The Lair (KINDLE)

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The LairE day noticed I was only 20 pages from FINISHING 420 PAGE NOVEL AND THE LAST 20 this 420 page novel And the last 20 Let s just say was awash with so many emotions I had a hard time focusing my thoughts Though it ended in a uazi cliffhanger it still offered a crumb of closure Something I appreciate than I am willing to admitIn the end I was impressed The story was solid the characters where believable and the continuation of a what is a very original story continued to be just thatvery originalIf you have yet to read The Farm I highly recommend it If you havedon t hesitate like I did to pick up The Lair It s not only worth the money but it s worth the time you will spend reading itHappy Reading my fellow Kindle ites and remember There is no I in team Fast paced thrilling and intensely captivating The Lair by Emily McKay is even better than the previous book in the series The Farm The characters are way likeable the action even breathtaking and twisty and the completely jaw dropping plot developments are sure to leave you stunned and begging for the next book I m so glad I finally got to read the first two books in this awesome series I ll be honest with you I wasn t particularly impressed with The Farm I really enjoyed the uniue take on the vampire lore combined with Mckay s truly blood chilling dystopian vision but I really hated the lead character Lilly I couldn t get past her annoying attitude She was always picking fights complaining and sabotaging every plan Carter came up with along the way Stubborn and often times completely irrational she made it very difficult for me to really enjoy the awesome plot and creepy atmosphere of The Farm And Carter while definitely better that Lily wasn t perfect either Some of the things he said really bothered me and I ended up disliking him by the end of the first book That being said I was extremely happy to see that all these characters Lily Carter even McKenna and Mel were so much better in The Lair Sure Carter and Lily still argued sometimes but it wasn t pointless bickering any it was simply two strong characters having different opinions And considering everything that happened at the end of The Farm and everything we learned about Lily and Mel it all made so much sense now Carter was way overprotective of Lily but he had his reasons and it wasn t just that he had feelings for her it was than that Most importantly Mel wasn t the guarded bitchy Ms I Know Better Than Everyone Else she was rational in her decisions thoughtful and mindful of the people around her She was still opinionated and fierce but there was finally some logic to her behavior now The narration is still divided between three characters Lily Carter and Mel with Carter s now being in first person s POV I liked the shift I was really tired of being in Lily s head it was too messy in there too tiring Plus being able to see the world "through his eyes and learn about him and his relationship with Sebastian provided me with some priceless "his eyes and learn about him and his relationship with Sebastian provided me with some priceless and made the plot even interesting to follow I thought this was a brilliant move on McKay s part Then there s also the new Mel In The Farm Mel was probably my favorite character Struggling with autism she saw the world differently and her strong connection with Lily was fascinating to me At the same time while so rich on the inside she was boxed in trapped inside her brilliant mind unable to fully express herself The chapters dedicated to her character were very short and often times too bizarre and confusing for my taste In The Lair we meet a new Mel I can t really talk about her transformation in detail without giving away some very important things about the plot but I can say that overall I was happy with all the changes It was a bold and risky move on McKay s part but personally I think it all worked out very well for the story The plot itself was completely mind blowing Full of unexpected twists and shocking betrayals it was deliciously readable I breezed through this instalment in a little over one afternoon and I was completely absorbed in the events On top of that McKay s writing style improved so much It was captivating beautiful and evocative It wasn t all focused on describing what was happening any It was reflective filled with thoughts and passages I d re read over and over again simply because they were meaningful and worth remembering I was really impressed Overall this was a fantastic seuel If you enjoyed The Farm you will love The Lair even And just like me you ll be left begging for the third book in the series. E that turned her Living without her sister is hard but dealing with the fact that her autism was cured by the vampire bite is an even bigger challenge But when a monstrous betrayal places Lily in mortal danger Mel must set out to find her save her and begin to unravel the empire of destruction that the Ticks have bui. .

