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Illfully suspend both knowledge and belief and indulge in wholesale acceptance that this is the actual Heidi s actual diary that we might have An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) found tumblingrom some suitcases in her Maine attic along with other sacred objects such as her tap handle and perhaps a ew of her many misplaced wallets As with my horrifically self referential song it takes tremendous talent to artistically render actual reality in such an extravagantly hyperbolically transcendent manner that it serves the cause of revealing an Even More Actual Reality in which oneself and others can truly be known and understood in an illuminating meaningful useful wayThis *was all or the best and after going *all Wish Upon a Wedding for the best and after going separate ways everything turned out way betteror both of us even way better than ever seemed remotely likely or deserved so there s no need to We Got the Neutron Bomb: The Untold Story of L.A. Punk feel bad about this anecdote *oror anyone I m honestly at about 35 stars or this one *for anyone I m honestly at about 35 stars or this one this book every night was like having coffee with your smartest girlfriend I loved that about it Its weaknesses are mostly inherent to the diary Richard Nixon: The Life format Writing a daily essay that connects to something you did that day is somewhat limiting though Julavits certainly makes the most of it I m sure it s interesting than a memoir approach to documenting a year in her lifeOn the other hand with so many small looks into one moment or conversation or experience in a day the larger strokes of life get left behind a bit And the out of order presentation with Julavits being in New York in winter then Maine in Summer then Italy in Fall is interesting but I m not sure it works better than it would have chronologically It never gets past the gimmick phase into something notable Still I like Julavits and as a blogger I see great value in taking time to write about something that happens in your life andraming it in a readable way Many of her stories are laugh out loud I Am Cow, Hear Me Moo! funny many are deeply resonant many stop just short and leave you wanting She s a great writer she s rarely boring and she s rarely expected Some of the highest compliments I can give Today Iinished this book and wondered why those who seem to spend an extraordinary amount of time swimming in the pool of their own reflection can t seem to ind the deep end of the pool April 23Today I inished Heidi Julavits The Folded Clock and resumed a book I d barely started Eckhart Tolle s A New Earth It s interesting how the disparate books you happen to be reading at or near the same time interact with each other in your brain and complement the experience of reading the other even Puppet Master for someone like me whose book choices haveollowed no singular logic pulled in many directionsI am working Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners for aew months at a bookstore before I start a PhD program in English literature in the Janae (Blacktop, fall This situation places a number of competing demands on my reading time On one hand these months before my program begins will likely be the last period of my lifeor a long time when I will be able to read what I Trayal and loyalty riendship and romance aith and ate marriage and amily desire and death gossip and secrets art and ambition      The Folded Clock is as playful as it is brilliant a tour de orce by one of the most gifted prose stylists in American letter. Was reminded of a very difficult and troubled time in my younger days One notable day during this time I observed to my then boyfriend the opinion that I d identified a particular song that perfectly reflected my current interior state if that interior state were to have sonic attributesI passed my headphones to the boyfriend and watched his ace undergo one of the rapid transformations I ve had cause to *witness To the present day this remains the only time I ve heard someone truly sputter with indignation And this *To the present day this remains the only time I ve heard someone truly sputter with indignation And this was no common sputterer Rather he was an American Literature doctoral student self endowed with an endless supply of elouent phrases to expound upon all things and rom whom not even the most slender and crumbling literary margin was safe rom wryly lowing penned commentary But and crumbling literary margin was safe rom wryly Dont Hex with Texas (Enchanted, Inc., flowing penned commentary But time and surely this time alone he indeed sputtered and indignantly so The sentiment that eventually emergedrom all the sputtering was that we should most judiciously consider a breakup as my chosen song clearly represented a horrible terrifying interior state that was over insulting to him as his rightfully intended paramour would have no sound basis Spanish Dagger (China Bayles, for owning much less publicly advertising such aucked up and Everyday life in medieval times further aesthetically repugnant interior stateNow I can admit todayrom my place of maturity and mental and relational wellness that yes *the song is maybe possessed of a complexity that is alienatingly discordant at best and at worst somewhat alarming rom *song is maybe possessed of a complexity that is alienatingly discordant at best and at worst somewhat alarming rom