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The Chateau of Happily Ever AftersUst a house or a home or a castle There is magic in the walls and there is treasure too When you find it you will be rich enough that you will never have to worry about anything again But the chateau will show treasure to you only when you are ready to see it The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters is a funny romantic and whimsical holiday read erfect for anyone who wants to escape from reality and go on an imaginary trip to a chateau in FranceWhen an elderly neighborclose friend who died recently beueaths you a chateau in Normandy France you leave your small flat in London to go and This Beats Working for a Living: The Dark Secrets of a College Professor protect the chateau from a grand nephew who never knew said neighbor existed finds himself inheriting half thelace And that s exactly what Wendy Clayton does after a solicitor informs her of her dear friend Eulalie s will and testament and she meets her grand nephew Julian McBeathWritten in Wendy s POV this book is about her journey in opening up again and getting out of her comfort zone by finding it in Le Chateau de Chataignier Eulalie s old chateau in France She hasn t always been so afraid of doing fun things and going on adventures but a bad romantic experience turned her jaded and extremely We'll Make It Through protective of what she has leftThe banter in this book is ace I laughed a lot throughout this story especially when Wend and Jules are going at it Not my fault you can t appreciate musical talent I d appreciate your musical talent if you wereerforming it in a box Twenty feet underground Preferably on a different continent Dear Julian McBeath Honestly much like Wendy I didn t like Julian at the start of the story He seemed to be this mercenary who wants his half of the chateau for money But he The Silent Earth: The Complete Trilogy proved Wendy and me wrong and boy I wasutty in this man s hands He s a green thumb animal lover who has a great sense of humor but has insecurities you wouldn t expect someone as fit and beautiful as Julian would have And when he opened up to Wendy and showed her who he really was Sueal You re the first erson I ve ever not had to hide with and there are no words I can say to tell you how much that means I have to admit as much as I understood where Wendy was coming from it annoyed me when she still attacked and ut little trust in Jules even when he s The Age of Apollyon proven how trustworthy he is Other than that I had no complaints about Wendy She s kind when her claws aren t out and she s such an effortlessly funnyerson I loved her uipsI loved these two but I enjoyed the side characters just as much especially English ex at baker Kat and her burgeoning romance with Theo the butter making localI would have given this book four stars but the ending felt a bit rushed and abrupt Just as I was getting attached and in love with Jules and Wend s romance there were only a few ages left I definitely want to read about themTo end things here s a GIF of Aidan Turner as a half naked Ross Poldark scything away MmmTropes Hate to Love Inheritance from a distant relativeold Multiply: Disciples Making Disciples personPOV First Person Female POVStandalone Yes ARC received in exchange for an honest review Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Wendy Clayton s elderly neighbour Eulalie used to tell her stories about a Duke and his wife living in a beautiful Chateau in Normandy The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters but she always believed that s they were just that stories Eulalie lived in a horrible small flat with little money so why would Wendy ever think that the stories were real That was until Eulalie died and in her will left the 19th century chateau worth just under a million euros to herThere was just oneroblem Eulalie s Great nephew model Julian McBeath was also entitled to a share of the roperty via a loophole in the law Wendy took an instant dislike to him with his six ack sleek hair and sports car She believed that he was only after one thing money Especially when a letter written by Eulalie stated There is magic in the walls one thing money Especially when a letter written by Eulalie stated There is magic in the walls there is treasure too But the chateau will show treasure to you only when you are ready to see it Taking a few weeks holiday from work Wendy set off to Normandy to see the chateau for herself but it was not long before Julian turned up Now the game was on as the two tried to outdo one another hoping to as the two tried to outdo one another hoping to the other leave and give up their share of the The Lost Masters: Grace and Disgrace in '68 propertyThe Chateau of Happily Ever Afters is one of the funniest books that I have read this year with the hilarious ways in which each of the main characters tries to get the other to leave but they are both made of tougher stuff than the other one realisesWendy is a Food Ambassador for a local supermarket okay she is theerson who gets in the way in the aisles trying to get you to taste that day s samples She doesn t exactly like her job but it The National Debt: A Short History pays the bills She also likes to live within her comfort zone so flying out to Normandy to stay at the chateau completely overwhelms herJulian is a fitness freak He doesn t eat but lives onrotein shakes and runs miles each day to make sure he looks good otherwise he would lose his modelling job But there is far to him that just his good looks He is also hiding a big secret from the worldMs Admans has done a fantastic job creating characters that you can really get to know and understand There aren t many secondary characters but those that are resent really do add depth to the story especially Kat the mobile baker and her delicious mouthwatering food that I could almost tasteThe French scenery is so vividly written that you can

