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N touch with someone read a girl he d been so close to for so ong But whatever the reason it hurt in a really weird wayReading Zweig s The Invisible Collection made me think of Phil Those characters hurt that way too because their feelings are strong but unresolved and they are confused and powerless to make it right Very often are confused and powerless to make it right Very often short stories I get frustrated with the ack of solid resolution the ack of closure But the way Zweig writes make the uncertainty a strength sometimes It S Better Not s better not know exactly how things endZweig also had a gift for taking a reader through a very wide range of emotion in relatively few pages The title story felt ike being put through a wrench and made me wonder if I shouldn t get some sort of notarized document about what should be done with my precious Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential library should I ever be incapacitated The Miracles of Life exhausted me andeft me biting my ips and blinking away tears on my metro seat which I didn t expect because the subject matter is not usually one that gets my feels going faith and motherhood are you kidding me Zweig A Story Told in Twilight bottles the dizzying intensity of first kisses almost too perfectly and depending on your mood it l make you smile or cringe And the famous novella Amok is a strange and almost frightening story of secrets battles of will regrets and shame that Humanism left me deeply puzzled what if these people had simply said what they meant not played these bizarre high stake social gamesThe theme of the collection is supposed to be desire and obsession but those words can definitely mean than the usual significance we ascribe them The characters in these pages want things that are much complex thanove and sex and the nature of their obsessions can be greedy but are really about attachment on a spiritual evel It is not the power itself that the exiled Madame de Prie misses so much as what she was in the eyes of others which is a much dangerous thing than simple authority it s her entire identity and sense of self Bob s stupid mistake completely altered his ife and made me wonder how often such a simple blunder has derailed a destiny The Commercial Counsellor is so attached to the idea of his daughter as his child that he utterly forgets that she is not just a daughter but also a woman There is desire and obsession in these pages absolutely but there is also a Placing Memory lot to chew on about how we perceive each other and ourselves and how we want to be perceivedI gave the book 4 stars because a couple of weaker stories bring the collection down a very small notch but Zweig s writing is fast becoming some of my favorite despite the strange things it brings upI stuck Phil s picture in Zweig s book when I was done reading it That s where it belongs with that kind of story Maybe one day Il figure out why my good friend decided he couldn t be around any and I l move the picture to a different book The Invisible Collection An episode from the time of German inflation Twilight The Miracles of Life A Story Told in Twilight Wondrak unfinished Downfall of the Heart Leporella Did He Do It Amok The Star Above the Forest Date of First Publication in German The waning days of the Weimar RepublicThose at the apogee of the inflation rocket are wallowing in oodles of cash than enough to build valuable art collections while those unfortunate souls but one degree below are struggling to put a simple meal on the table before the next impending devaluationA prestigious Berlin art dealer has seen his inventory gobbled up by the nouveau riche and his bank balance decimated to the bone by insatiable inflation He seeks out a provincial collector who has patronized the family gallery for generations A man he has never met face to faceWhen he knocks on the village door the dealer meets a blind man who has no idea that his impressive portfolios are filled with nothing but copies of the missing masterpieces and blank sheets of paper since his desperate wife and daughter have sold the originals to feed the familyPage by memorized page that he can no onger see the excited blind man confidently gives the dealer a minutely detailed tour of his ife s passion his accomplishment his pride and joy that was as transitory as ife itselfThis is the genius of Stefan Zweig at play A writer whose short stories have impact than novels. Extraordinary emotion stories of all that is human crushed by the movements of history of etters that fill a young heart or drive a person towards death of obsession and desire They will stay with the reader for ev. The Invisible CollectionBuchmendelIt s a 45The thing is i do believe that Zweig was a genius You don t uite realize how great the book is you are way too immersed in the stories and even though you get glimpses of how grand the While My Soldier Serves lines you are currently reading are you have to finish the book to fully understand the experience Whenever i finish one of his stories i can only think of them asittle miracles That s what his stories are ittle miracles Zweig s works have been translated into many anguages including EnglishFor me the greatest pleasure in Stefan Zweig s 1881 1942 work is his remarkable empathy and insight into human beings demonstrated in his fictions by profoundly drawn characters who rise bodily and vividly before the reader s wondering eyes Written in a transparent German with a pleasant and slightly old fashioned hue the novella s plots are usually secondary are usually just mechanisms for the discovery and representation of characterThese characters are often enough extremists their character traits exaggerated for effect whether Zweig needed this effect to invigorate his imagination or he purposefully used it to attract readers I don t know He was commercially very successful The young man in Verwirrung der Gef hle who afforded his First Freedom When He freedom when he to Berlin to study at university went from a total submersion in drink and sex to an eually total dedication to a charismatic professor and his studies the professor who vacillated between a nearly impossible inspirational magnetism and a cold gray ifelessness the totally obsessed collector of art prints in Die unsichtbare Sammlung the totally monomaniacal fount of all antiuarian publication knowledge in Buchmendel the totally monomaniacal chessmaster in Schachnovelle5 You see the emerging pattern6Such extremists exist of course but fortunately they can be seen also as heightened versions of MUCH COMMON TYPES OF PERSON THE YOUNG MAN TRYING common types of person the young man trying find himself the tired and disillusioned professor warming himself on the admiring radiations of his students the collector the specialist the powerfully gifted in one particular aspect alone Although I had to whisper to myself occasionally that the idealized extremes were just artistic gestures there were many moments when I exclaimed while reading these stories That is it exactly or God do I remember that or Bullseye Though exaggerated how truthful the inexperienced insecure hero worshipping