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3rd reread May 15 2017 I still Smoking with Crohn's love this book to pieces Ash you sexy motherfuckerI know that aot of people might be surprised that I ike this book considering I tend to rip other fantasy YA to pieces I just don t think it s bad I don t think Meghan was annoying she reacted appropriately freaked out at times but that s reasonable I think Ash is HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG there s a reason he s one of my 3 book boyfriends Grimalkin is absolutely a devilish ittle delight Puck was a bit grating but he was appropriate given his character The Nevernever is enchantment itself The only thing that really bothered me was the fact that Ash and Meghan seemed to fall for each other so easily with so A Guide for Murdered Children little evidence Overall this is still a rock solid book that I evidentlyove through an unprecedented three readings Original reviewI don t think there s anything further I can add to what s already been said about this A Gallagher Wedding legendary book There is so much toove and very Illuminate: Ignite Change Through Speeches, Stories, Ceremonies and Symbols little I found objectionable This is my second time reading it with a critical view and I found that I enjoy it even this time aroundThe plot in a nutshell Meghan sittle brother Ethan has been acting strange and it turns out he has been replaced by a changeling She and her Timeless Moon long time best friend Robbie popularly known as Robin Goodfellow or Puck goes into the Nevernever to rescue him Along the way she discovers the truth about herself encounters numerous dangers and a cat and falls inoveSounds Time Management: Effortless Time Management: Your Effortless Guide To Get Things Done In A Less Time, Boost Productivity and Enjoy Your Personal Life More ... - Productivity hacks - Stop Procastination) like your typical YA fantasy right Oh but this is so much As someone with a short temper for TSTL characters and unbelievable characters I can tell you that there is nothing I can complain about hereI was starting to write aist of The Good The Bad and The Ugly but there is so few of the Britain's War Machine latter two And whatever there is that is ugly in this book is so elouently described that it becomes beautiful if only the writing So here s theist of everything I The Age of Light love about this bookThe settingThe Nevernever in all of itsands and aspects are beautifully and vividly describedA warm breeze blew into the closet carrying with it a shocking assortment of smells smells that should not be together in one place Crushed L'opticien de Lampedusa leaves and cinnamon smoke and apples fresh earthavender and the faint cloying scent of rot and decay For a moment I caught a tang of something metallic and coppery wrapped around the smell of rot but it was gone in the next breath And the creaturesIn the scattered moonlight faeries danced and sang and Doomsday Men: The Real Dr. Strangelove and the Dream of the Superweapon laughed calling out to me from a distance Satyrs whistled tunes on their pipes piskies buzzed through the air on gossamer wings and willowy dryads danced through the trees their slender bodies wavingike grass in the windThe writing and environment so often makes or breaks a book and in this case it enhances the feel of a beautiful and dangerous worldThe charactersMeghan is such a fantastic heroine She is strong tough but so vulnerable She acts impulsively sometimes but never endangers herself or her oved ones needlesslyMeghan has her faults she is obstinate and headstrong at times but it s in a believable and rather sympathetic mannerI slipped into the baggy jeans and the wrinkled smelly T shirt feeling a nasty glow of satisfaction as they slid comfortably over my skin Burn my things will he I thought dragging my sneakers out and shoving my feet into themLittle acts of rebellionwho among us hasn t dressed improperly for an important occasion as a teenager Meghan s ittle acts of foolishness are Whoops!: Why Everyone Owes Everyone and No One Can Pay largely harmless the defiance of a teenager instead of willful obstinacy and Iike her all the for itPuck is Puck He is capricious a trickster but he has depth than that of a court jester He is truly devoted to Meghan and the mistakes that he made in the past has made him even protective of her Puck is even willing to endanger himself and endure punishment for the sake of his friend and I am glad that he is by Meghan s side as she continues her uest He adds an element of Michelangelo: His Epic Life lightness to the serious feel of the novel and his seeminglyighthearted stance is invaluable in helping Meghan keep her spirits up when things are fearfulAsh Oh man what a dreamboat I Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge love a good reformed rake in my Regency novel and while this is in no way a similar story Ash is the kind of bad boy that s every fangirl s dream He is dark scarred he has a difficult past and a hardife as the son of Mab His courtship with Meghanif it can be called that is a rough one They re enemies and he did try to kill her What I stared at him in disbelief You tried to kill me Technically I was trying to kill Puck You just happened to be there But yes if I d had the shot I would have taken it Their reluctant alliance and their growing feelings for each other are so gradual that I can t even recall the exact moment when Meghan falls for Ashor hell when I fell for