mental healthhygiene and psychological irst aid perspective While the song might be said to possess an eerie beauty a listener such as the boyfriend may very well have been justified in assuming that nothing of any substantial and enduring goodness could been ostered by the repeated listens and intense willful self identification with which I bestowed the songAnd yet what incredible power that song wielded to compel such extreme and mutually repellent reactions in two individuals whom up to that point had Dead Giveaway fancied themselves likeminded and mutually positively disposed This mere artistic creation catalyzed aormidable argument that Andrew Lost In the Kitchen formed theundamental tectonic crack that rather uickly blossomed into the abysmal San Andreas Fault of our doomed Union And how by succeeding in constructing or each of us a Sense of the other s Personhood so Real so More Us Than Even Us that it overrode or perhaps even exorcised our existing senses of the other person that had been based on the apparently shoddy evidence of our real world workaday interactionsAnd that is the kind of similarly powerful Performance of Self that Julavits demonstrates in this book although to a ar benign end She succeeds in being More Her Than She Even Is a masterful achievement that is a thrill to witness Even though this diary is actually a mischievous experimental literary project and although its version of Heidi Julavits is Nope fundamentally aictional character the author s creative skill is such that we are able to Aranoid tax auditor”     Thus was born a desire to try again to chronicle her daily life as a Rejected Rejected Rejected fortysomething woman wife mother and writer The dazzling result is The Folded Clock in which the diaryorm becomes a meditation on time and self youth and aging be. .
I have been seeing a lot of chatter about this book in various book reviews see below or a couple and as a constant journaler myself I m always on the look out Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz for diaries or journals by interesting people who share my passion I have not read anything by Heidi Julavits so went in knowing absolutely nothing about herAtirst I ll admit I thought she was a bit unstable Some of her admissions irked me and I Buck: A Memoir found myself totally being a dick and judging her But then as I read I actuallyound myself giggling at some of her entries As I read I realized that she is an honest person on the honesty Oh, the Things They Invented!: All About Great Inventors front in a minute and beorewarned it may seem contradictory when I go into it again with honest eelings and that s what diaries into it again with honest eelings and that s what diaries all about right If you can t admit the truth to yourself there s no real hope Five Days Left for you Julavits is an author but she s a regular person just like every author She has some down periods she sometimes thinks her kids are assholes she is not glamorous and that s what I appreciate I don t want a glammed up version of someone s life because I wouldn t necessarily believe that anyway No one is perfect all the time and someone who writes a diary or a journal as if they are perfect is a lazy liar and a totally inauthentic person Iound some of her entries similar to things I might to my best Searching for Robert Johnson friend someone else who doesn t judge me at least not openly and knows that while I might be threatening to cut someone because I mrustrated with them I am not seriously going to do it That s how I Blood on Silk felt reading JulavitsNow about that honesty What s interesting about this book isrom what I can understand anyway that she wrote this with the intention of publishing it This leads me to uestion just how honest all of it is Maybe it is polished than I originally thought But does that make it bad No not necessarily It still shows an interesting writer with a talent She still wrote things that not many people would admit to themselves or others and there s a sort of artistic bravery in that without waxing too poetic about itOverall I enjoyed this Each entry starts with Today I and she undresses her day in Buzz: A Graphic Reality Check for Teens Dealing With Drugs and Alcohol front of us The entries are short which made reading on the bus especially enjoyable and her wry sense of humor had me giggling out loud which I rarely do Atirst not knowing anything about her the way she self deprecatingly wrote about herself I had her pegged as a much older woman somewhat matronly and dowdy And then I looked her up and realized I was way off base but that amused me in and of itself because I too tend to describe myself as some older woman too worn out by life and experience to come across *AS FRESH AND GREEN LIKE A PUPPY ANY OVERALL *fresh and green like a puppy any Overall good read I Honoring the Medicine: The Essential Guide to Native American Healing fully intend to read some of heriction now as well to see if that same sort of humor comes across in all of her writing I also have to give a shout out to whoever created the cover because that is just lovelyThe New York Times Sunday Book ReviewHuff Po Today when reading this book Like many young people Heidi Julavits kept a diary Decades later she ound her old diaries in a storage bin and hoped to discover the early evidence of the person and writer she’d since become Instead “The actual diaries revealed me to possess the mind of a The Folded Clock