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Spunky and bright Abigail Lawless uncovers evidence that a recent suicide may have been murder in 1816 Dublin I was immediately drawn to the first line the first page of THE CORONER S DAUGHTER Pegasus Books May 2017 For my eighteenth birthday Father promised me the hand of a handsome young man which he duly delivered mounted in a glass bell jar And so it begins a lovely relationship between Abby Lawless and her father the town s coroner Abby is a spunky slightly uirky young woman with an adventuresome spirit I was taken with her almost immediately Plus she loves science But it s 1816 in Dublin and young women just don t run around with their academic fathers who teach at Trinity College dissecting the dead At one point in the story Abby says and I m paraphrasing Well if I were a man and had this interest it would be considered a fascination but I m a woman and so it s a macabre fixation When a young nursemaid in a distinguished family is found with a dead infant it s assumed she illed her newborn But that s not exactly the case and Abby wants to get to the bottom of it And then that woman is brought to her father s dissection room death by suicide I ll be honest this is the macabre and gruesome thing that piued my interest in THE CORONER S DAUGHTER But The narrative drifts considerably from that instigating plot I became a bit impatient as we trudged through the gloomy streets of Dublin following leads that focused on a religious sect nown as the Brethren It s all there for good reason as it establishes the conspiracy theory involved I ept reading because I loved Abigail and her fight for justice There are a few twists and turns in THE CORONER S DAUGHTER some good action scenes and a little romantic relief as well Hughes does a considerable job of laying the ground and setting a compelling scene of brooding Irish landscape which I enjoyed immensely His research is evident too and accurately displays a historical tale of murder suicide and forensic science For all my reviews including author interviews please see wwwleslielindsaycom Special thanks to Pegasus Books for this review copy All thoughts are my own It didn t take long at all for me to become attached to Abigail s character I couldn t help but admire her determination to discover the truth Even if at times she managed to get herself into some pretty tricky situations Especially as a woman of that time wouldn t have been usually doing the things Abby did Abby is curious independent and eager to learn WHICH I LOVED DUE TO HER FATHER S WORK I loved due to her father s work has a first hand nowledge of medical and scientifi Awesome historical fiction I loved Abigail her courage humor and empathy make her unforgettable Hope Andrew Hughes brings her back for a seuel Excellent historical mystery set in 1816 Dublin You read that correctly We Re Not In England re not in England HoorayOur heroine Abigail Lawless is bright curious and determined to get to the bottom of several cases her father has been involved with Her investigations put her in harm s way as well as worry her father When her father s assistant Ewan Weir asks her why she feels she must do everything alone she replies Because no one offers help They insist that I stay where I belongHer father alternates between being uite proud of her interest in his work isn t she clever and being appalled tha. Dublin 1816 A young nursemaid conceals a pregnancy and then murders her newborn in the home of the Neshams a prominent family in a radical Christian sect nown as the Brethren Rumors swirl about the identity of the child’s father but before an inuest can be held the maid is found dead after an apparent suicide When Abigail Lawless the eighteen year old daughter of the city coron.

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Think about and what this book is concerned I like to call it Ingenious Clever Sleuthing By Wonderful Abigail Lawless The Year Without a Ingenious Clever Sleuthing By Wonderful Abigail Lawless The Year Without a 1816 attributed to the eruption of a volcano in the Dutch East Indies provides a properly gloomy and unusual weather setting for Andrew Hughes brilliant The Coroner s DaughterAbigail Lawless the coroner s precocious daughter early on in the novel becomes curious about a young nursemaid accused of murdering her newborn baby Her curiosity reveals the identity of the child s father leads to the murder of the servant initially adjudged a suicide and sets in motion a chain of events which put Abby and Ewan her father s assistant in mortal danger Overall hangs the brooding presence of the Brethren a
"strict new religious "
new religious from the mystery which is paramount to the story I enjoyed Abigail s interest in science her theory about the cause of the dismal weather which upsets both staid scientists and dour religious types her humor her adventuresome nature and her eual delight in ordinary feminine pursuits Her growing relationship with Ewan provides a bit of romance to relieve the grim aspects of the taleHughes presents a canvas with likeable realistic characters a glimpse into early 19th century Dublin a gripping plot that Guitar Makers: The Endurance of Artisanal Values in North America kept me turning pages and a satisfying conclusion I am afraid I cannot join in the chorus of praise with which this book seems to have been metThere is some fine writing but there are also lots of very clunky passages There is some fine historical detail but there are lots of areas which seem to me very unauthenticI feel the author could not make up his mind whether he was writing straight historical fiction or simply having fun and playing with the genreThere were too many strands to none of which was