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The Empirical Stance The Terry Lectures SeriesTry to believe in Christianity in the second part of

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book He t offer any decent arguments for why would believe in say a god In my opinion the book is jumbled and self contradictory It also doesn t come across as intellectually honest This is an important work in the philosophy of science one that most scientists and philosophers should read Science itself built on various ncritically adopted empiricist assumptions is a human enterprise consisting of people with various interests and dispositions Van Fraassen suggests that empiricism if it can be of any se at All Cannot Be A cannot be a defined doctrin. Could not be defined by common doctrines but embodies a certain stance in philosophy van Fraassen says This stance is displayed first of all in a searing recurrent critiue of metaphysics and second in a focus on experience that reuires a voluntarist view of belief and opinion Van Fraassen focuses on the ,

I don t agree some of his ideas but he has some good insight into empiricism and a very helpful analysis some good insight into empiricism and a very helpful analysis the fuzziness of the concept of material Basically Van Fraassen is extremely skeptical of science and research results However he is not nearly as skeptical of Christianity His arguments in favor of empiricism as he calls it would seem to if genuinely applied to Christianity make it tterly pointless to believe in such a religion The book honestly reminded me of Christian books like The Reason for God where they try to loosen your confidence in science s importance and naturalism so that they can get you to. What is empiricism and what could it be Bas C van Fraassen one of the world’s foremost contributors to philosophical logic and the philosophy of science here 1898 undertakes a fresh consideration of theseestions and offers a program for renewal of the empiricist tradition The empiricist tradition is not and.

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E and should instead be understood as a stance that involves attitudes beliefs emotions etc Van Fraassen s offers numerous as a stance that involves attitudes beliefs emotions etc Van Fraassen s offers numerous reasons for his conclusions classical empiricism is false empiricism cannot provide a dogmatic position regarding knowledge materialism is incoherent the term lacks definite content and naturalized epistemology is flawed it fails to account for conceptual revolutions Van Fraassen also offers a devastating critiue of contemporary analytic metaphysics and it is fairly obvious that it s his antirealism and his critiue of abductive inferences which largely shape his mostly correct conclusions. Hilosophical problems of scientific and conceptual revolutions and on the not nrelated ruptures between religious and secular ways of seeing or conceiving of ourselves He explores what it is to be or not be secular and points the way toward a new relationship between secularism and science within philosop. .

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