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Vermeer to Eternity lHe d soon be killed That s probably not a response you want to evoke in your readers but then again Box has gone in a darker direction with this one so maybe that was his intentionAnd the biggie the mid novel plot twist I say twist but I m really thinking shocker Trying not to be spoilery but it s impossible to express my thoughts here without it being fairly obvious what happens Cody Hoyt is basically out of the series named for him This to me was just unacceptable I put the book down and it was nearly two weeks before I could pick it up again and finish it and by finish I mean skim to the end I felt cheated almost as if I d been on the receiving end of a bait and switch scheme Admittedly I tend to get very attached to protagonists and Hoyt was such an imperfect hero that I had invested uite aot in rooting for him and hoping that he d eventually get his act together despite himself It was maddening then to have that yanked so precipitously away in no small part because it comes across very much Heaven to Betsy like Box had written himself into a corner with Hoyt s character and instead of finding a way out of it took the easy route and simply dispensed of the troubled man I might not have been so annoyed if the secondary character who takes over the chase had been introduced with depth but she seemed too much a barely there supporting character up to that point and though she became dimensional after that point the book suffered for her weak development in the beginning I never felt any connection with her probably because I m still smarting over what happened to HoytSo with this disappointment behind me I m still very muchooking forward to the next Joe Pickett novel and crossing all fingers and toes that Box doesn t make a similar move with him I admire an author taking such risks if the story demands but yeah killing off Joe would break my heart in eight million tiny pieces so if you read this Mr Box don t Just don t I might or might not read the next novel in this now misnamed Cody Hoyt series If I do it will be via the So B. It library The Lizard King is aoathsome creature a Cabaret long haul truck driver who preys on young women mostly prostitutes Lizards picked up at truckstops Once drugged and kidnapped he is free to do whatever he wants with them in his truck or back home in a specially euipped room Since he s Truth is I m wavering between 3 12 stars and 4 but since the former isn t possible here and I am wavering Il stick with 4 But I l also say up front that if you re one whose taste doesn t run toward gruesome and gory you might want to pass on this oneThis is the second book featuring seriously flawed Montana police investigator Cody Hoyt the first Back of Beyond was published in 2011 and while I gave it 5 stars uite a few readers didn t agree the average AT THE TIME OF THIS WRITING the time of this writing 4 stars based on 154 customer reviews at com Here after it was discovered that Hoyt a recovering alcoholic and rogue cop customer reviews at com Here after it was discovered that Hoyt a recovering alcoholic and rogue cop evidence at a crime scene in an effort to get an arrest and conviction on the person he knew was guilty he was unceremoniously dumped from the department Now without a job he earns from his once estranged son Jason that Jason s former girlfriend and her sister apparently have gone missing perhaps ost in the wilds of Yellowstone Or is it even worse and they ve been kidnappedHoyt of course sets out to find the girls much to the consternation of his rookie partner Cassie Dewell who ultimately plays a significant role in this book Soon Hoyt earns they weren t the first to disappear in the area But the uestion remains who s behind it And will the girls be found alive The answers and several turns of events definitely will come as big surprises But the biggest surprise of all I m afraid is not a pleasant one I ve read one of C J Box s novels in the Joe Pickett series so I selected this stand alone novel expecting a good read It is that but I must admit it scared the heck out of me I couldn t wait for the end because I couldn t take much The story is about a ong haul trucker who preys on young women calling himself the Lizard King This guy is scary because he s such a thorough planner and so inhuman Most of his VICTIMS ARE THE PROSTITUTES CALLED LOT LIZARDS WHO WORK are the prostitutes called ot En plein coeur lizards who work stops simply going from truck to truckooking for customers Many are drug addicts and many are too old and ugly to make their The Bookshop on the Shore living any other wayTwo teenage girls are heading north supposedly to visit their father but the eldest instead turns off their route toward Helena Montana to check on her boyfriend because he is apparently not so stuck on her any Her sister doesn t want to do this but has to go along Then they and their car vanishI can t tell you any without spoilers but this plot will have you on the edge of your seat As for characters I thought the bad guys were better portrayed than the good guys but then aot of the action is theirs and Box concentrated on describing them and their methodsC J Box is an excellent writer whose plots are elegantly constructed for maximum page turning effectRecommended readingSource Vin. Unting ground for a killer whose viciousness is outmatched only by his intelligence And he might not be working alone Time is running out for Gracie and DanielleCan Cassie overcome her doubts and ack of experience and use her innate skill Can Cody Hoyt battle his own demons and find this killer before another victim vanishes on the highwa. ,
