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Sugar This tastes like t The honey taste s so pale so faint t really Wishing for a Home is almost sugar water I m reminded of maple sapn buckets right at the beginning of #THE BOILING PROCESS THAT PRODUCES MAPLE #boiling process that produces maple where Dreamsnake it s still water enough to be used for steeping tea After each set of tasting notess a piece of fiction or poetry These are very varied poems gothic and unusual tales some are very sensual and erotic some are almost fairy tales and mythical She drinks the light like lemonadeSips t bit tales and mythical She drinks the light like lemonadeSips t bit liuid bitUntil the day falls dark and softLicked slow as honey cleanHer throat The Parker Sisters: A Border Kidnapping is wide as an open doorInviting honest full of songAnd the lightt wants Nach allem, was ich beinahe für dich getan hätte it tumblesnLike a girl after a rabbitShe swallows every now and thenLicks her lips parts them for Every now and then she sleepsWhile she does the Moonish manBuilds his nets chases his dogShe would take him by the handLook nto his eyes and say Love you should know better nowThe world s not for catching loveNot for having not for keepingThe world s all for sipping loveSo tilt back your head and drinkBut he will never hear her sopreocuppied with precious plansHe has no willing ear to lendWhile he mutters on and onShe wakes to uiet lonelinessDresses walks to her windowsillAnd sip by sip lick by lickDraws night back home againThere are nods to Goblin Market Angela Carter and but this s really very original stuff Temptation awakening attraction seduction and nteresting undercurrents abound The art work and llustrations are excellent It s very short and best read How to Worry Less about Money in small chunks but the wholes a delight Such an unusual book I know I ve never read anything like t and maybe never will again Very sensuous n the telling and describing of the honey using poetry stories self made myths It makes this reader want to taste them all all 28 days of honey though some definitely entice than others I first became aware of this collection when a version of Cranberry Honey appeared during the Podcastle Flash Fiction contest last year The writing blew me away so when I saw Amal at Wiscon35 I got t storypoem s based on a jar of honey Amal received as a gift sampler Such a beautiful collection The poems and stories n this need to be read slowly aloud but just under your breath and preferably barefoot So beautiful and flavorful and just deliciously synestheti. Nterwhen you can still see clumps of snow on the ground and the air s heavy with damp” The differences between the types of honey allow El Mohtar to move back and forth between the poetic and the casually contemporary with the experiment of the tasting as the unifying structure A perfect gift a hidden treasure a delight for the sens. The Honey Month


A lovely collection of poetry prose poetry and microfiction #all nspired by different types of honey I could practically taste each honey as Bettina Von Zwehl: Lament it was described experiencet #inspired by different types of honey I could practically taste each honey as A TYRANNY OF GOD it was described experiencet the stories and poems and scraps of myth unfolded It s a very sensuous and beautiful collection and for all that t s so slight t s very worth reading I might be a part time vegan but I need some of this honey Particularly the peach honey The stories and poems n this collection are short creative and lovely I hope to read by El Mohtar This s the most beautiful work of fiction I have read since I had the privilege to read Lisa L Hannett this year and I think this tiny book will stay with me for a long time The Honey Month s nspired and A Deadly Trade inspiring The writings ethereal and sweet like a flake of a sugar crystal The book Framed for Murder is what art would translate to words and the short stories and poemsn here will reform your soul Outstanding Beautiful uiet and thoughtful 35This s one book where I think t helps to have read the blurb before reading I didn t and found myself uite lost for some time It turns out that the book was nspired by a gift of honey samples each section s a riff on a different flavour and I think t really does help to know that at the beginning because the book consists of lyrical sensuous writing with little or no narrative like a collection of poems with a related theme than anything else I love gorgeous writing I often find evocative magery beguiling than a plot structured with a protagonist and antagonist And Events Leading From events leading from to B But even Squeak! in poetry wheremagery Claiming His Bought Bride / Seducing the Enemy's Daughter is the language rather than narrative I find I crave a thread of meaning a layeringmagery that leads to some unifying feeling or understanding What I experienced was like an amazing meal with delicious tastes but I had no Pêşbaziya Çîrokên Neqediyayî idea what I was eating It was like rich food that leaves you hungry I was listening to gorgeous music where the sounds were everything and I was left longing for a thread of melody to layer and unify the whole To use the book smagery I could say that a whole meal of rich and subtle honeys left me unsatisfied and craving something substantialThere certainly were repeating layered Pick Three imagesn this work mages relating not only to taste but to love and loss threads of melody but for me they ultimately didn. Amal El Mohtar’s The Honey Month with an ntroduction by Danielle Sucher ranks among the year’s most exuisite treasures This beautiful volume of short fictions and poems takes as ts nspiration the author’s tasting of 28 different kinds of honey one per day Each tasting leads to a different literary creation each entry beginning. T yield enough depth Where the Across the Table imagery was emotionalt felt somehow disconnected and unreal If the book was designed to be a set of beguiling sensuous variations on a theme Accidental Commando (Eagle Squadron it hardly seems fair to expect something different But for me the point of layeredmagery s that the work ends up touching you There were one or two sections towards the end n particular where I began to feel something but on the whole the book remained a collection of Accidental Commando intriguingmages that teased but barely moved me This could have just been me of course perhaps I just didn t get t or I read t at the wrong time Perhaps the book was designed to be playful than anything else and I m looking for depth that was never The Adventurer's Bride intended to be there Perhapst s best read slowly and over time rather than Moto ondoso stabile e altri racconti in one goI sometimes get tired of the usual way genre fictions written and this work All About Me is refreshingly different I enjoyed and appreciatedt but then Son of the Sheriff (Delta Justice, it was gone and nothing was left On the one hand I appreciatets courage and originality on the other t left me unsatisfied But I ll certainly be watching out for of this author s work This s a #book worthy of worship and I encourage you to enjoy Son of the Sheriff its succourn small doses #worthy of worship and I encourage you to enjoy The Best of Us: A Memoir its succourn small doses devotion one honey at a time My full review s over at This s a delightful little book uite remarkable It s based on a very simple dea and on a simple gift A friend of El Mohtar s gave her a gift of some samples of different types of honey With this gift she wrote a set of tasting notes and reflections for each honey 28 in all El Mohtar s a poet and writer of speculative fiction and she puts her talent to good use This all El Mohtar s a poet and writer of speculative fiction and she puts her talent to good use This an example of one of the tasting notes Day 10 French Rhododendron HoneyColour The colour of sugar dissolving n hot water that white cloudiness with a faint yellow tint I can only see when looking at t slantwise to the left of me not when I hold Annie and the Confirmed Bachelor it up to the lightSmell Stranget has almost no scent at all April in Bloom it s also crystallised sot s a bit difficult to scoop some out with the wand but Let It Snow it smells cold with an elusive citrus suirt hovering aboutts edgesTaste There s a kind of sugar cube my grandfather used to give my sister and me every morning when we were small not so much a cube as a cabochon rregularly rounded clear and cloudy by turns It was called sikkar nabet which Amorous Liaisons (Harlequin Blaze, is plant. With a description of the honeyn terms that will be familiar to wine connoisseurs “Day 3–Sag Harbor NY Early Spring Honey” which has a color “pale and clear as snowmelt” and the smell “cool sugar crystals” but also brings to mind “a stingless jellyfish I once held n my hand n Oman” The taste “like the end of wi.
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