brilliantly spoo. A bloodthirsty "Specter Has Wiped Out An "has wiped out an family and left a MESSAGE IN PURPLE CRAYON THE BOOGEYMAN WAS HERESHERIFF. in purple crayon THE BOOGEYMAN WAS HERESheriff. Er An absolute page turner A calling himself the boogeyman has the Sanctum Angels (Shadow Havens urge to punish people It really gets interesting when he kidnaps the two children of the sheriff Where did he hide the children Who is this man and what s the background story for committing those terrible crimes Police is starting a frantic search for the man and can almost track him down But only almost Nailbiting suspensentil the very end with an interesting twist who the psychopath really is That was the second book from this author and I have to read I love books you can t put "Dow. S Is Every Mother's Nightmare " S is every mother's nightmare trueOnce pon a time he was a fantasy to scare small children Today he is all too ali. ,