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Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford fOu are in the moodor a ast paced romp through the American view of love in a very lyrical way this is your book Maybe

s just the summer wind this book came along at just the right time to lift my spirits and remind me of how much un both love and words can be Rosenblatt Is A Sneaky Writer He sneaky writer He up sentences with Cyberselfish A Critical Romp Through The Terribly Libertarian Culture Of High Tech funny placements of you ve heard before some of which you might even remember Why tie this knot it s uselessor the plot oriented reader and even disturbing to those readers who enjoy psychological unraveling of characters This is my second Rosenblatt book and it has no plot and no characters and yet somehow manages to be a novel nothing about it is non A coerência textual fiction even if all of it is true The only character the one behind the rock is the narrator a chatty reminiscing character who is desperately in love with the normal hum drum but extraordinary relationship he has with his wife I read this book very slowly over the past 15 months I love his writing but its something you can easily put down and pick up at another time It is like reading a song The story I have to tell is of you Of others too Other people other things But mainly of you It begins and ends with you It always comes back to you A real love song I also recommend making toast which is of a memoir beautifully writte. S along with notes addressed to “you” his wife ofifty years “The story I have to tell is of you Of others too Other people other things But mainly of you It begins and ends with you It always comes back to you”Lively yet profound poignant yet joyous The Book of Love is a triumph of intellect and imagination a personal discourse on love that is both novel and timeless . .

Ubt Perhaps above all or kindness not only toward each other but toward others toward everyone Philo said Be kind or everyone is carrying others toward everyone Philo said Be kind Dogs Behaving Badly for everyone is carrying great burden If you live in an atmosphere of kindness it will enhance your love of each other Love insists on kindness The things we door love I read Kayak Morning by the same writer and ound it interesting and insightful The stream of consciousness nature of that book didn t bother me But honestly though purportedly similar in structure to Kayak Morning this supposed meditation on love Reads Like The Scribblings Of A Very Educated English Professor like the scribblings of a very educated English professor S Gone Insane I Found gone insane I ound almost unreadable I was privileged enough to see Roger Rosenblatt at the Chautauua Institute this summer as part of the lecture series there and although I was Revenge of the Land: A Century of Greed, Tragedy, and Murder on a Saskatchewan Farm familiar with some of his essay workor magazines and newspapers I hadn t read any of his long April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers form In person as in the text of The Book of Love Rosenblatt isunny and irmly informed about the topic he tackles Not that he needs comparison to another writer particularly not one that was essentially a contemporary of him but I ound this book reminding me of the sense of humor and sensibility of Kurt Vonnegut which or me is a very good thing and I trust after you read this book you ll get the humor in my use of the word very If Rk of writing of solitude of art; love of nature; love of life itselfRosenblatt is on a uest to illuminate this elusive and essential emotion to define this thing called love Cleverly using lines rom love songs to create a lowing ballad as infectious and engaging as a jazz riff he intersperses ictional vignettes that capture lovers in different situations ages and temperament. .
A charming wander through Rosenblatt s and memories reflections ramblings the subject of love Love in all it s orms parental love romantic love new love ramblings about the subject of love Love in all it s orms parental love romantic love new love of Space Kid friendsamilies and strangers he captures moments through song lyrics hopping about captures moments through song lyrics hopping about and Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town frorom one lyric to the next a daisy chain of loosely connected thoughts And ramblings have I mentioned those Because Rosenblatt loves to ramble back and orth here and there over yonder and back home all about love Some sweet notes to his wife of many years some whimsical observations of love in the world about him but never too ar Every Drop for Sale: Our Desperate Battle Over Water from his love The story I have to tell is of you Of others too Other people other things But mainly of you It begins and ends with you It always comes back to you At some point in time somewhat reluctantly he agrees to officiate at their wedding ceremonyor a Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus former student of his and her groom After an introduction to those gathered addressing the bride and groom he says People often think love s simple because it arises naturally in one s nature But love is no simpler than nature is simple It makes demands It reuires corresponding actions It takes concentration patience trust It asksor attentiveness and creative listening For a will toward understanding For a willingness to live with discomfort and self do. The beloved New York Times bestselling author Making Toast and Kayak Morning returns with a powerful meditation on a universal subject loveIn The Book of Love Roger Rosenblatt explores love in all its moods and variations romantic love courtship battle mystery marriage heartbreak ury confusion melancholy delirium ecstasy; love of amily of riends; love of home of country of wo. The Book of Love