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Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age gThis book is a struggle for me yet its the only one I veot currently And It Does Have Some it does have some scenes in it Its just a world I don t know and when the author fills 3 to 4 pages with technical dream seuences or experiments don t really know what I d call them every few chapters or so it becomes a speed bump and just skip any But it s also the characters I m having a lot of trouble identifying with A suare technical continuity woman suddenly is deafened by the sound of her biological clock TICKING SHE AT THIS POINT THOUGH I HAVE A She at this point though I have a this will change has only had her mom in her life and her mom is only had her mom in her life and her mom is hippy dippy free lovin coke snortin italian alcohol consuming mom with no concern for the s of society Taken back to her childhood home she decides to find the best Les Innocents gene source for her child the one she is intent on having with no relationship or interferance Theres been incidental dates that she hasone on but it has the feel of not being apart of the story at all just random people not fitting in here and there as well as odd behaviors But maybe thats the point And thats where I am so far halfway done and stuck with it Completely done and I wasn t completely wrong about the father coming backthe man she found was fatherish I still didn t much like the book at the end any than I liked it at any other point It just wasn t my kind of thing This book is supposed to be about Meredith tha. Meredith Moore is the perfect continuity irl An on set script supervisor she is the error catcher the one who makes sure every take matches seamlessly with the one that came before it But when Meredith wakes up on her 35th birthday with a sudden acute yearning for. .

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The Continuity Girl

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Hat for 2 whole pagesIt actually has a couple of surprises towards the end that you don t really see coming I always like thoseSweet funny *WITH A TAD BIT OF DULLNESS * a tad bit of dullness wasn t really impressed I was never really fully involved in the story Meredith Moore is 35 She never thought there was anything wrong in her life before but now story Meredith Moore is 35 She never thought there was anything wrong in her life before but now biological clock has started ticking and she s turned into a sperm raider looking for prospective fathers everywhere She herself doesn t know who her father is She doesn t uite believe her famous mother s story about her father s identityThis book was all over the place Some of the twists made sense and some made me wonder if I d missed something or whole sections of the book I wish I d rabbed something else to read from my tbr pile It s not reat literature by any stretch but as a colleague put it when he heard my brief synopsis and the title You must really be enjoying that It s so youGranted reading this blithe story did lead me to daydream about work as a continuity irl and to wonder what might have happened if I d majored in film after all It was also nice to read about two cities I ve lived in Toronto most of my life London 6 It was also nice to read about two cities I ve lived in Toronto most of my life London 6 at a slightly younger age than the heroine This started off The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States good and thenot a little stale but I it ended up alright Very well written but not my kind of story line I liked that I was kept uessing until the end ood stuff. With Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth goodenes seduce him and have a child all without him knowing of course But in her uest to become pregnant on her own terms she will accidentally discover a web of secrets that will change the way she envisions both her professional life and the nature of lov. T works in the film industry and is concerned about her biological clock she oes on about her biological clock She oes on search to find the perfect sperm donor and discovers some truths about herself along the waySlow to start and the story seemed to drift away from it s true purpose but wound up coming together after all This wasn t bad and definately had some ood points but all in all it was odd The whole middle of the book is like fantasy worldmade for TV movie or something And the chunks of script like stuff was distracting and I didn t even read the one at the end And the point is that she falls in love But That Whole Thing Is Skimmed Over that whole thing is *SKIMMED OVER SUMMED UP IN A * over summed up in a or two towards the end So again not bad per say but just eh I ot this one for free as I ll read any chick lit even Canadian chick lit it seems I just never really liked it I didn t et her sudden urge to have a kid or her odd relationship with Barnaby Everything else was pretty predictable This is definitely a light read it s a bit predictable and fluffy but enjoyable I found it to be a little slow for me in the beginning I always have a hard time oing forward when a novel starts off slow but push myself to keep Hello, Snow! going In this case it was worth it It definitely picked up during the middle andot better as it kept A Little Dinner Before the Play goingI feel it dragged on too much in certain parts andave too much elaboration on unnecessary subjects Like what was the point in describing A baby her personal sense of continuity is thrown into flux Determined not to marry she impulsively flees humdrum Canada and heads to London to reunite with her notoriously eccentric mother Irma and accept a job on a famous producer's film Her covert plan find a man.