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Relate the spelling errors But friggin hilarious This revolves around letters supposedly written and received by eight year old Andromeda in traction in a hospital with a broken femur It s a kind of seuel to The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass age 37 34 Andromeda s spelling is erratic as might be expected of a child her age and she makes amusing mistakes In Words There S words There s underlying story too Andromeda s The First Secret of Edwin Hoff parents have separated and neither of them is visiting their daughter So Adrian and Anne Plass encourage members of their church to write letters to her Andromeda also writes letters to world leaders botholitical and religious As the book rogresses she grows up a little and begins to understand the idea of God although this is uite low key It could be read as a standalone book although a lot of the humour might be lost if a reader had NOT ALREADY MET SOME OF THE CORRESPONDENTS IN THE already met some of the correspondents in the book More of a roblem for readers under the age of about fifty is that many of the oliticians and issues were contemporary to the UK in the late 1980s so some of the humour could be lost entirely I enjoyed it very much however What a very wonderful book and read on a very long lane ride. Not only replies to these letters but writes to the famous among them Cliff Richard with stern if badly spelled advice Then with the urging of Father John Andromeda decides that her family roblems will only be solved if she goes right to the top She writes to God.

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The Horizontal Epistles of Andromeda VealCould still remember most of it This is not as funny as Sacred Diaries the first but still has some laugh out loud moments a little serious then the other ones in my opinion but it is still a gem The funniest being the letter Andromedawho is an attraction writes to the Pope Out of the mouths of babes this "is a oignant statement about our disunion as a body of Christ "a oignant statement about our disunion as a body of Christ Plass writes without stooping to a level of unbelievability he writes as I suppose a 7 year old socialist from England would write Well worth the reading The Horizontal Epistles is robably the most hilarious of all of Adrian Plass s books Father John was amazing Gerald was as amusing as ever and Andromeda herself John was amazing Gerald was as amusing as ever and Andromeda herself hilarious Just re read this I have such a soft spot in my heart for this series by Adrian Plass They re laugh out loud funny and touching even though they are technically and I write this knowing full well the implications of the hrase Christian fiction Andromeda s actual epistles got on my nerves uickly the misspellings were a bit difficult and there were a lot of 80s references that This was read aloud in a round robin it is so hard to get the jokes when the reader is laughing and trying to. Ling very lonely Anne Plass mobilises the whole church into writing letters Among the old friends who Something Wicked puten to aper are Gerald Plass the enigmatic Leonard Thynn Charles Cook from Deep Joy Bible School Adrian himself and even the dreaded Mrs Flushpool Andromeda. ,
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I would robably have enjoyed this if I had read The Sacred Diaries First As There Are as there are in jokes eg ersunell roblem for stereo and the characters aren t really introduced However I soon got the hang of who was who and there are than enough new jokes to make this a very entertaining book One drawback is that i this was a funny bookandromeda broke her Lemur While Trying To while trying to mewsly and roller skate While she spends the next several weeks as an attraction in hospital she writes hilarious letters and makes some learnings The book culminates the day rior to her 9th birthday and the reader feels a lot happier for hercharacters Father John a halibut nunc Gerald Adrian Plass es son and Andromeda s friend Stenneth Flushpool church member Muther away at a olitical rally Father away too Nurse Roundpool she is lovely and baby George who has very cute little hands and little feetAndromeda writes to oliticians singers and her friends She gets repliesi found arts of this book very funny It is dated now and I wouldn t really recommend it to anyone who has contemporary books to read I skimmed the text this time around I ll admit it My last read of this book was three years ago but Readers of The Sacred Diary of Adrian Plass will recall the 'small but owerful' figure of Andromeda Veal Andromeda has broken her femur while trying to 'eat muesli and roller skate at the same time' Deserted by her separated A'dan Z'ye Yaşar Kemal parents she lies in a hospital bed fee.