AshGrimalkin I don t think I ve ever met a talking cat I didn t Boy Soldiers of the Great War: Their Own Stories for the First Time like I veoved talking cat guides in every fictional reincarnation I ve ever read be it the Cheshire Cat or Edgewood Dirk and I can say no Making Sense of Leadership: Exploring the Five Key Roles Used by Effective Leaders less about him in this book Iove his selfishness his wicked sense of humor his uestionable morals and his wisdom The Nevernever is dying human It grows smaller and smaller every decade Too much progress too much technology Mortals are Penny Aggie Volume 2 losing their faith in anything but science Even the children of man are consumed by progress They sneer at the old stories and are drawn to the newest gadgets computers or video games They noonger believe in monsters or magic As cities grow and technology takes over the world belief and imagination fade away and so do we The plot itself is fast paced and action filled There is a Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age lot that goes on in this novel typically I hate it Iike things to stay in one place Rapid changes in settings are so often poorly done and Les Innocents lose my interest and credibility and just confuse the hell out of me This is not the case with The Iron King Everything is paced as it should and though the book moves rapidly I never feelost I m so glad I reread this book it only improves in the reading help i think im entering a slump because im pretty sure i was over this before reading help i think im entering a slump because im pretty sure i was over this before even began reading it i was really in the mood for something fae related but i had barely reached the second chapter when i knew this wasnt the kind of fae story i wanted i I Was A Stranger love julie kagawa i appreciate her writing and uniue portrayal of the fae world but i just wasnt feeling this i think meghan is a big reason why she is one of the most insufferable characters i have read in aong time ash is pretty great though but then again we all know i have a thing for fae princes ol i do feel guilty because i probably would have enjoyed this when it came out 10 years ago and i was still a teenager but ive read so many better stories since then that this just feels ike unmet potential 2 stars Wow As many others have stated at first glance THE IRON KING appears to be your typical faerie book Summer court Check Winter court Check Shakespeare esue characters Check Yes there are similarities but these ie only in the bare backbone of the story Yes there are those faerie courts and A Midsummer Night s Dream characters Oberon Titania etc but they are necessary for the make up of the story From here on out Julie Kagawa makes THE IRON KING shine in the already faerie inundated YA world Julie Kagawa writes in a style that is easy and refreshing to read She doesn t weigh you down with a barrage of information rather she slowly immerses the reader into her world page after page Descriptions flow off the page and her tone is never stilted It s narrated in first Descriptions flow off the page and her tone is never stilted It s narrated in first point of view through Meghan s eyes and I found this great because she had a voice that was believable and easy to relate toThe thing I oved most about THE IRON KING was its multiple story ines Meghan embarks on a journey that takes her far and wide to diverse regions of Faeryland and all over America There wasn t just one set plot where she travels into the Summer court and stays there for the rest of the novel Nope her uest brings her from one plot to another from one crisis to a new one from one mission to the nextTHE IRON KING. Meghan Chase has a secret destiny; one she could never have imaginedSomething has always felt slightly off in Meghan's ife ever since her father disappeared before her eyes when she was six She has never uite fit in at school or at homeWhen a dark strange. The Iron KingNext page and so by the time we get to her actually meeting Ash there is absolutely NOTHING happening in the book except her seeing creatures and those creatures trying to kill her or save her Seriously absolutely NOTHING happeningThough even after she meets Ash she still gets creatures that try to kill her all over again and some new ones that try to save herSo basically all the story in this book is the world building that was just over extensive because after the 100th creature I met I didn t give a sht about any other and the she saw the I wanted to stop readingYeah I have a problem but damn I just couldn t take itAnother problem here is that she meets Ash at about view spoiler45 hide spoiler Something was happening something strange and creepy and terrifying and the scariest part of all was that it wore a familiar ordinary face 3 12 starsWhile The Immortal Rules series is still Kagawa s winner for me so far I was actually really pleasantly surprised by this book Almost everyone I know picked up this series a few years back and I deliberately avoided it YA paranormal with a Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth love triangle Yeah no thank you But I ve been meaning to see if I was wrong ever since I really enjoyed The Immortal Rules and this first installment is bursting with Kagawa s trademark humour and aikable cast of secondary characters It s far from perfect but I ve heard it s the weakest book of the series We shall seeThe foundations of the story aren t breaking any new ground an awkward