"Feel The Warmth Of The "
the warmth of the bouncing off the ages and smell the land that surrounds the roperty with it s many different fruit treesThe book has everything you could ever want from a chick lit Fun warm characters who are hard not to like a hilarious lot a lot of drama and of course a budding romance just bubbling beneath the surfaceI was completely hooked right from the first age until the last The book is certainly uplifting and leaves you feeling happy The ending was erfect I just hope that Ms Admans carries on the story as I believe the chateau has so much to share with usReviewed by Stacey on wwwwhisperingstoriescom Big Smile An absolutely magical and charming story Wendy inherits a chateau along with an unwelcome nephew and now they must learn to live together to make both of their dreams come true There were several laugh out loud moments for me which made me really enjoy this Wendy has moments when you want to smack her but I see where the author was going with her Julian was almost too erfect but still you can t help but like him We are transported to beautiful Normandy I could icture the chateau and the villagethey were wonderfully described With just a hint of magic and what s wrong with that this is a lovely romance to bring a smile to your faceThank you to the Les Ténébreuses - Tome I - La Fin d'un monde publisher and Net Galley in exchange of an honest review I adored this book Author Jaimie Admans did such a wonderful job conjuring up visions of a uaint village in Normandy with her lovelyrose that I felt as though I d actually visited the area and met all of its charming inhabitants after completing the book Inheriting a castle in France would be a dream come true for me but heroine Wendy Clayton isn t altogether thrilled when she receives the news from her deceased neighbor Eulalie s solicitor Wendy s not the type of woman who likes change or going off on larks But she s motivated to check out Le Ch teau de Ch taigne when she learns she has to split the roperty with a long lost ne. ??s long lost nephew Julian And no matter how gorgeous he is or how easily she finds herself falling head over heels Wendy needs to find a way to get rid of him Because surely happily ever afters don’t happen in real lif. .
35 Opinions can change you know StarsThe Chateau of Happily Ever Afters is so well described that it s impossible not to want to go there yourselfThere was so much to love about this book the locale the Chateau itself the secondary characters and Julian McBeath to name but a few but sadly the one thing that dulled my enjoyment the of the book I read was Wendy Clayton being one half of the lead characters and the erson who the story is told through it became increasingly difficult to like or find any empathy for her as the book The Hiding Place progressedThere s never a shortage of PG Tips in LondonIt was understandable that she wasrickly towards Julian after their initial meeting having not known that her close friend Eulalie had any family until her death and the reading of the will was understandably a shock especially to then find out her closest friend was also the owner of a massive French Chateau of which she is now art owner of But what stuck and really got on my nerves as the book rogressed and especially in the second half was just how oorly she treated JulianThat defense mechanism of calling him names is only going to hold up for so long you knowIn Wendy s head Julian started out as Nephew git McLoophole and was called a few derivatives of that mainly in the first half the use of git was included over forty times in the whole telling of the story and the woman started to sound like a broken record it went from amusing to annoying very uickly We re in this togetherAgain I could understand her distrust but the oor guy went above and beyond time and time again only to have his efforts crapped all over by a sarcastic comment name calling or general indifference for most of the book Then when y Find this and other reviews at Ramblings of a DaydreamerI ve been a fan of Jaimie Admans s books since her debut Kismetology The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters was a breath of fresh air With Admans trademark humour wisdom and sass The Elephants Journey plus a touch of magic this book was a delight from beginning to endI connected uickly and easily with Wendy Besides being the same age we re similar in other ways she s afraid to go outside her comfort zone or take chances and she has trouble trustingeople and I related to those things I think if I d been Sklaven für Wutawia + Gauner mit der 'Goldenen Hand' placed in the same situation as hers co inheriting a French chateau with a hot Scot I would have actedreacted much differently than she did but herettiness and immaturity were fun to read and had me laughing myself silly I was glad when she started to come around and formed a tentative friendship with Julian because these two were erfect for each other They