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Simple but when you read it you understand that life is yours and you can change it When reading the book I felt that I have a chance to make my life happier and gave up my job to have time for sport trainings it is nice that I m a student don t now hoe I could have done so being a hard working old ladySome tips from the book and my favorite extractions 168 100 000 10 45 000 30 000 30000 35 000 40 000 000 50 000 20 50 000 20 200 000 50 000 000 50 000 45 000 Easily read in an afternoon Mark Fisher s Instant Millionaire is a wonderful introduction into the concept that we create our reality Although Fisher is mainly concerned with how we create our financial future his insights translate to all areas of lifeIf you like parables this will be a particularly enjoyable read It s not heavy handed in making you get it It s simply the story of a young man who consults a rich uncle on what he should do to get rich What the uncle tells him doesn t always make sense to the young man but we travel along with him as he puts it all to the testMore easily digestible than the similar and also excellent if dated Think and Grow Rich if you re looking for a uick boost of good advice this is a fun and uick little read A well done easy to read story that offers valuable insights into how to live our lives richly Definitely has a law of attraction feel to it but the manner in which the story is told will resonate even with the most skeptical reader 25 It s just a feel good yippie shit story With same old overly passed around advices like Believe in yourself learn to take risks set a goal with a date repeat uplifting phrases to yourself write down your desires and set up a deadline and the classic live in the moment. Reveals to him the secrets of acuiring not just material abundance but also true wealt.

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Spiritually socially physically as well as financiallyThis Book Inspired Me Not Only To Read inspired me not only to read for free with library card but build a personal library I have an expansive library today due to this bookAs an author of books on sales and life mastery I use this same parablefable #format inspired greatly by this book Stories are the most effective way to convey concepts and their impact #inspired greatly by this book Stories are the most effective way to convey concepts and their impact our livesI would recommend this book for anyone needing encouragement and inspiration on their personal success journey but particularly the young high school student or recent college graduateIt is simple timeless and will resonate at the core to someone who is seeking directionI highly recommend this book The Instant Millionaire is a fable about manifesting abundance In the BOOK AN AVERAGE JOE WORKS HARD an average Joe works hard just doesn t get anywhere He decides to ask his rich uncle for help The uncle sends the young man to a wealthy man who is going to tell the young man the secret of getting rich The young man is surprised at the simplicity of the answer and his life changed The method presented in the The Instant Millionaire is based upon manifesting Decide what you want voice it affirm it and continue to focus and work on your goals Get past all the negative thoughts and let go of the limitations that you ve set for yourself Believe you can be rich and don t look back Perhaps it might also help if you have a rich uncle who nows a rich guy who gives you 25000 start up cash too One of the best books ever Best guideline to be rich to got what you wanted since long time A book which I recommend to people who seek to change their lives and to those who want to get in this life Yeah I really loved the book It is rather. F wealth as Fisher learned them A dissatisfied young man meets an old millionaire who. .
This book addresses some of the personal prereuisites needed to attain wealth A great deal of this book discusses Christian principles such as the power of our words the importance of book discusses Christian principles such as the power of our words the of a positive self image and the need to write your vision The latter portion of the book mixes elements from other ideologies The majority of the book does an excellent job of helping people to see how the road to wealth or to most any other great achievement is paved largely with the resolution of personal issues not with the technical aspects of the task nice and simple story it s towards the mentality than the physical part the things this book says are pretty intuitive we all just need reminders of them very uick read the only thing i didn t like was that the writing made me feel like a 5 year old but i guess that s part of the simplicity of the book I found the book The Instant Millionaire by Mark Fisher to be one of the best stories on success I had ever readAt the time I was exposed to Fisher I had read most of the success classics I was also at the height of financial struggles and trying to figure out life about 28 years old close to the central character My public library actually had the tapes of the book and my family my wife and two small sons at the time drove down to Savannah and listened to the entire booktwiceI then bought a copy of the book and read it several times While the information contained is light in contrast to Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins or Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill it resonated in my inner man in a way that spurred hopeIt was from this book that I re wrote my goals to be life oriented as opposed to lifestyle I began to think of my life 5 fold mentally. This delightful allegory by self made millionaire Mark Fisher imparts the principles .
The Instant Millionaire

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