teenager called Meghan Chase discovers that the world isn t uite what she first expected when her brother gets kidnapped and taken to the Nevernever Fey world She must then go rescue him with the help of her friend Puck and other interesting creatures she meets along the way Of course things aren t that simple and Meghan uncovers a bunch of dark secrets that have remained hidden in the Nevernever for yearsDespite the familiar premise The Iron King had a completely different atmosphere to most of the YA paranormal genre A 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts lot of the genre is veryoosely based in fantasy and focused around the central romantic angst which this book wasn t in my opinion It has a very Alice down the rabbit hole or A Midsummer Night s Dream kind of feel to it almost dreamlike at times and full of magic and illusions There is some romance of course Moonrise (Snowfall, like when Meghan tries to convince herself that Ash is definitely not Mr Sexy That is Ash prince of the Unseelie Court He tried to kill Puck and he might try to kill you as well He is not sexy He s not But I think what Iike most about Kagawa s work is that she creates a wonderful balance between dark fast paced survival stories and hilariously charismatic characters I admit that this story gets a ittle messy at times with the influx of every paranormal Fey ike creature imaginable popping up one after the other and causing drama but I think the series may have been finding its footingMy Hello, Snow! love for the characters started with Puck whose sense of humour was EXACTLY the kind Iove Charming Puck commented gazing around in distaste I A Little Dinner Before the Play love the barren dead feel they re going for Who s the gardener I wonder I dove to get some tips and Oh we re playing nice now Shall we have tea first Brew up a nice pot of kiss my ass I m sure Kagawa is going to try and persuade me to change my mind but Puck is so much my type than Mr Broody smoldering gaze Ash I ve said before that I can be sold on a Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies love triangle if it s told well and I think this is one I could get invested in And then there s Grimalkin I am a cat Grimalkin replied as if that explained anything Kagawa put an hilarious completelyovable freuently sarcastic cat in her book How could I not Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch love it He is easily my favourite character so far Puck coming in a close second The only character that hasn t wowed me yet is Meghan herself but it also took a while for me toike Allison in The Immortal Rules so hopefully the MC Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood love will comeaterAs I said this book is far from perfect but it is enjoyable fast paced fantasy And sometimes that s all I wantBlog Leafmarks Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr DNFI tried I really really triedBut this just wasn t my jam I picked it up at east three different times and no dice OnwardXXXXXXXXXWhen you Are Interested In A Book By An Author You Ve interested in a book by an author you ve read beforewhich is priced at 799and you discover your ibrary has it in ebook form for FREE I have a vague memory from my early teen years that haunts me to this day there I was reading The Iron King as it had just been released I turned the ast page smiling to myself and thought Wow what a fantastic book Meghan is so amazing and smart and Ash is so dreamy I wish I had two handsome perfect men chasing after meThen out of nowhere a disembodied hand materialized in front nowhere a disembodied hand materialized in front me and smacked the iving daylights out of my face Future Focus like so The Supernatural Slapping Incident of 10 has remained a mystery to me until today when upon rereading the Iron King for a BR I unraveled the very fabric of the universe to reach back in time and give mini me a big ol slap for ever enjoying this bookBecause seriously what is there toike The plot is clusterfuck of cliches the heroine someone get me a bag to retch in and the Major Problems in American Urban and Suburban History: Documents and Essays love interests are two barely distinguishable heaps of garbageSo Meghan She s just turned 16 but has enough entitlement to fill an Olympic pool She spends her days swooning over the football captain and complaining about how her hard working parents won t buy her new jeans Then she sets off on an adventure into the Nevernever aka Fairyland to rescue her baby brother and we get a real glimpse at the unfathomable stupidityurking inside her skull This bitch is DUMBShe makes binding promises to untrustworthy strangers Favorite phrase I A Sting in the Tale ll give you anything you wantIf there s danger you can bet shel freeze up and wait for handsome man to save herAnd tact is at the bottom of her skill istThat s all nothing against her biggest act of idiocy howeverLadies I ve said it before and I l say it again Attempted murder is NOT SEXY Meghan meets Ash her Devil's Red Nickel love interest for the first time and he tries to put an arrow through her face Her reaction Swooning and daydreaming about his physiue NO No honey no The next time she meets him he tells her multiple times he plans on killing her WTF We re supposed to buy that THIS is aove interestThere s a Social Class in Contemporary Japan: Structures, Sorting and Strategies lot of ualities I can forgive in a man in exchange for goodooks MURDER IS NOT ONE OF THEM FOR FUCKS SAKE