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The Devil's Double

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Lives There is a 1984 eeling not being able to trust anyone completely always afraid to be taken away or the slightest comment if not out of pure bad luck The systematic use of torture the mass graves opposed to the vulgar exhibition of wealth and depravity of the Hussein s amily Uday was a man without limits who took what he wanted and genunely enjoyed the suffering of others when he bothered to care It reminds me of Terry Pratchett s genunely enjoyed the suffering of others when he bothered to care It reminds me of Terry Pratchett s gods and what Death of Terry Pratchett small gods and what Death about Vorbis spoilers he was a murderer and a creator of murderers Both as a person and as a part of system Uday was a murderer and a creator of murderers Interesting reading to see what it looks like to be almost on the right side of the ence during Saddam s reign Almost because Latif s life has not been spared the incredible level of violent of this regime Interesting but difficult book to read because of the explicit content I could only read a little bit at a time before getting overcome with emotion and disgust the description of the torture and killings were likely accurate but also hard to athom Warning this book will leave you horrified Interesting and Educational Excellent BookLatif Yahia has seen things most people cannot even imagine As a double or Uday Hussein son and possible successor of Saddam Latif witnessed acts of depravity and torture that almost sound like something out of a Maruis de Sade novel This book will open your eyes to the relative value of human life to the ruling elite of Ira people are as expendable as bad batteries Yahya himself endured harsh torments at Euge unfassbarer Verbrechen und beging schließlich einen Selbstmordversuch um seiner unerträglichen Situation ein Ende zu bereiten Durch seine genauen Aufzeichnungen während dieser Zeit avancierte Latif Yahia zum „Buchhalter der irakischen Mafia Mit seinen schockierenden Enthüllungen aus erster Hand hofft Yahia einmal mehr die Welt aufrütteln und über das wahre Wesen des irakischen Herrschaftsapparats aufklären zu könne. ,

Fiday other times it s idai I m not sure which is correct and assume both are acceptable in English but there correct and assume both are acceptable in English but there nothing significant enough to actually spoil the reading experience The main trouble with Yahia s story is that aspersions have been cast on his account most notably in this Guardian article published at the time of the ilm s release So there s no way of knowing whether everything or indeed anything contained within this book is Genuinely True Probably Because true Probably because was already aware of this controversy there were moments when I did have doubts about the veracity of the story and wondered how Yahia could possibly have knownobserved these things unless he was either embellishing the truth or was actually closely involved than the narrative suggested All in all I ound this a very interesting read but I ended up eeling rustrated that without any very interesting read but I ended up eeling rustrated that without any evidence I couldn t be entirely convinced of its authenticity It s certainly given me a different perspective on the The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness film not that I didn t take the underlying story seriously before but now that I know about the depravity of Saddam Hussein s regime I ll probablyind it harder to enjoy on the next watch If you were as The Leadership Gap fascinated by the movie as I was and you can manage to track down a copy this book is nevertheless worth reading to provide a in depth perspective on the story that inspired it Uniue tale that Yahia Latif s oneorced to become the double of Saddam Hussein s son As much as I consider myself relatively informed of what s going on in the world I was surprised by the everyday horror of Irais. Doubeln‘ Yahia hatte engen Kontakt zur ganzen Familie Hussein und erlebte hautnah das absurde System von Mord Folter Korruption und exzessiv ausgelebtem Reichtum auf das sich das Terrorregime von Saddam Hussein stützt Ständig in Todesgefahr vertrat Yahia Odai als Doppelgänger bei Geschäftsverhandlungen und offiziellen Terminen nahm an ausschweifenden Partys in Bagdad teil und kämpfte an Odais Stelle im Golfkrieg Er wurde The Devil s Double is the ostensibly true life story on which the Lee Tamahori ilm of the same name Released Earlier This Year Was earlier this year was The movie starring Dominic Cooper as both Saddam Hussein s son Uday and his body double or iday Latif Yahia in the Ira of the late 1980s was hands down my Serenity Role Playing Game favourite of 2011 This book was out of print at the time but unsurprisingly has been reissued in the wake of theilm s success Obviously I had to get my hands on a copy and was keen to learn the truth of the story behind the dramatic bloody ilmAlthough I loved the ilm I saw it as an excessive action lick in the style of gangster movies like SCARFACE WHICH IT HAS FREUENTLY BEEN which it has reuently been to than a realistic account of events in Ira at that time So the book offers something uite different in that its events unfold over a much longer period of time and cover a great deal of political wranglings and governmental corruption in addition to Uday s outlandish behaviour In places it can be dull as Yahia does a lot of sitting around waiting and rarely has close contact with Uday or whom he is just another member Of A Vast Body a vast body staff At other points the deviant behaviour of Uday his amily and henchmen is so extravagant and disturbing as to be virtually beyond belief Certain incidents such as the murder of Kamel Hannah at a party which is depicted in the ilm stand out but the book sometimes eels like a catalogue of horrendous crimes and often makes The Dancer Who Flew: A Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev for harrowing readingThis is a self published book so there are a number of minor errors and inconsistencies eg sometimes it „Fidai Das Wort trifft mich wie ein Hammerschlag denn ein Fidai ist mehr als nur ein Double Ein Fidai ist alles Doppelgänger Kämpfer Leibeigener Ein Fidai muss bereit seinür seinen Herrn zu sterben“ Latif Yahia erzählt die unglaubliche aber wahre Geschichte seines Lebens Der junge Mann aus Bagdad und Sohn einer wohlhabenden Familie wurde ünf Jahre lang gezwungen Odai Hussein den gefürchteten Sohn des Diktators zu ‚.