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Roughs PRINCESS OF MARS Moorcock does a terrific Burroughs *impersonation for better or for worse though the world building here isn t as good even if you put *for better or for worse though the world building here isn t as good even if you put how derivative it all is On the other hand Moorcock improves upon certain of PRINCESS OF MARS plot defects for example by providing a scientific explanation for how the hero Michael Kane suddenly found himself on Mars malfunction of a STAR TREK esue transporter beam and how he came to be so handy with a sword ualified for the Olympic fencing team *there is nothing particularly novel or exciting about *is nothing particularly novel or exciting about story or its characters but in true Burroughs s fashion it remains just engaging enough to while away the time especially if you aren t in the mood for contemplation Written in the 60 s its or ess directly copied from the John Carter mar s stories by ERB Not uite sure why Moorcock went there and why when he did he made these stories so Cabaret: A Roman Riddle lacklustre Ok if youike this sort of stuff but then why not read the real thing An homage and a fine one As a fan of ERBurroughs and Moorcock it was a super blast It s pitch perfect from the framing seuence I had this story from type of thing to the final battle in the city of the beasts Honestly it s not as inventive as Burroughs and ah who cares In the time it takes to nitpick I could start reading something else I take it as it is and I really iked it Well paced Sword Planet adventure Not as Science Fictional and or Fantastical as others but still a ot of *fun and a uick read Very much recommend to fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series Gardner Francis *and a uick read Very much recommend to fans of Edgar Rice Burroughs Barsoom series Gardner Francis s Llarn books or Edwin Arnold s Gullivar of Mars So he robbed Edgar Rice Burroughs blind on this one So it s practically made of pixie stix So it could have been directed by Jim Wynorski in 1986 Who cares It s fantasy van art of the highest order. For Shizala beautiful ueen of the Kanala And he was determined to win her ove in return in spite of the space time barriers between them even though to do so he had to face death many times from a remorseless and incredibly powerful fo. Warriors of Mars by Edward Powys Bradbury was All Roads Lead Home later published as City of the Beast by Michael Moorcockeading to some headaches for bibliographers It s the first book in his Mars trilogy an homage to or pastiche of Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter stories Moorcock claimed to have written the entire trilogy in just over a week and the rushed feel of the text and occasionally *somewhat illogical plot twists and easy characterizations does tend to support that Moorcock was not trying for any kind of *illogical plot twists and easy characterizations does tend to support that Moorcock was not trying for any kind of commentary or philosophical pronouncements in them but they re definitely engaging and entertaining books Fun stuff for sure Roy Thomas former editor of Marvel wrote To enter the world of Michael Kane is basically to discover three Martian books by ERB which sums up my thoughts on City of the Beast aka Warriors of Mars perfectlyBeing a MASSIVE Burroughs fan and having exhausted him and most of the other pastiches Otis Adelbert

Ray Cummings John Norman Richard Del Dowdell Andrew J Offutt Lin Carter to name but a few it was with great delight that I discovered the great Michael Moorcock had turned his pen towards a Martian trilogy but I d missed them due to the fact that they d been re released under ess obvious homage titles City of the BeastLord of the SpidersMasters of the PitSo City of the Beast is basically A Princess of Mars but with better science Kane an Earth physicist is trying to create a Star Trek transporter and accidentally transports himself to mars instead of across the ab to me ok there s ess mysticism but it made sense and other things are explained as well ike why he is able to handle a sword so well The pacing on this is just right the writing is good and the characters are solid So many of the ERB clones don t give you room to breathe the adventures are so thick and fast It was supposed to be a matter transmitter but something went hideously wrong with its first experimental use Instead of sending him to a room across the aboratory it flung Michael Kane helplessly through time and space to the red plane. He characters are paper thin and the alien names a blur I did not feel that here it s a homage but its entirely serious as was Burroughs This is a rip roaring Martian adventure with all the trappings a princess a villain sword fights wars invasions monsters alien tech from previous racesEasily the best imitation of Burroughs I come across you re either going to Love Or Be Supremely Annoyed At Its Un Originality that or be supremely annoyed at its un originality I m delighted to have something new to stop me re reading Burroughs for the millionth time This short novel has to be one of Michael Moorcock s most fun books Written as an homage to the John Carter of Mars series by Edgar Rice Burroughs this works *AMAZINGLY WELL AS A SIMPLE ADVENTURE *well As a simple adventure it rocks It s a fast read with an almost relentless pace and would make an excellent film if adapted well This is also one of Moorcock s east sophisticated incarnations of the Eternal Champion but that doesn t detract from the sheer thrills that the book delivers Probably one of Moorcock s most accessible books as well as it is pretty much what it represe If you have read the Barsoom books of Edgar Rice Burroughs there really is no reason to read this In the kindest terms it could be called an homage to A Princess of Mars It also could be called a blatant ripoffHere s the plot An Earth man ends up being swept through space and time to ancient Mars where he falls in ove with a mostly naked princ Under the name Edward P Bradbury Michael Moorcock wrote a trilogy of sword planet stories set on Mars This is hte first one They are very imitative of ERB s Barsoom series but I found them relatively weak They really seemed bare skeletons of a story without any real fleshing out I didn t get a ch Depending on your point of view THE CITY OF THE BEAST is either homage to or plagiarism of Edgar Rice Bur. T where savagery ruledDeadly menace faced the citizens of Varnal as the ravaging hordes of the Argzoon the dreaded Blue Giants swept ruthlessly across the hills and plains Kane became their sole defender because of his all conuering ove.

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Warriors of Mars

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