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Pe and evoke an even plain upon which these ghost and corporeal friends meet in the same form The son Spencer is ept to the background as I prefer it and mercifully so is their Aunt I don t find myself liking her nor the ice cream seller mailman their Aunt I don t find myself liking her nor the ice cream seller mailman about these novels is orchestrated into a pleasurable journey that has enabled me to leave 5 star feedbackI didn t now The Ghost The Dead Man s Library is about Edgar Allan Poe His innate vibrancy exudes delicious drama His poetry was eerie speculation about his short life persists and one of the world s most valuable books is his Whether or not The Poe Code is a real cipher among his volumes I loved the subject The Aunt receives Edgar s volumes from an infirm friend and Penelope s professor friend nows the legend and itches to crack it A criticism from me emerges here You would Singing the Law keep uiet about having this collection A stockroom boy wouldn t unwrap it for you with the warehouse door open and you couldn t be bullied by telephone into selling any of the volumes Tell callers they were mistaken or declare books sold It struck me as stupid that the Auntept being strong armed into sellingUnknown treasure by an eccentric author is my idea of a riveting mystery There s crime in pursuit of it but for a change here is a genuine pure mystery Concealing those responsible for the side action is cleverly accomplished This adventurous atmospheric novel is woven skilfully I can t really put my finger on what bothers me about this series I did just read the first three books all in a row in a weekend so it may just be overdose The first one was best but they all get three stars thanks to my rating system and the good old vague three stars Maybe they go slightly downhill because there isn t too much new or developing throughout thus far this woman in a small town has been connected with how many murders by now Like six And her husband s suicide I would Alchemic keep an eye on this lady She s finallyind of begun to believe that Jack the ghost is real and not a figure of her imagination but she still fights that she is attracted to him and We Sell Drugs keeps turning down any playing around in her dreams by saying she is married Iept expecting this to become an actual discussion of if she is still considered married since death is clearly not the end But it doesn t Just another opportunity for 1940 s noir detective slang The slang is ind of fun but it gets to be a lotI also got sick of the clever skipping around book titles thingshe puts out the new Dan Brown omg this book is about a code too See what they did there and lots of the format things were like this throwing me out of the book Do we really need two or out of the book Do we really need two or breaks in each book so that Pen can tell us about their accent Or that one character won on Jeopardy Or that Pen s aunt has Shirley Maclaine highlightsThen it may be nitpicky but there is something so unfeminist about Pen s interactions with Jack And it s not his 1940s views on women It s how she always crumples when he is around and lets him take over how she is useless when she is dreaming in his time how she puts lights on when she breaks into a house how she is always being attacked by large men with masks on how she is only allowed to be something other than a delicate flower when Jack is telling her what to dosay or when she is being mama bear for her son By the time she had been assaulted and arrested and rammed off the side of the road by another car I was sick of itI will probably pick up another one in the series at some point just to see if anything goes anywhere but the mystery parts don t interest me and while it. Works Rumor has it a secret code trapped within the pages leads to buried treasure But it see. .
A ghostly gumshoe for a partner in a haunted bookstore and murder Penelope and Sadie Are Given A Complete Set given a complete set Phelp s Poe books As their employee is unpacking the box he finds something which point to a puzzle in the books But is it true Why all the deaths related to these books Penelope is arrested and has to set out to clear her name and solve the mystery with the help of Jack and her friendsI enjoyed this book I like that Jack had a case similar to this one and shows Penelope how to solve the mystery I felt the mystery was well done It ept me enthralled I wanted to Literature of Africa know if the puzzle existed and what was the solution I also wanted tonow who the murderer was I am loving this series and cannot wait to read the next one A young widow Penelope who is a partner in a rare bookstore is given a uniue 13 volume set of the works of Edgar Allan Poe to sell Within minutes of picking up the set of books the owner dies in a fall down his stairs The trouble is that the man was very elderly had trouble with stairs and lived only on the first floor of his home It looks like murder to Penelope It just do happens that only on the first floor of his home It looks like murder to Penelope It just do happens that is haunted by the benevolent ghost of Jack Shepard a private investigator who died violently in the bookstore half a century ago Jack the Ghost cares very much about Penelope looks out for her and gives her advice This is a good thing because Penelope can use all of the help she can get Someone wants the Poe colletion so badly that he is willing to ill to get it First Penelope is *ATTACKED THEN ONE OF PENELOPE S * then one of Penelope s and then one of Penelope s customers is illedThis book is half Ghost and Mrs Muir and half Da Vinci Code A group of Poe scholars work together to help Penelope crack the Poe Code in order to find a hidden treasure Unbeknownst to