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Over my headAt some point Sullivan realizes what Evie is She was an animal She d done this to me She d ripped me apart ever since I d known her But his only chance to stay out of jail was to find that crazy bitch and get the money backSullivan tracks her to the swampland and staying one step ahead of the sheriff tries to catch her and the money before he takes the rapBut what s so terrific about the story is not necessarily the plot but the incredible writing Brewer takes you into Sullivan s world as he tracks Evie through the swamp and the backwoods world where she lived He makes you feel the distrust and the betrayal as Sullivan catches p with her and realizes what she really was and that no man alive could ever trust herBrewer is at his best describing the hypnotic spell that Evie has Sullivan nder She KNEW ALL I HAD TO DO WAS LOOK AT all I had to do was look at and if I touched her I d go blind It was like that The juice was turned on I didn t want to turn it off I couldn t turn it offHe also nails it with his description of Evie s family spitting tobacco juice discussing fish and Fords And Cadillacs and how her mother had gleaming black hair and ncurious eyes Of course then there s the cousin a black haired rawboned man in a flannel shirt and dungarees who had her bent back over a bracing two by four sucking mouths moaning like animals I was in the mood for a good GM PBO and this fit the bill A good refreshing dose of swamp lit at that Would have given this five stars but for the fact that the
characters were a 
were a two dimensional and a lot of the dialogue trite But it s all there a femme fatale double crosses lots of shooting Surprised this one was never made into a movie because it has everything Robbery murder double crosses car chases boat chases gun fights hot babes and hunky guys The title is one of those misleading Gold Medal marketing ploys common in the 50s Evis is no brat but she is all femme fatale going at things like a blitzkrieg in tight nylons The novel starts right in the middle of the action with Lee Sullivan showing Gone til November up late for the robbery planned by his wife Evis andickly realizing that she is framing him for both the robbery and the murder of her co worker After a back story chapter describing how they met and the progression towards the robbery the chase is on as Sullivan tries to track down Evis and the 100000 with the police in pursuit Plenty of action in this one with a fully realized narrative arcBrewer is one of my favorite noir writers and the reasons why are all on display in this novel Relentless pace Brewer simply does not slow the action down Even In The Brief in the brief of character interiority the thinking is fast and moving forward He doesn t turn the narrative over to extended philosophizing or psychologizing just delivers the insights the stabs of realization and moves the story forward His description of THE BRAT is probably the best book I ve read by Gil Brewer and follows his often sed theme of a woman that is deceitful and guilty of betrayal Others have mentioned in th. N where no grass grew At the steaming swamp at her tobacco spitting mother Saw the sly lustful eyes of her father’s frie. Short crime chase type bookNot bad Even though the Nook edition is only 136 pages it really did seem to drag in some partsTo sum it Nook edition is only 136 pages it really did seem to drag in some partsTo sum it a woman plots a bank heist and frames her husband even though other gentlmen companions are her accomplices What results is a wild goose chase through the Everglades in Florida Gil Brewer is one of my favorite pulp writers His stories are easy to read and highly emotional He is such a good writer that as a reader you are drawn into the story before you ever know it Many of his stories have familiar pulp motifs such as the evil seductress the man being framed for a murder he did not commit a man on the RUN FROM THE LAW THE BRAT from the law The Brat no exception to this rule and has at its source a femme fatale from the Florida swamps a creature from the swamp The narrator explains that the first time he saw her she was sitting on the edge of a deserted wharf The warm swamp air was tugging at her thin cotton dress She was a fused explosion a direct hit Everything about her was boldly evident It was like being struck hot and hard This is Evis It is a story of greed and a story of obsession It is most of all a damn good storyLee Sullivan s wife was killed in a car crash and he wandered around morose and dying inside and living off his savings ntil he met Evie in the Florida swamps A thick mop of ash blonde hair Long tight roundings of thigh beneath scant clinging white cotton it was like diving at her through the air Nobody else around No sound save for the steadied and myriad swamp confusion Like a dream with the yes yes yes OF HER EYES AND MOUTH AND her eyes and mouth and Fortinbras