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R too or be cured of whatever was ailing her But I hadn t thought that Rodda would actually go that route I didn ailing her But I hadn t thought that Rodda would actually go that route I didn expect her to make the reveal so predictable and shallow I wish that Mab had had a nobler reason for seeking out the Hungry Isle instead of the selfish one she really had hide spoiler I read this whole book in one afternoon evening Partly because I had the day off but mostly because whenever I put it down I would go back to it after 5 minutesThis series is really good If you love Emily Rodda s Previous Series You Ll series you ll this tooI m not gonna spoil anything and don t read the reviews that give too much info just read it and enjoyObviously read books 1 2 3 first This is the last in the series For some reason I couldn t find this in e book form on Kindle or Google books even though the others were there but check with your local library if you re in Australia they will probably have it or buy a copy from a bookstore BRIEF SPOILER FREE REVIEW The Hungry Isle renders poignant themes from the last two books meaningless It suffers from too many trite plot points and character revelations something you d never expect from Emily Rodda Rodda s other final books captivate you by reconciling all the story s threads and mysteries masterfully In The Hungry Isle s case the narrative promptly fizzles out after reaching an early high point 35 starsThe first time I read this series and finished it I cried it felt like I was in a book hangover Admittedly this was the first series I read while the books were coming out so it might be because of that experience But pon reread I think it s the weakest series the author has written in this Kings of Paradise (Ash and Sand universe Like the first book was a setp this book was mostly a wrap p Britta felt mostly distant throughout the entire book making it hard to connect to her Without the reveal which had fooled me this book isn t all that exciting The friendships had been put to the background there was no new book isn t all that exciting The friendships had been put to the background there was no new world building I could enjoy The overall grandness of the plot just felt lacking There was nothing that really made me love the original series or even the previous books in this series But for me this reread was also to see how much my taste has changed I still love the world of Deltora but this series just doesn t ite work for me. Tidal wave of terrorLives hang in the balance and shock follows shock as Britta's est to escape her past reaches its tumultuous climaxBook 4 in the spellbinding Star of Deltora Series. ,

It was so so good I really liked how Britta overcame everything and still kept herself as herself I love how Jewel and Sky became such good friends with her The reveal was really shocking for me and the conclusion was sweet The only thing I had a problem with was the last few chapters felt like a summary than experiencing it However with a strong yet realistic heroine I would read this again and definitely have my daughters read it a lot of plot twists in this one really enjoyed the series gonna miss britta I have previously read the other 3 books in this series last year For some reason I did not see the twist that came in this book coming like it DID I WAS REALLY HAPPY TO I was really happy to how Ms Rodda found a way to make the twist exciting Even though I am an adult I enjoyed this book series and look forward to my daughter reading in a year or so I feel that at 9 she could read and comprehend the book well however I m not sure I would want her to read some of the content at this point Happy that I previewed it before letting her read it UGh when is this going to be released on kindle what s taking so long all the others were promptly released on kindle Read the whole book in one go A classic just one chapter Ogaden guesses at bits and pieces of how it oils all en but there were plenty of surprises I will say that all the loose ends were tied a little too neatly but that s better than a messy ending with too many nanswered estions CALLED IT Ahem So aside from calling the main plot twist back in book 1 I have a couple of feelings about this bookFirst off where are my sailor lesbians Look I am a simple woman with simple tastes You send a bunch of teen girls out on a boat for three months I expect some sailor girlfriends by the end of it Being denied this made me sadAlso the thing with Mab and Britta was horrifying as well as the issues between Vashti and her father and I m angry that so many adults failed these kids in such spectacular ways Which I guess is
a good thing 
good thing since it means I somehow got invested in these kids when I wasn t lookingThat being said I did enjoy the book I enjoyed it a lot than book 2 and a bit than book 3 actually so I m glad I kept going The scene with Britta and Sky near the end was particularly fascinating for me though the last couple. The Star of Deltora has escaped Illica but home and safety are still very far away The shadows that haunt the ship are deepening Strange currents seen and nseen are sweeping Britta an. The Hungry Isle Star of Deltora #4
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Of chapters with Mab and all turned into a bit of a cluster of confusionoverall a bit of a cluster of confusionOverall a ending to a series that had its La muralla verde ups and downs Major spoilers both marked andnmarked for The Hungry Isle aheadThis book was awful So so awful I can t say enough just how disappointed I am I had expected from a great author like Emily Rodda That probably sounds harsh I do love Rodda s writing style it always keeps sounds harsh I do love Rodda s writing style it always keeps reading and wanting to know what will happen next There s always something about Rodda s style that never fails to grip me So I didn t have any problems with her actual writing It was the story part of it I was disappointed by I went into this book expecting so much especially after reading the gem that was The Towers of Illica I did have my doubts as to how Rodda would tie The New Competition up the plot threads and the romance arc and answer theestions that had cropped Domestic Slavery Considered as a Scriptural Institution by Francis Wayland and Richard Fuller up over the course of the series but I believed that since her previous books had been amazing she d be able to finish this series in the best and right way possible So I was disappointed though not entirely surprised when this was not the case Even before reading this book I did think that there should ve been than four books allotted to this series because it felt like all the plot threads the romance andestions couldn t be resolved without the ending being rushed and lacking in some elements So among other things this book felt rushed It felt lacking And I think that that could ve been avoided if there had been at least one book to tie everything p So now onto the specificsTruthfully I started out liking the plot a lot Britta was in danger the crew was on the verge of mutiny Crow showed his true colours I loved the plot ntil Britta and co arrived on the Hungry Isle view spoilerI was horrified when it was revealed that Mab had been sing Britta to get to the Hungry Isle and the King of Tier to ask the King to help her live forever or at least not die when she was meant to Really it was so predictable and cringeworthy that it almost made me sick to see it especially in a Rodda story I had already guessed that Mab knew who Britta was all along that she could have been trying to get to the Hungry Isle for some reason And I d heard a theory from another fan that Mab might want the Staff so that she could live foreve. D her friends into perilThe magic Staff of Tier has sensed them the Hungry Isle is on the prowl and Britta's dreams of winning the Rosalyn Apprentice contest will soon be swamped in ,