everyone but Penelope Penelope is getting supernatural assistance to solve parallel mysteries of two oval portraitsThis book is pure fun to read The relationship between the ghost and Penelope is a little to sexually charged for my tastes and sometimes Penelope doesn t behave as maturely as I d expect from a single mother raising a 10 year old But the book is undeniably interesting and has a lot of allusions to Poe and to the great detective novels of Raymond Chandler This series is such an interesting twist to the paranormalcozy cross over You have the ghost of a PI illed in the late 1940 s haunting a modern day bookshop and only one of the co owner s Penelope can hear him and at times see him Since she discovered that by carrying a buffalo nickel that once belonged to him in her pocket allows him to go where she goes she doesn t leave home without it In this book Pen and her aunt go to collect some items to sell in the store from an old friend of the Aunt s but when they discover his body things start going awry and once again it looks like Pen is going to be on the hook for the crime if she doesn t solve it soon Well done and very entertaining reading as the story switches from modern day to the 40 s and back again The characters are well developed likeable and relatable so you can t help reading just one chapter until you finish the book This is the second one of this series that I ve read I love the interactions between Pen and Jack The story is a bit thin though but I love the settling and like the people in it This series fulfills the perspective of a forty year old in a ghost environment and needs to continue The ethereal is abundant even if not spooky or unexpected Jack is original teaching detective instincts through dreams of solved 1940s cases They are informative to me never mind Penelo. Bookshop owner Penelope Thornton McClure has just received a rare collection of Poe's complete. Was an enjoyable read there are better things out there I just want to now if she s gonna bang that ghost I still love Jack Shepard although I m glad that the use of doll and baby were toned down in his vocabulary Not that it doesn t fit his character but in the last book it was so overused that it got a bit annoying And that s just my opinion I do like getting to now Jack s history by seeing it through And that s Just My Opinion I Do Like Getting To Know Jack my opinion I do like getting to now Jack history by seeing it through s dreams That definitely seems like it could happen in a realistic fantasy world Third in the Haunted Bookshop mystery series set in uindicott Rhode Island revolving around the ghost of a private investigator Jack Shepherd murdered in the bookstore back in 1949 and Penelope McClure a partner in today s bookstoreThe StoryAn old boyfriend of Sadie s hands them a plum the complete set of the Edgar Phelps editions of Edgar Allan Poe s works an 1838 Audubon folio Caritat s 1738 edition of Weiland Their discussion about this plum takes place in very mysterious circumstances ending in an accidental deathThings only get mysterious when Brainert reveals there is a Poe Code a series of riddles that lead to a treasure A treasure which a number of increasingly vicious people wantMy TakeI do enjoy this series for a combination of reasons Kimberly s mastery of 1940s slang the juxtapostion of the situations that Pen investigates versus Jack s own cases back in the day and of course it s a bookstore What could a booklover like me wantIn this case however there were a few oddities I mean why doesn t Peter tell Sadie and Pen about his Poe consultant especially if Peter Chesley was worried about the person s intentions Kimberly never came up with a reasonable excuse for this I did love how the bullying situation was resolved and Pen s sudden understanding of her own situation was absolutely lovely I did love her handling of the principalAnd Pen eeps doing such stupid things Every time she breaks and enters she doesn t pay attention If you re gonna turn lights on stuff something under the door Lock the damn door so you ll have some warning Duhwhere is Jack when she s screwing up like thisI did love learning about Poe however I ve never really paid much attention as he s just too horrific and depressing for me but I do so love to learnIf you enjoy mysteries books detecting and the 1940s you will so enjoy this very homey and friendly series The CoverThe cover is perfect The oval mirror and portrait the raven above the roaring fire in the fireplace surrounded by the Haunted Bookshop signature frame of an art deco stained glass border with Jack s signature fedora floating before the mirror The title is certainly apt as with ghostly assistance Penelope solves the riddle of The Ghost and The Dead Man s Library The Ghost and the Dead Man s Library is the third book in the Haunted Bookshop Mystery Penelope Thornton McClure and her Aunt Sadie are given a rare collection of Edgar Allan Poe s works Within an hour the gentleman who donated the books is found dead uickly thereafter some of the leather bound books are purchased for high sums of money Before long one of the buyers is found dead and Penelope is arrested for a crime she didn t commit It was rud the books contained a secret code which would lead to treasure With help from her friends in her uibblers group she tries to solve the mystery and clear her name Fun fast paced mystery I love the relationship between Penelope and the Ghost of Jack Shepard the hard boiled Private Investigator who died of lead poisoning in her shop years ago and was now bound to stay there He helps her solve the mystery as well 1940 s gumshoe. Ms everyone who buysdies Now Pen will need resident ghost PI Jack Shepard to help crack the ca. The Ghost And The Dead Man's Library Haunted Bookshop Mystery Book 3