[PDF/EPUB] The Fourth Friend DI Jackman DS Evans #3

Ious works Blog Tour REVIEWPOLICE DETECTIVE CARTER MCLEAN HAS JUST Detective Carter Mclean has just to work after being on sick leave or Eighteen MonthsHe Has Been Recovering monthsHe has been recovering the injuries he sustained in a plane crash which resulted in the death of his our best Green Metropolis: The Extraordinary Landscapes of New York City as Nature, History, and Design friendsHe isull of guilt because he was the sole survivor and has decided to complete a task that they left unfinishedEighteen months before the crash Suzanne Hollandwho was the wife of one of Carter s The Magic Cake Shop four bestriends disappeared leaving a room with traces of blood but no other tracesAdding to the team s pressurethe Boss s daughter has a stalkerDue to the sensitivity of the Holland caseCarter is put on the stalker investigationDS Marie Evens is the only person Carter can confide inBut even sh When something terrible happened there was always than one victim Disaster had a ripple effect like a pebble thrown into a lake drawing in many people than those directly involvedDetective Carter McLean and his our riends head to Amsterdam or a bachelors weekend when their plane goes down and Carter is the lone survivor But his riends visit him regularly and their visits are accompanied by the smell of smoke Carter has survivors guilt and Beauty is a Verb: The New Poetry of Disability feels that he must complete a last taskor each of his riends and as he does they leave him one by one The ourth American Hunger: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Washington Post Series friend is Tom whose wife Suzanne has been missing and presumed deador eighteen months When Carter returns to work he becomes involved in her case and works to solve the mystery of her disappearance despite the reservations of his boss and his psychiatrist The ending was sad and certainly a surprise The cast of characters was well developed especially Carter s partner Marie and his shrink Laura I liked the way the different teams worked together instead of against each other while working on an unrelated stalker case I have not read other books in the series but will be adding them to the to be read mountain Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher The Mother Zone for an ARC in exchangeor an honest review. Se team THIS BOOK IS NOT PART OF THE NIKKI GALENA SERIES BUT TAKES PLACE IN THE SAME STUNNING AREA Perfect or ans of Rachel Abbott Sarah A Denzil Robert Bryndza Mel Sherratt Angela Marsons Colin Dexter or Ruth Rendell ALSO BY JOY ELLISTHE NIKKI GALENA SERIESBook 1 CRIME ON THE FENSBook 2 SHADOW OVER THE FENSBook 3 HUNTED ON THE FENSBook 4 KILLER ON THE FENSBook 5 STALKER ON THE FENSBook 6 CAPTIVE ON THE FENSBook 7 BURIED ON THE FENS JACKMAN EVANSBook 1 THE MURDERER’S SONBook 2 THEIR LOST DAUGHTERSBook 3 THE FOURTH FRIE. E disappearance and stalking cases are investigated I The Poke Cookbook: The Freshest Way to Eat Fish found it and difficult to stay interested At times the book is slow especially the investigation into Suzanne Holland s disappearance There is a lot of constant worry about Carterrom Marie and rom Carter s psychiatrist Laura Archer After awhile it gets repetitive and distracting If they are that worried about him having a mental breakdown he probably shouldn t be on duty should he Unfortunately this is one of those cases where a book just didn t work or me It s my The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War first book in the series but I don t think reading theirst two would have made me like The Fourth Friend any better It doesn t have the pacing I like and the characters are hardly described except or Carter There is a character list at the end of the book with details about the characters but I didn t realize it was there until I inished the book so it doesn t really help there until I Tattoo a Banana: And Other Ways to Turn Anything and Everything Into Art finished the book so it doesn t really help think it should be at the beginning of the book I did not connect with any of the characters and I also constantlyound my mind wandering while reading the book I just couldn t remain interested The ending is not predictable but it is certainly awful I don t think I ll be revisiting this series This is a 35 star readDare I say it I ound the beginning of this third offering in the Jackman and Evans series uite boring which is almost sacrilegious because I genuinely love anything written by the author I m glad I persevered though as by the time I d reached about a third of the way into the book the pace picked up dramatically and I was riveted by the varied investigations which ended up being connected and were woven together superbly culminating in a shocking revelatory and heart breaking ending This was very much a psychological crime MYSTERY WITH HEAVY EMPHASIS ON THE with heavy emphasis on the shocking revelatory and heart breaking ending This was very much a psychological crime mystery with heavy emphasis on the and was very current with the topic of abuse within relationshipsAn enjoyable entertaining read that galloped home towards the end nevertheless I elt this offering not uite up to par with the author s prev. D case Carter is put on this investigation DS Marie Evans is the only person Carter can confide in But even she begins to doubt whether he can really cope and whether he is actually losing his mind Jackman Evans The Protestant Temperament face a battle to untangle three mysteries and can they really believe theirriend and colleague Carter THE DETECTIVESDS Marie Evans lost her husband in a motorbike accident and has personal connections to the case DI Jackman leads the team He is extremely smart and has a knack or bringing out the best in his diver. ,

Detective Carter McLean was the only survivor of a plane crash that killed his our best The Radiant Child friends He returns to work but he isull of guilt and has terrible lashbacks He decides to complete a task that each of his our The Internet of Us: Knowing More and Understanding Less in the Age of Big Data friends left unfinished DS Marie Evans is the only person that Carter can confide in Jackman and Evans are currently investigating the disappearance of Suzanne Holland the wife of one of Carters bestriends This is a well written book with a great plot line The characters are believable It s tense and uick pace kept me turning the pages There are a lot of red herrings thrown in to keep pages There are a lot of red herrings thrown in to keep guessing The ending is uite sadI would like to thank Joffe Books and the author Joy Ellis or my ARC in exchange or an honest review I received a copy of The Fourth Friend via Netgalley in exchange Tempting Eden for an honest reviewIn the third book of Joy Ellis DI Rowan Jackman DS Marie Evans series Suzanne Holland has disappearedrom her home leaving behind a bloody room but no other clues Almost a year and half later the case Remains Unsolved During This Time unsolved During this time husband along with his Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, four bestriends Talking to Dragons fly to Amsterdamor a bachelor party but their plane goes down There is only one survivor Carter McLean a police detective He is left with an enormous amount of survivor s guilt and work is his coping mechanism After six months on desk duty he returns to Three Times the Love full duties but some of his colleagues aren t sure it s a good idea The Suzanne Holland case is still open but due to her late husband being one of Carter s bestriends who died in the plane crash Carter is not allowed to work that case Instead he is assigned to work on a stalking CASE THE VICTIM IS THE NIECE The victim is the niece their boss and apparently Carter s arch enemy Superintendent Ruth Crooke While he works that case he is visited by the ghosts of his The Drowning Man fourriends who each have unfinished business Carter goes on a mission to complete their last wishes He eventually confides in Marie but she understandably worries about his mental state As th. Police detective Carter McLean is the only survivor of a plane crash that kills his The Bride of Willow Creek four bestriends He returns to work but he is left GREAT INVESTMENT, THE full of guilt and terriblelashbacks For each of his our riends he decides to complete a task that they left unfinished Eighteen months before the crash Suzanne Holland disappeared leaving a room with traces of blood but no other leads Suzanne was the wife of one of Carter’s The Lively Art of Writing four bestriends Adding to the pressure the boss’s daughter has a stalker Due to the sensitivity of the Hollan. ,
The Fourth Friend DI Jackman DS Evans #3