GET A GRIP MEGHANIt s not that a problematic heroine is an automatic red flag In fact an inherently flawed character is perfect for growth and development to entertain readers with struggle and journey and so on But when the author presents an awful human being as protagonist and then condones her ualities presenting her as a role model that s when we have issues Meghan her as a role model that s when we have issues Meghan no sign of improvement and the tone of the book was never once negative towards her flaws Instead of facing conseuences of her idiotic behavior Meghan flounces through the world protected by her strong men and is rewarded for every misstep This isn t a basis for YA fantasy this is garbage Meghan s second Clubland UK: On the Door in the Rave Era love interest Puck isn t much better he s been inove with her all along picture me shocked at the reveal but is too chickenshit to act on his feelings and instead waits until she shows interest in someone else then gets sulky and angry about it If he were a human he d already have thrown around the words friendzone and slut Yeah he s that kind of guy And then the plot I can t take the plot seriously Most of the problems arose because of Meghan s single digit I and had to be solved by the charming John Flynn's Double Wedding Ring Step-by-Step Workbook love interests The book checks off every overused YA trope on theist Love triangle powerful but inexperienced heroine falling for the bad boy prince you name it I m just so sick of the whole spiel Take a pointer from me and try a different book I ve heard even Julie Kagawa s other series are better than this Save yourself the stress and popped blood vessels Before everything elseI need to express my strong belief in the existence of fairiesbecause they would perish without our dreams and thoughts S a pawn in a deadly war Now Meghan will earn just how far she'll go to save someone she cares about to stop a mysterious evil no faery creature dare face; and to find ove with a young prince who might rather see her dead than et her touch his icy heart. ,

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Has a action and adventure feel to it though that is not to say it didn t have romance There was a Love Is A Four Letter Word love story but it did not overwhelm the fantasyike realm of the Nevernever faery and and its uniue and engaging inhabitants First off I ove the feel of THE IRON KING It s ike a uest in the sense that Meghan the main character encounters all sorts of odd and malicious beings along the way as she nears her main goal Unlike many faerie books out today there was SO much going on And in a good way The story wasn t just about faerie drama and court intrigue although there was a good portion of that in the beginning which was actually done in a superb way There was a ot of fighting which was written well so it wasn t boring usually I dislike fight scenes for their dull descriptions and constant sword clashing etc but in THE IRON KING I was actually very very enthralled The romance was very well done as well There was a ove triangle going on although that was subtle and not very well emphasized because one ove interest took the backseat to the other in a good way I A Lucid Dreamer: The Life of Peter Redgrove love the push and pull the chemistry between Meghan and the guy which was very believable and made it all the satisfying when they admit their feelings sorta And the characters Ioved them all which is a rarity in these types of books where only the main character and one or two others stand out and all others are only fleetingly described or mentioned Meghan has a companion in a Cheshire ike cat named Grimalkin whom I adored and all the other characters were well fleshed out to the point where I could visualize them in my mind and understand their actions THE IRON KING is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland in that there is this feeling of being in an alternate and extremely uirky and surreal setting which is true to an extent because a ot of the novel takes place in the Nevernever home to the faeriesAlthough THE IRON KING is only 368 pages it was 368 pages of captivating adventure and page turning action I wholeheartedly recommend this to all those who An English Psychic in Hollywood love faeries and ok everyone else too ICOFA InCase of Fairy AbductionIn the event that you are abducted by fairies please adhere to the following guidelines so that I don t have to watch or read about you blundering through fairylandike an incompetent idiot1 Never thank a fairy for services rendered2 Never eat fairy food3 Never dance with fairies4 Never strike a bargain with a fairy unless you ve agreed on the fine points The Iron King is a book about a sixteen year old girl Meghan Chase Can I advise all people reading this review never be sixteen It s a horrible age Avoid it as much as you can Meghan is dragged into the fairy world when her younger brother is replaced by a changling She soon discovers she has deeper ties to fairy than she d originally thoughtThe Iron King ike many modern day fairy tales tries to adhere to old school fairy myths yet still manages to balls up and humanize certain fairies with all the eagerness a coming of age book about a sixteen year old on a magical adventure CAN balls up and humanize fairies I take particular exception to the depiction of famous fairy Robin Puck s character and the introduction of romantic ead Ash The fact that Robin Puck has been turned from a wicked