were both complex characters with realistic issues and hang ups about relationships and I loved watching them turn from enemies to a tentative truce to friends to something I adored Julian and I appreciated how he turned Wendy s erceptions of him upside down he had so much depth to him and was much than just a Changing Face of the Hero pretty face and a hot body Hilarious charming and romantic The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters is one of my new favourite romantic comedies I was transported to Normandy and could easilyicture myself living in the Chateau and experiencing life in the village Read this book if you want to feel like you ve been whisked away to the French countryside where you ll laugh swoon fall in love and be reminded what it s like to believe in magic Wendy wants safety in her life She The Undisputed Greatest Writer of All Time: A Collection of Poetry prefers boring and stable as someone hurt her badly and she never wants to go through the heartbreak and shame it caused again She has a job she doesn tarticularly like but it StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story pays the bills Wendy is close to her neighbor Eulalie They aren t relatives by blood but Eulalie is Wendy s family When sheasses away she leaves Wendy a ch teau in France Wendy had no idea the castle she knows so much about because of Eulalie s stories is actually real However Wendy isn t the only heir She has to share the ch teau with someone else Eulalie s nephew Julian Wendy had no idea Eulalie had a nephew He didn t visit Eulalie and he s actually never even met her Wendy s annoyed by Julian s resence He might be a gorgeous model with a six ack but looks aren t everything and Wendy doesn t like him She a gorgeous model with a six Lignin Biodegradation pack but looks aren t everything and Wendy doesn t like him She Julian is a git who has cheated her out of half of the castle She s stuck with him though and when they visit the ch teau neither of them isrepared to leave How can Wendy get rid of Julian and will she keep disliking him so much when she gets to know him The Ch teau of Happily Ever Afters is a wonderful story Wendy likes to know what to expect to be in control She s a serious erson with a strong sense of responsibility Spending time in France is a big adventure for her She doesn t speak the language and she has no idea what to expect of a castle in the countryside "and isn t repared at all There are many things she has to learn but she s determined to make the "isn t The Lady and the Lionheart prepared at all There are many things she has to learn but she s determined to make the of her stay and wants to find out why Eulalie loved thelace so much Eulalie and Wendy shared their love of baking and the descriptions of Wendy s creations are mouthwatering She loves baking for eople and doesn t mind spoiling them with her delicious cakes This shows how warm her character actually is but Wendy retends to be cool and distant instead She has a fantastic versatile ersonality She s also sweet and hilarious and she keeps landing herself in uneasy situations I liked Jaimie Admans s sense of humor a lot When Wendy denies that she likes Julian she s especially funny and I laughed out loud several times when I read her amusing dialogue Julian is stunning on the outside but he isn t arrogant because of it and his ersonality is actually uite beautiful He s a model and has to work hard to keep fit He s often cheerful is great at teasing and his behavior regularly made me smile He s a fabulous Schilder's Struggle for the Unity of the Church person to read about His character haslenty of hidden layers and I enjoyed the way Jaimie Admans slowly A (kinda) Country Christmas peels them off I liked his connection with Wendy very much At first they bicker but it s impossible to dislike Julian s good naturedness This made me love the story even The Ch teau of Happily Ever Afters is romantic and mysterious I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous setting and enjoyed reading about the French countryside the food and the calm and cozy way of life I could easilyicture every detail and think Jaimie Admans is a skilled storyteller She makes everything she writes about come to life incredibly well with her colorful vivid and sometimes funny The Ch teau of Happily Ever Alters is a terrific read with an endearing ending I highly recommend this enchanting heartwarming entertaining and charming book 5 Enchanting Funny MagicalFrom the very first chapter I knew this book was going to be specialWhen Wendy and Julian both inherit a Chateau Wendy firmly believes Julian has no right to claim it He is Eulalie s Great NephewHe was never around and although he is a relative Wendy is set to fight him every step of the way Wendy isn t a relative to Eulalie but a neighbour a very good friend and almost like family Which is why she is hurt when Julian appears after all this timeEulalie was a story teller and often told Wendy magical stories about the Chateau so when Wendy discovers the stories were actually true she was blown away and determined to visit the Chateau she heard so much aboutAt the very start Julian tries to reach out to Wendy but she really isn t having any of it. Escape to beautiful France this summer with this uplifting romantic comedy Where dreams come true Wendy Clayton stopped believing in fairy tales a long time ago Instead she has a ‘nice’ life Nice job Nice flat Absolute.