at the Fishhouses under the too thin too tight cotton bare and ripender the cotton Stranger swamp whore no matter what she was I no longer cared I had found her and that did matterEvie was a backwoods girl and she was determined to get out Sullivan wondered if she had fallen for him or if she would have fallen for anyone who had come along and been willing to take her out of there They married and made a life in Tampa with Evie constantly wanting a bigger house a nicer dress He gets a job as a printer and she works for a savings and loan Eventually all they have isn t enough and Evie wants him to help her steal from the savings association Sullivan wants to back out but when he gets A Way Youll Never Be up from his drunk she s gone He explains that she was willful overwrought and he now knew crazy in a lot of ways He had to reach her before she did this thing The little trigger in her brain that should scare her about the Law was missing I loved her for that too I loved her even knowing what she wasAnd at the savings association he finds the president of the company shot a note from Evie indicating he might stop by and the gun wrappedp in Sullivan s jacket There was a round blood clotted hole in the side of his neck and he was deadEvie had set him p to take the fall and skeedaddled with 100000 to the swamps and what s she seems to have left with Sullivan s best friend in tow Right then Sullivan explains maybe I died too The whole thing was one great big thunderclap. She looked at the rotting sun blasted shack the one room where they all lived slept made love died Looked at the dusty law. Eir reviews of his books that they seem made p as he goes along possibly after a night with the bottle but this one felt very well put together and worthy of a 4 star rating in my book actually would be a 4 12 star since part of it takes place in a swamp You can read the full review on my blog attractive dame Evis Helling with a lot of sass and a little bit of mystery behind her wanton ways lands her man hook line and sinker after easily seducing him in a swapland hear her home Lee Sulliven is a sucker for curves and a falls too Present Pasts uickly for Evis They return to Lee s hometown where Lee panders to Evis every demand Eventually the financial and relationship stability make way for greed as Evis real intentions come to light THE BRAT is a game of cat and mouse with so many variables impactingpon Lee s success in clearing his name Evis cousin Kaylor is an interesting character who shows p in the early stages of the novel and plays a big role in the later stages Rona Evis sister has motive and determination to land Lee for herself while Sheriff Degreef is at once later stages Rona Evis sister has motive and determination to land Lee for herself while Sheriff Degreef is at once and shady I never did work out which one overshadows the other I ve read a couple of other books by Gil Brewer but this one is a real gem Apart from a lull when Brewer goes into the backstory earlier in the piece THE BRAT held my attention The chase through the swampland and ensuing confrontation is top notch the characters surprisingly well rounded with their own niue voice and the plot entertaining and believable It s the sort of story that would stand firm amongst today s modern crime fiction An excellent over the top Brewer romp with plenty of action and a memorable Brat who The Possible Police uses her considerable charms to get her way If ever Gil Brewer were guilty ofnderstatement it was when he titled his twelfth novel Calling Evis Helling a brat is something like calling Michelangelo a doodler Evis is one of Brewer s most memorable femmes fatale Lee Sullivan The Brat s narrator has no idea what he is getting himself into when marries Evis and takes her away from her home in the Florida swamp His first clue comes when Evis announces that she has a plan for them to rob a bank together I had a hard time getting into this swamp pulp I think the problem was that it is just really slow The main character drives around for a while then he walks around then he sails around on a boat The end Even the climax was pretty tame by pulp standards Pulpy tagline She wanted out and she had the price a lovely body and the will to se it This is a middle of the road Gil Brewer novel that falls somewhere between the pulp awesomeness of The Vengeful Virgin Or A Taste For Sin A Taste For Sin the disappointing Wild To Possess In this book Brewer pushes to create the fatalest of femmes in Evis Helling the titular brat of the story But brat is an nderstatement Lee first meets her when he s riding down a river one day minding his own business and he sees her sitting on a dock as if she s been waiting specifically for him to ride by like a sweaty swamp succubus ready to suck hi. Nds Then she looked at her own lush beauty Get me out of here she prayed Oh please get me out of here I’ll pay any price.

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