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Feelings kids have when they start to doubt the magic of Father Christmas and flipping it around Within just a few pages doubt the magic of Father Christmas and flipping it around Within just a few pages was filled with mirth at this wonderful storyFor one thing I think his mom writes his Christmas letter Seriously how adorable is thisAnd this You re looking for reasons not to believe in Harold instead of just accepting him as one of the best most magical parts of Christmas This book just makes my Santa loving heart happy About halfway through the reindeer suggest that "Santa find proof Then we see that Harold is estioning the existence "find proof Then we see that Harold is Brothers uestioning the existence Santa as well and also decides that he needs proof Also within the first couple of pages I fell in love with the art style and illustrations I am a big fan of color in children s picture books and this book has rich colors that are gorgeous It didn t escape my notice that Harold is either biracial or has a stepfather or adoptive father the details aren t relevant so it isn t explained which I also thought was a sweet representation of other types of normal families Anyone who loves the magic of Christmas and Santa Claus will also love this book especially if they re children are beginning toestion that magic Definitely a great addition to your Christmas library I received an ARC from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review This is no way influenced my review My opinion is my own I love Love LOVE it This Christmas picture book is absolutely delightful A fun twist the suspension of disbelief Jolly fun illustrations too I believe What say youHo Ho HoFive Santa Stars I adored the idea of this book I purchased this book as one of my sons books for countdown to Christmas I purchased it through bookoutletcom during their black friday sale and besides the title I knew nothing about this book But it was adorable I loved how it was revers about Santa not believing in Harold I loved that concept I hope that when my son starts to estion Santa honestly he has no idea who Santa is ya know cause well my son is 4 months old that I remember this book and read it to him 5 stars loved the premise and the illustrations Ending is maybe a little weak but it is a kids book This is easily one of my. Ing the cookies he leaves out feeding his carrots to the reindeer what would Christmas be without that But Santa's just not sure Some of his friends are telling him they think Harold's no. ,

I received this book from Netgalleypublisher IN EXCHANGE OF AN HONEST REVIEWIT exchange of an honest reviewIt t Christmas by far still 8 months to go but when I saw this book on Netgalley I just wanted to have it so much I love Christmas and while I never celebrated it for Santa because I already did that during Sinterklaas I know the feeling when you grow p and suddenly realize he might not be real Well that is what happens in this book just the other way around Santa is the one who has stopped believing I just laughed because of the cover the silliness and also because of the title so creative and fun and interestingNot in all children oh no but just in one little kid Harold Santa is all pouty and grumbly about it he tries to talk to everyone about it but no one is really helping either they just think he is crazy for thinking this or they agree with him He has got all kind of silly ideas that are all easily disproved because kids do grow p their parents first do Santa stuff for them but later they do it themselves But he won t have "Anything Of ItBut Then "of itBut then find out something else as well About Harold this time I won t say what but I did love that it was added and it made me think maybe if that happens is it also happening for Santa Is Harold the first kid Or have there been kids like this It is an interesting thingI also loved how it all ended it made me really happy and gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling How delightfulThe illustrations are just gorgeous Really gorgeous lots of details I love the style of drawing it really made me feel super Christmassy even though it is spring now and I don t even want to think of winter yet The colours are warm and will make you warm inside as wellAll in all this was a fantastical magical entertaining book and I "would highly recommend itReview first posted at This is a fun and creative "highly recommend itReview first posted at This is a fun and creative It is a fun twist on kids starting to doubt Santa is real Every year I do a Countdown to Christmas with individually wrapped books for my son It s a mix of secondhand books books from years before re wrapped and a few new ones This book The Day Santa Stopped Believing in Harold will absolutely be one of this year s new onesIt is such a cute idea sing the. Santa has a problem This kid Harold Santa doesn't think he's real He WANTS to believe in Harold after all Harold is one of the most magical parts of Christmas Getting Harold's letters eat. ,

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The Day Santa Stopped Believing in HaroldNew Christmas favorites Older kids will love "It It Is Longer And Has "because it longer and has humor adultsparents will easily appreciate This one was a hit at story time Santa has stopped believing Harold is real He is suspecting Harold is actually Harold s parents He is sure Harold s mom is the one writing the letters and his dad is the one leaving snacks for Santa He also notices this year when Harold seated in his knees he looked nothing like the year before Santa has a plan He will wait awake in Harold s living room on Christmas Eve to see if he really exists At the same time Harold has his doubts about Santa being real and he also decides to spy on him to find out the truth Finally on Christmas morning Santa and Harold see each other and both believe againIt was really funny to read kids arguments for not believing in Santa La muralla verde used in Santa s side Also the illustrations are gorgeous That said I don t see the point in insisting a kid who has stopped believing in Santa in believing again I don t allow my oldest kids to tell the truth about Santa to my youngest ones so they can enjoy the magic of the illusion But as soon as they stop believing I let them go It s part of growingp and it s ok I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review MY RATING 35 STARSI received a copy from Penguin Random House Canada and Tundra Books in exchange for a honest review I fell in love with Cale Atkinson s illustrations thanks to Sam at PR So cuteI love it just as much as my kids Santa is in a funk because he has stopped believing in Harold maybe all children He doesn t The New Competition understand how the Harold he saw last year could possibly be the same child he originally became acuainted with Maybe Harold s parents are just pretending in order to get presents Harold is starting to feel the same way about Santa On Christmas Eve they both devise a plan to determine once and for all if the other is actually real The ending will definitely leave you chuckling The illustrations for this book are very amusing and full of detail Anyone should be happy to add this to their holiday collectionI received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest and fair review. T real And the Harold that sat on his knee last Christmas looked AWFULLY different Santa comesp with a plan to find out once and for all if Harold really exists with hilarious conseuenc. ,