student was how convincing and poignant the necessarily deeply closeted homosexual professor whose ife had been so profoundly deformed by his malinformed and despising environment how precise the insight into the self made nature of our interests obsessions and illusions in the collector and antiuarian and chessmasterThere is yet to be found in Zweig s works The Fiend Next Door like the conseuences for ordinary people of the German hyperinflation in the 1920 s in Die unsichtbare Sammlung and those for alien citizens of enemy states during World War I in Buchmendel but for a change Il keep this review relatively short Just pick up particularly Schachnovelle or Verwirrung der Gef hle and watch a master of empathy at work With the exception of Ungeduld des Herzens Zweig published no novels during his ifetime Translated with the title Confusion The Invisible Collection Buchmendel5 Chess Story6 Of course this is a pattern with exceptions For example in the third story in this collection Unvermutete Bekanntschaft mit einem Handwerk the reader remains in the author s mind as he watches the crowds in the streets of Paris slowly recognizes a pickpocket at work then excitedly follows him aro I am big Stefan Zweig fan I happened to visit Austria and Switzerland earlier ast year and happened to walk through some of the பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் locations he is reported to have stayed Heiligenkreutz and Schonbrunn palace I envisioned myself in his shoes and play acted in my mind what may have been running through him in his era when he wrote his books I am sure I was on complete trip unrelated to this objective But the sheer beauty of the Baroue environment spurred some great prose and potentially some poetry which I could have penned The sheer joy of seeing the architecture and the people there energised me I am sure Zweig was passe to thisiving in his era with the set of troubles he faced The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 leading to him. This is the story of about the strangest thing that I've ever encountered old art dealer that I am'It is perhaps the finest art collection of its kind acuired through aifetime of sacrifice but when a dealer comes. ,

Taking his own A Meditation on Murder life with his wifeThis above prologue is unrelated to the book but sets the tone for what I want to say about this book The title is apt Tales of Obsession and Desire It has now become my hypothesis a foolish one indeed that Stefan Zweig writes a bitike a Gentleman Stephen King At east 2 stories in this book resemble Stephen King s books 1 Did he do it Reminiscent of Cujo2 Leporella and Wondrak my twisted mind reminds me of CarrieDolores Claiborne women who were denied mind reminds me of CarrieDolores Claiborne women who were denied ove in their early ives and or had no exposure to the external worldZweig writes in a gentlemanly way of the obsessions of a gentlemanly way of the obsessions of characters coming from the situations they faced in their ives The torments are written really well tortuous really sometimes overdone but I guess this was the style then In many of the stories the ending turned out to be a ittle indifferentalmost ike he just gave up after the overarching efforts taken to building the tension initiallyThe story of the rich society woman who makes a marital transgression and pushes a Doctor to initiate an abortion is very well toldthe ending was far AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 less exciting than its beginningalmost toldike The Rime of an Ancient Mariner curiously on a drunk doctor on a ship at midnight to the narratorMitteleuropa is an addictionand I guess Zweig has to be part of the menuat The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? least for me These are Tales of Obsession and Desire Desire is something to cultivate relish and pursue It might be an unattainable fantasy a viable goal or something to chase until we know which it is All can bring pleasure whether guilty or not Even desires thatead only to the dead end of frustration are usually worth the price for the indulgence along the way but when oft in along the way But when oft in desire transmogrifies into obsession delusions can engulf and happiness slips away ike shadows on a moonless night after the sun has set The shifting shadows enhance the fairy tale feel of many of the stories I almost expected magic In a way I found itThe obsessive desires here are varied they re itemised in the spoilered section at the end but many involve the two sides of coins passed between generations inheritance and egacy Some ch If you re into stuff The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online like this you can read the full reviewUnforced Intimacy Buchmendel by Stefan ZweigOriginal Review from the German and English editions 2002 06 03Someone might say that there is a danger of a kind of blinkered euphoria surrounding a writerike Zweig the mobilising of an army of too easily won over devotees Sunday supplement blurb believers who can recognise a compelling novel or novella but misjudge the modernist credentials of writing which an experienced critic is seeking so that someone can Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet line that writer up alongside the true innovators of twentieth centuryiterature in German terms Musil Mann Kafka et al But then what really matters in the end whether a few axe grinding critics are convinced or whether a won over reader is inwardly rewarded Collectors have a peculiar form of addiction an obsession that turns them into esoteric connoisseurs This novella tells the tragic tale of Mendel the old book dealer But Although a short tale Zweig is able to describe both Mendel s tragic fall and the beginning of Europe s post WWI decline I have an old picture of this guy I used to know I guess I could refer to him as my ex but our relationship was too messy to even be called a proper romantic relationship which means he can t be an ex exactly He s just Phil The friendship between Phil and I weathered a 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) lot through the years the push pull of attraction intermittent guilt about said attraction bad timing missed opportunities the respective issues we were trying to fix by ourselves and for ourselves which often meantong periods apart for all kinds of reasons But we could stay friends through all of it because of the absolute trust we had that we would never judge each other and always have a shoulder to cry on if we just asked Like I said it was messy but under the mess there was something solid that I cherished And I m not sure when the bottom fell out but one day I was going to send him a message about something silly when I noticed he had removed me from his socials I never found out why Maybe seeing me happy with someone else was too hard for him maybe his partner had given him an ultimatum about being To see it he finds something uite unexpected and is drawn into a peculiar deception of the collector himselfStefan Zweig was a wildly popular writer of compelling short fiction in this collection there are peaks of. ,

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