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Ganizational styles and better create harmony within the home The first 40 pages can be skimmed My uiz answers did not give me a clear answer to my Clutterbug type but I njoyed reading the chapters on Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice each bug to learn I was tied between Ladybug and Cricket based on the uiz but after reading the rest of the book I feel confident that I am a Ladybug Now I need to sneak uestions to my husband to try to diagnose his bug This book can be a great took for a family ifveryone is willing to read it I am already pretty organized due to a recent remodel and marie due to a recent remodel and Marie my house a few years ago but this book is great to show people how they should be attacking and organizing considering visual preference and macro vs micro organizing I could recognize that some of the macro and out of sight ideas from Kondo method have been working really well for me I ve always been told that I was messy lazy I get teased about it constantly by family co workers And after hearing it so much you pretty much believe it try to act like you don t care ven though you re totally ashamed can t figure out why you can t get your stuff together I ve tried so many things to fix my messiness None have your stuff together I ve tried so many things to fix my messiness None have worked which made me feel ven worse than before It But this book that absolutely wonderful book finally showed me that I just think differently than most people When Cassandra started listing the characteristics of a butterfly I came to tears because The Bookshop on the Shore every characteristic was me to an absolute T I just want to say thank you Cassandra I m going to basket bin label the hell out of my house work space finally be able to feel like people can visit me at work home without feeling ashamed This was ah mazingUnlike other declutter ueens who simply tell you where to put your stuff Cass shares her insights into four different kinds of people and the challenges they face in terms of being messy and tells you the best style recommended to help you learn how to keep your space clean Don t believe me I grew up with a Cricket the super organized person whose garden shed is organized so neatly there s an itemized spreadsheet hanging on the wall to inform you of which labeled drawer something is in You need never search for anything again In the home office if you borrow a pair of scissors she wants you to put them back in their spot on the labeled shelf Her favorite gift one Christmas was a label machine My brother however is a Blutterfly If he cannot see what he has he forgets he has it so he leavesverything out where he can find it in piles She has for years been pulling out her hair trying to figure out how it in piles She has for years been pulling out her hair trying to figure out how teach him to keep his little apartment clean Now she knows Cass suggests clear plastic bins with the lids off left where he can just toss something into one instead of having a super. Teners insight and real life solutions based on their uniue personal organizing style The Clutter Connection will help you get organized be productive and finally understand the why behind your clutterIndividualized real life organizing Organizing isn't one size fits all Let go of the preconceived and conventional notions of what organization looks like and finally discover what Clutterbug you are With self awarene. ,

Overall some good concepts ideas for organizing But it s repetitive rambles a bit I think the book would have been better served to delete the repetitive parts digressions instead present some additional concrete organizing ideasOr just make it a shorter book overall I feel like the crux of the info could be presented in a short booklet If shorter book overall I feel like the crux of the info could be presented in a short booklet If could give this book than 5 stars I would The Clutter Connection is right on point in Dance Real Slow explaining why people organize the way they do and why one size fits all organizing doesn t work forveryone The author goes through four different styles of organizing and helps you figure out which clutterbug you are how to get the most out of The Art of Memoir each organizing style and work with and live with people of varying organizing stylesIt s uite simple really You reither a ladybug someone who craves visual simplicity in the form of not having a lot of stuff out on display and organizing style that s simple and non complex Crickets crave visual simplicity but would like organizational abundance in life Bees like to see their stuff out in the open and are The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life extremely organized Butterflies love the visual abundance but prefer to keep their organizing simple It s a fairly uick read filled with lots of greatxamples and images to illustrate ach ClutterBug organizing style perfectly There s also plenty of asy breakdown lists to refer to asily after you ve read the book There s a short uiz to find out your ClutterBug organizing style it s also available on the ClutterBug website I learned a lot The authoress and the narrator are both very very affirming so much so that it can feel like a kindergarten class sometimes But no complaints If Cas does a brilliant job breaking down various organizational mentalities so that veryone can be organized Her Insight Really Opened My Eyes And Inspired Me To Take really opened my PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition eyes and inspired me to take fresh look at my home Her fun and insightful book doesn t tell you how to organize anything but rathermpowers you to find the best solution for your life This has helped me so much and subseuently my family who have very different ideas of organization I was overwhelmed and frustrated by the countless hours I would spend organizing only to very shortly have that area looking Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography even worse by my family If something isn t working I study it to figure out ways to improve This showed me my husband and I have completely different ideas of what organization is and we were both frustrated withach other which can harbor underlying resentment and drive a wedge in any relationship By utilizing this resource we were able to clearly identify our contrasting styles and brainstorm for how to appease us both I think this is not only a superb resource for any homemaker but for anyone living together whether families or roommates to learn The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, each others or. Discover your uniue Organizing Personality Type and Strategies for a productive and clutter free lifeAn organization book for diverse habits You're not messy you just organize differently The Clutter Connectionxamines and xplains the correlation between brain types and how they directly relate to organization and clutter Cassandra Aarssen smashes the stereotype that some people are naturally messy and offers lis. .
Organized space for it I have a friend with the same clutter bug habit I suspect now that she s a Butterfly and can t wait to introduce her to the concept because it will change her lifeJust reading the intro I suspected I might be ither a Cricket or a Ladybug Reading through the Cricket I kept thinking about the stuff that winds up on my kitchen counter and how often I have to phone mom for ideas in decluttering Then I started into the Ladybug chapter and Cass gets me She is a fellow Ladybug The chapter and Cass gets me She is a fellow Ladybug The of clutter followed by annoyance at it followed by attempts to keep very visible surface clean followed by chaos in the closet Ladybugs don t want to see their stuff so they need pretty containers But they aren t as organized as Crickets which I found out a couple of weeks back when putting all my media discs into plastic sleeves for storage in beautiful bins when it got to the alphabetizing I called it uits it s just nough that I don t have a wall of movies cluttering up my space and impacting my brain A messy room drives me nutsThe last one is the Bee and they are super detail oriented busy keeping their house decluttered but often they gt caught up in trying to be perfect and so they accumulate little honey piles all over the house of things that don t have an away space yetSince this is an introductory book it s about helping you figure out the process that works for you and think about you space than it is telling you xactly what to do which means I need to figure out what winds up being left out in the open and why But that s kinda fun because I m a de cluttering bug who maybe after reading this book will have the kitchen cabinets she wants I suspect some plastic containers are in my future I think if you are aware of Cas s Clutterbug philosophy and have seen her videos describing this then the book doesn t really give you anything new I really only read the start and the chapters related to my organising style bee and the chapters on how to deal with someone who is a different bug than you And While This Is Interesting this is interesting isn t xtensive I think her other book Real Life Organising is better if you are looking for a book on organising Although I like her approach to organising and I think that it s pretty spot on I would probably only recommend this book to people who aren t as Exile and Pilgrim exposed to the Clutterbug theory I would recommend watching her videos on youtube though Cas has a great personality and humour that isn t asffective in the book unless you know her style This is a very fun read It s helpful if you ve already decluttered and want guidance for how to actually organize your things in a way that will stay organized I also njoyed that she gives advice on how to live with various organizational personality types in one household. Ss comes happiness personal growth and lasting change The Clutter Connection xaminesthe four different organizing styles and how they relate to ach other;how motivation and happiness can be directly affected by our space;the three P's productivity procrastination and perfectionism and how they are connected to your uniue organizing style; andhow you can finally become clutter free simply by knowing yourself bette. .


The Clutter Connection