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Naturally Naughty Wicked Willing eN reading too many picture books lately But I do like the colorful art of Lopez 2 stars anxtra star for the art Wonderful wonderful story and the illustrations are simply breathtaking My 7 yr old njoyed this so much and we had a great discussion about the meaning behind the storyline as we read it together We ll definitely read this many about the meaning behind the storyline as we read it together We ll definitely read this many Great bedtime and classroom read It s not asy to impress meI was an Walled (The Line, elementary school librarian for years and years I ve been reading books nominated for the Cybils Awards forleven of those yearsI ve read a lot of good books The Day You Begin impressed me It s the simple story told in unrhymed verse of children who feel like they don t belong and who find connection in the little thingsI have loved Jacueline Woodson for so many reasons for her poetic words for her truth for her bravery And now with this book I have a new reason to love her now with this book I have a new reason to love her and sweet and affirmingEvery child starting school should have a copy of this book The little girl in me wishes someone had read this very book to me when I was starting out on the scary adventures that loomed large in my life The mother in me wishes I had this book in hand when I settled my bright Cruel Attachments: The Ritual Rehab of Child Molesters in Germany eyed crew down for their night read back in the very disconcerting days of the 80 s It would have helped I just know itToday in our grandma reads session The Day You Begin was on the list and it is so good I had to work hard not to get misty and interrupt the magic When I did my alone read througharlier I teared up It is admirable how the illustrations and the sweet words comfort without fixing or reuiring a rescuing change to provide it Each reader and listener is given that golden nugget that they themselves within their very own person have what it takes to get them through anything What a powerful message The way to break down walls is to simply start sharing their story a willingness to reach out bridge the gap step through risk a little just startso

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powerfulAll of us voted clear 5 stars on this one One little voice choed I really liked that book I love the zoom sessions that keep me connected but I gotta say I miss hugs in these COVID19 days I m always kic. Ke youThere are many reasons to feel different Maybe it's how you look or talk or where you're from; maybe it's what you at or something just as random It's not asy to take those first steps into a place where nobody really knows you yet but somehow you do itJacueline Woodson's lyrical text and Rafael .
The Day You Begin

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Another critical darling that didn t impress me I ve loved Jacueline Woodson s previous picture books but this one I did not like much The language is poetic The ILLUSTRATIONS ARE NICE IT S are nice But s message y And it felt long But the main problem I have with it is the way the negative feelings of otherness and inferiority dominate the book It s 90% negative I m Wow Powerful and perfect A beautifully illustrated and told story of Tempting Fate encouragement andmpowerment for kids who feel different from others one that urges them to tell their stories and lift their voices where very new friend has something a little like you and something lse so fabulously not uite like you at allIn The Day You Begin Jaueline Woodson delivers a timely impactful universal and beautiful message When current times are so overwhelmingly divisive and full and beautiful message When current times are so overwhelmingly divisive and full hate we need to be reminded that we are better together than apart The illustrations perfectly flow with the tone and theme of the book inclusion and mutual respect The prose is lyrical and well One Giant Leap executed I have read another work by Woodson before but it was contemporary This is a great children s book but I would like to put one in the hands of adults for a change Seems like we need now thanver to change our ways On a separate note I love Apocalyptic Cartography exploring the selection of children s books nominated as the best of the year Will seek other titles as well Each year my family reads all the Goodreads award nominated picture books This is book 15 of 20 of 2018 a book written by a well known and lauded author illustrated by Rafael Lopez Lyra takes the lead in the defense of this book and I take the prosecution Lyra 11 45 stars I love how the pictures show both sides of the world I like how it shows that we re all different but in thend we re all very similarHank 12 45 stars Lyra is totally rightHarry 13 3 stars I don t know how the title connects with this bookTara 35 stars Pretty goodDave 3 stars A didactic and bland speech made by a famous author to children verywhere The speech is about accepting your own difference When you do that then things really begin for you Okay but it all feels flat and unoriginal to me Though maybe I have bee. National Book Award winner Jacueline Woodson and two time Pura Belpre Illustrator Award winner Rafael Lopez have teamed up to create a poignant yet heartening book about finding courage to connect ven when you feel scared and alone There will be times when you walk into a room and no one there is uite li. ,

King myself for not discovering a wonderful author sooner as if the world isn t full of amazing authors I will never read or ven hear about Better I THINK TO COUNT MY BLESSINGS WHEN to count my blessings when m lucky nough to find someone so gifted and so brave and so brightly burning who wants to share their work with me The story here is one that very single child or adult for that matter can relate to That moment when you walk into the room or the school or the playground or the office and nothing and noone is familiar All your confidence vanishes and all you can think about are all the ways you are nothing like the other people in the room All you can see is what sets you apart The way you look the way you sound the way your clothes look the food you brought for lunch all those things that define you are now making you feel those things that define you are now making you feel and afraid and very aloneThe Day You Begin is about mbracing all those things that make you stand out no matter what they are The titular beginning is that moment of acceptance of self that can turn into true confidence and self love when you begin to see that different doesn t have to mean hateful or ugly or seperate I can t think of a better lesson to teach a child in a world gone as haywire as ours hasMy youngest son loved this book It practically begs to be read aloud There s a wonderful dark meandering rhythm to it that makes it just sort of flow out of your mouth as you read This makes sense given that the author the uietly astounding and deservedly award winning Jacueline Woodson specializes in children s and YA books written in verse We were both nraptured with the illustrations by Rafael Lopez They re bright and warm they made me think of pictures drawn on the sidewalk in chalk or subway mosaics Every picture is infused with images of growth and xpansion flowers opening up water flowing music notes traveling It s very clear and believe me this doesn t happen often that author and artist were perfectly in synch hereSo I m perfectly okay with meeting Ms Woodson this way I look forward with great xpectation to the places she ll take me in the years to come Finally had a chance to read this masterpiece several times this morning heartprint. Opez's dazzling art reminds us that we all feel like outsiders sometimes and how brave it is that we go forth anyway And that sometimes when we reach out and begin to share our stories others will be happy to meet us halfwayJacueline Woodson is the 2018 2019 National Ambassador for Young People's Literatu.
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