full justice given Would this have been better as two shorter books or is the author laying the groundwork for a seriesThe heroine was a Lizzie Bennet with a scientific bent and a very annoying habit of getting into potentially very dangerous situations without thinking things through Just as well there are always people around to rescue herThere is a flavour of the Science v Religion debate and the early forensic science is also interesting Some may find the depiction of The Brethren a trifle hard on Protestant sects they are a version of the later followers of John Nelson Darby but I have met people who share their somewhat chillingly elitist view of ChristianityThere was lots of potential here but ultimately I found the heroine and the book irritating Four and a half starsI picked this one up on the recommendation of a strong review from Smart Btches and had to agree this atmospheric mystery totally worked for meAbigail Lawless is the only child of the city coroner She s grown up around her father s tools of the trade and he has mostly indulged her curiosity treating her as a person not as merely female When a young nursemaid murders her baby and then is found dead shortly after Abigail senses all is not as it might seem and determines to get to the truthAn interestingly plotted story The Coroner s Daughterept me eagerly turning its pages Abigail is an imperfect heroine in an imperfect world but her determination and sense of justice are a delight to behold I would absolutely read adventures about Ms Lawless. ’s searches begin to uncover the well guarded secrets of two factions the Christian Brethren and a burgeoning rationalist community drawing the attention of a sinister figure who emerges in fleeting glimpses and second hand reports the man with the lazy eyeDetermined resourceful and intuitive Abigail Lawless emerges as a young lady sleuth operating at the dawn of forensic scienc. The Coroners DaughterT she is interested it isn t ladylikeThe mystery of who illed disgraced housemaid Emilie is uite twisty I was surprised at the identity of the big baddie I did not see that comingIn addition to the good mystery and the well defined main characters the author also gives us a vivid picture of the year WITH NO SUMMER HE PRESENTS US WITH SEVERAL OF no summer He presents us with several of arguments circulating in scientific journals re the cause of the strange weather Sunspots Volcanic eruption We get informal weather reports as Abigail and her friend Clarissa stroll through the parks as Abigail and Ewan watch the fall of colored snow as the fireplaces are ept lit in AugustRight now this appears to be a stand alone novel Which is certainly fine all the various mystery threads are neatly tied up at the end of the book But I want to see of Abigail Ewan and her father the coroner I liked Them A Lot I Absolutely LOVED This Wonderful Book So a lot I absolutely LOVED this wonderful book So and full of character Abigail was such a gutsy girl one of my favourite heroines of all time This was a wild wild ride and I loved it Abigail is seemingly so calm and collected but never boring I can only hope this is the first in a series because the teeny tiny hint of romance begs for This historical mystery novel about a coroner s daughter by the author Andrew Hughes has been a joyful revelation to me for this story ept me captivated from start to finishStorytelling is of a superb uality all characters come wonderfully to life within this thrilling tale and the place Dublin Ireland and its surroundings are beautifully pictured in this very entertaining bookThe story is situated in Dublin Ireland in the year AD 1816 and it tells the story of Abigail Lawless the daughter of a Dublin coronerWhat I like to mention first is that this tale starts with one of the best lines I mention first is that this tale starts with one of the best lines I ever read in my life and it goes like this For my eighteenth birthday Father promised me the hand of a handsome young man which he duly delivered mounted in a glass bell jarThe story begins when the lungs of a new born baby are examined by Abigail s father Mr Lawless coroner of Dublin North and coming to the conclusion that the baby lived and was murdered supposedly by her natural mother the maid from the Nesham household Emilie Casey and then hidden away in the Blessington Street BasinWhile visiting Mr Nesham with her father in who s household Emilie was working Abigail Lawless finds a note in a bible and takes it home and from that point on her investigation into the death of the baby and somewhat later on also Emilie s death will enter turbulent and hectic murderous timesWhat will follow is a determined self conscious and inuisitive Abigail in a time for this is the 19th century where the Irish and Dublin are ruled and suppressed by the British and also where in this environment men are supposedly superior to women but still Abigail sets out to start to investigate connected murders with the professional help from her father and his assistant Ewan until secrets will unveil about these murders when finally she s to witness a deadly encounter before the culprits will be exposed and an unexpected act of sacrifice will end this eventful murder mysteryHighly recommended for this is a wonderful standalone book but one that could be turned into a formidable series something I hope the author will. Er by chance discovers a message from the maid’s seducer she sets out to discover the truthAn only child Abigail has been raised amid the books and instruments of her father’s grim profession and he in turn indulges her curious and critical mind Now she must push against the restrictions society places on a girl her age to pursue an increasingly dangerous investigation Abigail.