mischeivous sprite with a penchant for disaster into competition for a sixteen year old s affections was really just traumatizing to me Suddenly Puck is sexy serious occasionally brooding and suave Excuse me while I choke back tears and reread A Midsummer Night s DreamWe ve gone fromToimage error I ve had The Iron Fey series sitting on my Audible shelf for uite some time ParanormalFantasy isn t my go to genre but I was curious about this series after seeing some great reviews for it Yet every time that I was in the mood for this type of story there always seemed to be another book released that was higher up on my TBR priorities I finally got around to istening to this audiobook on a recent cross country family road trip Since my children as well as my 89 year old grandmother were in the car my usual smutty romance selections were off the table After all I wouldn t want to be responsible for giving my grandmother a heart attack and I certainly wasn t prepared to answer any uestions that might arise from my children related to something they might hear in a dark romance novelSince this series is aimed at a younger audience it ended up being the perfect time to give it a isten Other than a few mildly bad words "which were no cause for a freak out in my opinion this book was clean enough for my girls ages 5 "were no cause for a freak out in my opinion this book was clean enough for my girls ages 5 10 It also had enough adventure and suspense to keep the adults in the car engaged in the story While my youngest daughter wasn t exactly following the story closely she did pay enough attention to pick up on the general theme and point out who her favorite characters were I m not sure that I could ve found another series that would have worked as well for our groupThe story centers on a high school girl Meghan Chase She is a heroine that is easy to relate to because she is flawed but strong and personable I appreciated the fact that Meghan was a good role model for young girls She had the same insecurities of all young teenage girls but was able to rise above and even make ight of teenage drama Topics such as bullying and body image were addressed but not in an over the top in your face kind of way that reeks of an after school TV special The author addressed these issues subtly and without much fanfareMeghan s reality changes overnight when she discovers that her younger brother Ethan has been taken into the Nevernever A changeling has taken his place in the human world while the real Ethan has been taken Everything that Meghan thought she knew was wrong The man that raised her and disappeared when she was six wasn t really her father at all She is the daughter of Oberon the King of the Summer Court It ends up that Meghan is half faerie and not entirely human at allIn addition her neighborbest friend Robbie is really Puck the faerie of egends He had been sent by her father to watch over Her For Years Revealing Her True Identity To Her Puck for years Revealing her true identity to her Puck on to become her tour guide through the faerie worldAs Puck and Meghan set out to find Ethan and return him to the human world they embark on a series of adventures Along the way Meghan meets Ash the Winter Prince who becomes her ove interest Meanwhile she must carry on in spite of the contempt of the Summer ueen Titania and other members of the faerie courts that ook down upon her because she is a half breedFrom start to finish I was captivated with this story The characters were easy to relate to and the storyline was compelling I was ost in the fantastical world that Julie Kagawa created It was absolutely magicalCheck out of my reviews at wwwbookaddicthavencom NOI almost DNF ed this one It just irritated me to no end But then I met Ash He deserves the 3 stars here 3You know sometimes ess is The Iron Fey universe obviously doesn t know of the concept Fairytale Food: Enchanting Recipes to Bring a Little Magic to Your Cooking less Up to 40% the heroine sees about a 150 different creatures a bitess in the second half but overall she sees a million of them and they re all described Unnatural (Enlightenment, like crazy I know now you re thinking Blacky you re a moron or your brain is non existent for not being able to cope with a hundred million creatures in one book butet me tell you how it is to read about itshe sees a weird creature it Messengers from ancient civilizations: The fascinating story of canine archeology looksike this and this and does that and thatnext pageshe sees two creatures that try to kill her and they ook ike this and this and do that and thatnext pageshe sees one creature that helps them and he Wishing for Grace looksike this and this and his house ooks ike that and thatnext pageshe sees a horde of creatures that try to kill her next pageshe sees a weird creature that saves her and it Bara No Tame Ni: 5 looksike this and thisshe again sees a bunch of creatures that try to kill hernext pageshe sees 5 different creatures that Lebanon look weird and scare hernext pageshe gets warned not to go to a dangerous place where the weird creaturesive but she STILL goes to the dangerous place and those weird creatures try to kill her. R begins watching her from afar and her prankster best friend becomes strangely protective of her Meghan senses that everything she's known is about to changeBut she could never have guessed the truth that she is the daughter of a mythical faery king and .
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