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Sister of My Heart gI would recommend this book to anybody who reads I would recommend this book to anybody who writes and publishes or secretly writes or doesn t write but wants to or who is learning to tell stories I would recommend this book to people who don t read and would rather be playing videoames or watching a ball King Alfred's Version of St. Augustine's Soliloquies game whileulping Bud LightI would recommend this for a beach read because there are lots of brilliant short pieces that alternate with long feature articles moving and funny and totally unexpected knock the breath out you heartbreakersI would recommend this book for an education on indigenous cultures politics terrorism and travel And I would recommend This To People Who Prefer to people who prefer about human nature to two dimensional relationship stories but even if you like the flat stuff I d bet money you ll like this tooI would recommend this to people like me who love the craft and mechanics of writing and want to see a master at work I love shop talk but if you are a person who doesn t like seeing behind the curtain of how Rescuing Gus good writing happens just skip the book s introductionIn short I would recommend this book to all human beings with one caveat the writing is soood it may ruin you for anything lessHere is a video of violinist Joshua Bell playing Bach s Chaconne the piece he played in the famous subway performance that is the title of this collection It seems fitting to add this virtuoso performance to a review of a virtuoso writer The feature Fiddler in the Subway won a Pulitzer So did the feature A Fatal Distraction What happens when you pick up the last book you will ever read When the writing is so ood that it will ruin everything else for you Gene Weingarten S Writing Did That

Me This Book Is A did that for me This book is a of feature writing he has done at The Washington Post Two of the pieces won Pulitzer PrizesOnly three stories in The Great Zucchini The First Father and The Ghost of the Hardy Boys and I thought If you want to write read this book If you want to teach others to write use this book When I write I want to write like this It is beautiful masterful stuffReading further I thought I can t recommend this book I just can t It will ruin every other writer for you until the end of time I don t know if I can read anything else after this bookThen I mustered my best Jimmy Dugan voice and yelled There s no crying in journalism Why is he making me cryI read Pardon My French on the 72nd anniversary of D Day in Normandy It s the one that made GENE WEINGARTEN IS THE O HENRY OF AMERICAN JOURNALISM Simply the best storyteller around Weingarten describes the world as you think it is before revealing how it actually is in narratives that are by turns hilarious heartwarming and provocative but always memorable Millions of people know the title piece.
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The Fiddler in the Subway

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Dmit to skipping No fault of the writer I m simply well beyond my saturation point on that eneral topic Much like the corpulent diner in Monty Python s Life of Brian one mint or in this case political opinion and I will explodeAs ever try this one for yourselfEnjoy I think this Gene Weingarten Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story guy shows a lot of promise The author starts his book by explaining what makesood writing How pompous of him I thought to think he is worthy of proposing a definition He then went on to claim that he himself is a How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Folly--and the Stark Choices Ahead good writer Though I imagine now that he used a word nuanced and less common thanoodBut I very uickly noticed that the author does have this right His writing was downright delicious It was delectable It was BRILLIANT Who was this uy So I clicked the little tab at the top of my e re Gene Weingarten is the sort of writer who produces the sort of writing that should be read by those who hope to write and deliver a compelling narrative at least once a weekThe introduction is a writing course in six pages Weingarten tells us how to write well how to rab and keep readers and listeners attentionEach selection included in this altogether too brief anthology is accompanied by Weingarten s own commentary which continues his introductory instructionEach selection is masterful and profoundly humanIf you intend to tell stories of lasting import you must read and study this book A collection of stories previously published in the Washington Post Some must read and study this book A collection of stories previously published in the Washington Post Some some just okay and others so haunting that they will stay with you long after you closed the book I want to say I loved this book But I won t I can t I think it s Super Duper Awesome that there are people who can will do write so ideally technically adroitly But often the flip side of such exceptional technical writing is the emptiness in the feelings of the stories There were plenty of times I would turn the page hoping to see the end of the essay But alas no Arghhhhhh I prefer something that flows and twists and turns that may not be as rammatically correct but is filled with entrancement and an easy enjoyment But to those of you elitist intellects I think you would find ratification in many of his essays I mean he is uite popular so it s very conceivable that I m the one with the issue and not the author And finally I will tell you that the last essay was FANTASTIC It made reading the whole book worth it The Fiddler in the Subway was how he ended his book and it was tremendous I loved Too uickly Other classic stories the one about “The Great Zucchini” a wildly popular but personally flawed children’s entertainer; the search for the official “Armpit of America”; a profile of the typical American nonvoter all of them reveal as much about their readers as they do their subjects. ,

E laugh I d read most of these essays in this book already many when they were originally published But something about having them collected this way feels satisfying I aim to become a writer of this caliber one day If I et even a tenth of the way there I ll consider the effort a success First let me say that Weingarten is an incredible writer However something that he did in the introduction bothered me throughout the book He was a bit too specific about his process so It Was Difficult For was difficult for to really feel the magic of his writing I suppose I prefer to have illusion and distance The discussion of his methods and philosophy which I m sure is interesting to aspiring writers allowed me to see too deeply beyond the words into the intent I didn t feel the emotion that I usually really like in essays and I think the introduction was the reason why Even in the ut wrenching essay about babies being left to die in cars in which he admitted to once having a near miss himself I didn t feel any real emotion Contrast that to the famous Philip Becker columns by usually restrained George Will Something just felt off when he tried to engage my feelings or showed his own It just wasn t believable somehow It felt perfunctoryWhat I liked especially about his work is that he fully explores a topic from the minutae to the big point Not many do that amount of burrowing He would come at the theme from several different way and often connected them in surprising and creative ways I think this thoroughness is my favorite aspect of his writing For anyone interested in the mechanics of writing this book serves and an excellent primer Weingarten like all masters of any craft makes it all look uite effortless Point of view character development compelling subjects judicious placement of personal attitude It s all there Each story lends itself to the study of what works attitude It s all there Each story lends itself to the study of what works writing For readers who simply enjoy the thrill of a carnival ride and have no interest in the ears and cogs and pulleys in the undercarriage step right up Most of these stories I thoroughly enjoyed My particular Favorite Is The Opener About is the opener about children s party clown sorry I don t have the book nearby and I do not remember the uy s name This one story is worth the effort to et the book and truly makes up for any shortcomings elsewhere By the way I challenge you to actually find a shortcoming One other story veered into the political commentary realm and while Weingarten s style is pleasing I About violinist Joshua Bell which originally began as a stunt What would happen if you put a world class musician outside a Washington DC subway station to play for spare change Would anyone even notice The answer was no Weingarten’s story went viral becoming a widely referenced lesson about life lived.