Ll his books as misogynistic as The HighwayIn The Beginning The Reader Is Introduced the beginning the reader is introduced the repulsive Lizard King a ong haul trucker who preys on truck stop prostitutes as he sits in a parking The Art of Memoir lot scoping out his next victim The reader immediately grasps that this man is sick and twisted heives to rape torture and murder women sometimes keeping them prisoner for weeks We The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life laterearn he also films his perverse hobby And he is not alone The Lizard King has two other companions that are involved in his depraved treatment of the women Just reading *WHAT DRIVES THESE SADISTS MAKES THE * drives these sadists makes the feel slimy and sickenedUnfortunately for two teenage girls traveling through Montana with only one brain between them the Lizard King kidnaps them On the phone he gleefully tells his cohorts he has fresh meatWhen they disappear an ex boyfriend of one of the girls calls his dad Cody Hoyt a police detective disappear an ex boyfriend of one of the girls calls his dad Cody Hoyt a police detective a recovering alcoholic is known for playing rough making his own rules and was recently fired for planting evidence His partner Cassie Dewell described uite freuently as overweight is new to the force and was grudgingly hired due to enforced affirmative action Nobody ikes Cody and nobody respects CassieIn a race against time the two detectives try to track the girls along the vast expanse of the Montana highway system A daunting job that completely changes gears halfway through the book when Cody disappears and Cassie is eft alone Despite desperately begging other appallingly chauvinistic police officers to help her find the girls she is stonewalled by their indifference and total disrespect for her Regardless of the fact that the girls ages would make their disappearance an instant Amber Alert the Thanksgiving weekend coming up and well nobody is able to spare an officer or twoWhat complete rubbishTo his credit Box is able to keep the reader in suspense concerning the fate of the girls Locked inside a bunker wearing nothing but their underwear they are in constant fear as the three men threaten them with what will happen to them And when the men realize they themselves are being hunted they start to turn on each otherAs a reader I felt no compelling connection with any of the characters None were ikable complex or even interesting I had no desire to delve real deeply into this novel and found myself skimming the ast third of the book Perhaps Box has written better work in the past but this novel with it s open ended threat to continue the story does not inspire me to find out C J Box writes great mysteries set in the Rocky Mountain west but this was not among his better works Back of Beyond his first Cody Hoyt novel was a great read and my expectations of The Highway were for another so I was disappointed in this second I kept waiting for a twist or turn to grab me but that didn t happen With one exception I felt that the events of The Highway unlike C J Box s other works book were predictable and and not particularly interesting I can t be any specific without including spoilers Disclaimer I received a free advanced readers copy of this book though I PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition like would have bought the book simply on the strength of CJ Box being the author as I m a huge Joe Pickett fan and I enjoyed the first Cody Hoyt book Back of Beyond I keep Joe Pickett novels in fact on perpetual pre order without a thought modeFirst the book s strengths The setting As always Box provides a great sense of place in this case the world of truckers and the usual rural areas of Wyoming and Montana near Yellowstone His description of the typical truck stop seems spot on from my admittedly non trucker experience with the one near my town which is in a rural area along an interstate I ve been in the truck stop at various times and there s definitely a truckers vs civilians vibe and never the twain really meet I could definitely feel the pulse of the interstate in this novel Interstates to the casual eye seem relatively benign places that we zip along in our automotive cocoons but anyone who sived near one can tell you the dangers zipping by from drug runners to murderers and rapists Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography looking for victims As outlandish as the Lizard King might seem it s not too far a stretch to believe such a criminal could exist The general plot Box always does well to put together thrillers with a twist and this is no exception generally speaking The plot moves along fairly uickly and comes togetherogically and there s a sense of urgency throughoutSome of the characters I enjoyed seeing Justin again Hoyt s son And I The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, liked Gracie s pluck and spiritBut now for the reasons I could only give the book 2 starsThe characters The book really should have been called The Lizard King because it seemedike most of the best detailed chapters centered on him Box created uite an evil criminal and while it s interesting I guess to see into the mind of a reprobate serial killer it s also disturbing and not really something I enjoy I much prefer staying in the head of the good guy Also one of the victims a teenage girl was so annoying I found myself actually hoping that Y his son and his former rookie partner Cassie Dewell he begins the drive south to the girls' ast known ocation As Cody makes his way to the onely stretch of Montana highway where they went missing Cassie discovers that Gracie and Danielle Sullivan aren't the first girls who have disappeared in this area This majestic andscape is the .