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So a fight is exactly what is going to happen They butt heads alot With hilarious outcomesThe riddle of the magic and treasure within the Chateau immediately sparked interest and I couldn t wait to try and work out what magic was about to be uncovered and was there really any treasure When both Julian and Wendy both set off to France to visit the Chateau neither was aware they would both be arriving at the same timeMuch to Wendy s dismay She would have to endure Julian s companionshipJulian is everything Wendy dislikes he looks gorgeous he s a model and comes across in her eyes as flash and arrogantThe Chateau needs lenty of work and both are determined to make it happen Even if it means working in the same air space lol As the story rogresses and the Chateau gets some TLC you can envision the beauty surrounding the Chateau and the elegance inside The charm of the village and villagers I was swept away with the magic of the Chateau and it s beautyI loved seeing Wendy s ice barrier starting to melt as she fell in love with the Chateau and in turn her guard dropped towards Julian Revealing a spark between the two Maybe that was the magicAlthough the sarcasm was never far away I really did warm to Julian You really got to hand it too him he ut up with A LOT from Wendy The constant bickering sniping sarcastic comments Even though Julian worked really hard to ut life back into the Chateau She still found fault But he never gave up Despite what he appeared to be a model with the glamourous car etc it just shows you should never judge a book by its cover Julian was a rime example of thisWendy and Julian despite their constant bickering made me laugh out loud Jaimie created the Why Is It Always About You?: The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism perfect dynamics between the two the ability to create almost slap stick comedy with the disasters had me laughing out loudHer ability to create the Chateau and inject life and magic into it was simply beautifulI was enchanted enthralled I laughed out loud alot fell in love with the Chateau Really enjoyed Wendy and Julian s love hate relationshipI have a very strong feeling The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters is going to be a big Summer Hit This is my first book by Jaimie I m excited to read Perfect read for lovers of Chick Lit Comedy Romance Beautiful Chateau s in France Fun Characters with a love hate relationship Perfect Summer ReadI received this book from the Publisher in exchange for a honest and fair review via Netgalley When Wendy gets a letter telling her she has been left a Chateau by her elderly neighbour Eulalie she doesn t expect it to come with a clause that it will be shared by an estranged great nephew Julian Wendy doesn t think her neighbour knew about him and is determined to dislike him from the offThey both set off to spend a few weeks at the Chateau unbeknown to the other Julian is a male model and Wendy thinks he must be very shallowThis is such a heartwarming book The Chateau is believed to have some magicalroperties and the villagers are all keen to meet them and find out about them One of the neighbours has a bakery round and you just imagine the aroma in the air and the croissants for breakfastThere is a lot of work to be done in the Chateau but they both love seeing rooms come back to life They both begin to love life in France and there is defianately a spark between them that is being denied I would love to wander round the chateau and the gardens and walk into the village on market days and buy cheese and cakes and browse through all the stallsYou get to meet and fall in love with the villagers and can imagine living there You really can imagine the sights all around and the sense of it being a really relaxing lace to be despite a very temperamental generatorWendy starts to bake and although he s used to a lifetime of counting calories Julian is drawn to the kitchen or is he drawn to WendyAn ideal read for the summer Wendy lives a very limited life in London she s a creature of habit unfortunately her habits are exceedingly limited and rather dour A musty apartment in a less desirable area no family little opportunities for happiness and her only friend is her elderly neighbor Eulalie who she trades baked goods with and listens to endless stories about a young girl in France who married a Duke and lived happily ever after Wendy has spent the last years struggling to make ends meet while guarding herself and her heart from any new experiences joy or chances that are not sure things After Eulalie s death she can add friendless to the inventory of her life when an unexpected beuest and reuest to meet with a solicitor comes to her door Apparently Eulalie had owned a chateau in Normandy and left it to Wendy And French Inheritance laws being what they are they had also found a long lost and unknown great nephew Julian who will inherit with her Instantly Wendy is on guard her dislike of Julian urely from his gorgeous appearance to his uestions about the chateau and a mentioned treasure have her hackles up Taking the steps she believes will secure her Charming the Firefighter piece of the estate and keep Julian out she heads to France halfacked unprepared and ready to see just what is there Not moments after she arrived to open the doors on an unused and ignored chateau of 40 rooms bat infested towers and whole villages of spiders Julian arrives in a sports car top down glammed up and ready to investigate the building From the initial moments where Wendy Can Barely Get A Sentence Out Without Slinging Insults can barely get a sentence out without slinging insults roving her lack of trust in anyone to the genuine efforts Julian makes to show her he is not the cad she believes Wendy is really hard to like and frustrating to the nth degree Not speaking any French and not having repared for the lack of electrics Everyone Loves Clowns and Other Tales plumbing massive cleaning or need for food both Wendy and Julian are offered a breath of fresh air in exat Kat another Brit who left the UK behind for life in Normandy escaping the end of a bad relationship and taking a Chance On A Dream When on a dream When spots Julian and listens to Wendy s never ending litany of complaints about him she instantly sees something is brewing there What kept Wendy out of the empathetic was her childish refusal to judge Julian by what he was showing her his never ending attempts to repair electrics The Elements of Computing Systems: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles plumbing and clear the garden his willingness to shoo away the creepy crawlies his slow change from fitness modelerfection to revealing his unvarnished self She listens to everything and watches him carefully she can see his insecurities and his issues although he doesn t fully share any of it And Wendy s actual story doesn t come clear until far too late in the story to fully redeem her even as she shows her concern and care for Julian and the house seems to be giving them spectacular little surprises from electrics in just one room to the whole house a library full of books and a garden full of fruit and chestnut trees the chateau and the essence of France is strong in this book With a dash of interference from an elderly woman from beyond the grave and opportunities that scare as much as they excite the story is uick to read and ends with some truly memorable moments I received an eArc copy of the title from the ublisher via NetGalley for urpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Review first appeared at I am Indeed 35 starsReview at Of Pens and Pages The Chateau of Happily Ever Afters is not Ly no men Until her life is turned upside down when her elderly neighbour Eulalie asses away and leaves her the Château of Happily Ever AftersBut there’s a catch she must share the sprawling French castle with Eulalie?.