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Everyone has an off day and CJ Box must have had a number of them when he wrote this clunker CJ Box must have had a number of them when he wrote this clunker usually really enjoy his writing including the entire Joe Pickett series and the The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl lead in to this book Back of Beyond and wasooking forward to the continued adventures of Cody Hoyt Thanks to a very bad decision on the author s part midway through this book that s not going to happenThe premise of the book was distasteful and unoriginal a psychopathic Exile and Pilgrim long haul trucker and his accomplices who prey on truck stop hookers and other unlucky girls and women andacking in suspense since there s no real mystery about who s doing what to whom Best thing about the book was that Box did not get into engthy gratuitous descriptions of the horrors inflicted on the unfortunate victimsIt seems ike there s a seuel Hannah Montana: The Movie looming and I usually find that when an author starts recycling the villain it does not bode well for the series One encounter with this POS was than enough The rest of the remaining characters except for Gracie were not developed enough to make me want to read about them I wasted enough time with this disappointing book so will give any seuel a passIook forward to Box s next Joe Pickett book and other stand alone books and hope that The Highway was just the result of him taking a wrong turn on a bad day Some spoiler ish stuff but I will try and speak in generalities If you ike disgusting bad guys that are dispicable and pure evil come right this way If you are ooking for politically correct bad guys that are respectful hold doors for adies help get puppies out of trees then DO NOT ENTER It appears that many of the ow ratings for this book are because these bad guys are too mean and extreme but I ove how disgusting they are and how much it makes you want them to get their comeuppance I think if you ike really BAD bad guys you gotta try this out Also this book has some no holds barred western justice and attitude There are a couple of plot twists I just could not believe It was a fun ride on The Highway First Sentence Lewis and Clark County Montana Sheriff s Department Investigator Cassandra Dewell winced when a pair of headlights broke over a rise onto a ong treeless bench in the foothills of the Big Belt Mountains north of Helena The first thing readers need to know is that this is definitely not a Joe Picket book If you are expecting Joe s Dudley Do Right morality do not read this book That said The elements of Box style which hold are very visual descriptions occasionally so than some might care for and excellent dialogue being top among them As many of the characters in this book previously appeared in Back of Beyond I greatly appreciated that Box summarizes the first story providing characters in this book previously appeared in Back of Beyond I greatly appreciated that Box summarizes the first story providing back story and relationships of the characters The characterization of the two girls was very well done even down to Danielle s anthropomorphizing her car The contrast of the two sisters is excellent one being a survivor the other a victim The protagonists Cody Hoyt and Cassie Dewell are as different from one another as could be Cody hardened by ife and experience believes in doing what is necessary to get the bad guys Cassie is fairly new to the force and somewhat na ve at east in the beginning This is a much darker story than we re accustomed to from the Joe Pickett books There are points where it s ugly and very difficult to read There is an unexpected twist which is so shocking it s hard to believe it happened The story has an excellent reveal and climax as well as a very very good albeit creepy ending I applaud Mr Box for taking this slightly risky step to the dark side He is an author I believe who deserves much credit and notice than he receives The Highway was not a comfortable read but it was a very very good one As receives The Highway was not a comfortable read but it was a very very good one As audiobook reader Holter Graham did a very credible job although it s always a bit challenging having a man doing female dialogue Even so his voice did not take you out of or get in the way of the storyTHE HIGHWAY SuspensePol Proc Cody HoytCassie Dewel Montana Contemp VGBox CJ Read by Holter Graham 2nd in seriesA Macmillan Audiobook from St Martin s Press 2013 Now I can understand why people have been recommending I read C J BoxEven though I started with 2 in the Cody Hoyt series it is perfectly able to be read as a stand aloneThe writing is tense the plot taut and tight There is no mucking around just solid breath holding storylineTwo girls and their car simply vanish after detouring from their planned road trip to see their father for ThanksgivingWhen his son reports the girls missing former Police Investigator Cody Hoyt heads for their ast known A Companion to Peter Martyr Vermigli location When he fails to return his former rookie partner Cassie sets out in search of himarmed with the knowledge that these are not the first girls to just vanish in this areaAn exciting readAnd if you haven t yet read C J Box I recommend him I understand that CJ Box is a popular writer but after reading hisatest book The Highway I am The Best Four Years: How to Survive and Thrive in College (and Life) left with two uestions Does he always people his books with such unlikeable characters And are When two sisters set out across a remote stretch of Montana road to visit their friendittle do they know it will be the ast time anyone might ever hear from them again The girls and their car simply vanish Former police investigator Cody Hoyt has just ost his job and has fallen off the wagon after a ong stretch of sobriety Convinced The Highway

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