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Ae or whatever the hell it was called powers How arrogant Rude Of Him Why rude of him Why earth would Lily want to be with him after he said that her The funny thing though was that he turned out to have those powers himself and he didn t once consider that he might have influenced Lily s feelings for him what a cocky prat Melanie was uninteresting I preferred her character when she was autistic Her changing into a vampire turned her into another run of the mill boring speshul snowflake heroine Jonathan LilyMelanie s dad was a wimpy douche He abandoned his daughters and didn t bother looking for them when the vampiresticks took over instead he just hoped they d be okay What ind of parent doesn t make sure their children are safe And then when he was reunited with them he didn t even apologise or try to make amends He just showed off and acted like a prick I hope he dies a horrible death in the next book I rolled my eyes at Mel and Carter not making sure that Sebastian the evul mad vampire who destroyed the world was well and truly dead It would have taken them a couple of seconds to behead him but the thickos took their sweet time waffling around when they could have been I Am Sam Phonics Chapter Books killing him Theynew that he d eventually hunt them down so why didn t they finish him off as soon as he was immobile and unable to fight back The whole thing was unrealistic and contrived I hate when characters don t seize the chance to ill the bad guy when they ve been given the perfect opportunity The POV s randomly switching from 1st person to 3rd person and present to past tense was annoying It didn t flow well at all There were one or two nice twists but for the most part everything was rather predictableAll in all another YA novel that had nothing uniue or memorable going for it I ll read the next one but just for completion s sake BLECH DAT COVER I want to say something nice but nothing is really coming to mind right now A 43 Review as posted on KindleObsessed blogStunned is defined as To stupefy as with the emotional impact of an experience astoundI use a lot of different words when writing reviews Stunned is not usually one of them But after finishing Emily McKay s The Lair it s the only word I can think of to accurately sum up my feelingsI Was StunnedIf you remember last December when I reviewed McKay s The Farm I pretty much lost my shit As elouent as that sounds I was head over heels in love with that book not only for its originality which is still rampant in The Lair but because of the character choices McKay chose to explore mentally speaking and the overall sadistic action that spread like wildfire through out its plot But the book ended with some fairly serious issues up in the air and while I was anxious to read its seuel I was also petrified I d pummel it with lofty expectations that could never be met So I waited literally until the very last moment I could get away with reading this book And twenty pages in I was overwhelmed with regret Not because my suspicions had been confirmed I am often proven wrong than I am proven right but because I should have had faith in an author I KNOW has the ability to create a truly STUNNING and jaw dropping story The Lair picks up exactly where The Farm left off Lives dramatically changed people missing others dead and a hunt for safety on the top of a very long list of wants and needs And much like it s predecessor it is written in multi narration so we can follow every aspect of the story The only difference The dramatic change in EVERY characters personalityLily Mel and Carter are decidedly different from book one but not in a concerning way Instead their characters reflect growth resulting from the events that previously took place The Farm circled around fear Fear of their situation fear of authority fear of each other The Lair is also based around fear but that fear has morphed into something much complicated Now there is fear of becoming a monster Fear of abandonment Fear of loss Fear of inevitability Escaping is no longer the objective living is But "living is a difficult thing to accomplish when everyone around has an ulterior motive Or as us everyday folk "is a difficult thing to accomplish when everyone around has an ulterior motive Or as us everyday folk to refer to iteveryone is lyingThe plot itself is centered around these lies and catapults each character into their own interesting web of deception And the deception is what ignites the actionWith just as much if not action than The Farm The Lair races through an abundance of twists and turns at break neck speed I personally found it hard to put down and after just on. Ntinue the fight on their own After making it to a resistance base camp in Utah Lily learned to survive at all costs But when a Tick attack decimates the fighters Lily and her pregnant friend McKenna decide to make the hard trek north to Canada and safety Meanwhile Mel is being taught how to survive by the very vampir. .
45 starsStill missing the dose of "romance I crave in my reads but The Lair is even better then the first book "I crave in my reads but The Lair is even better then the first book all the ways that matter the most Great character development and growth and the writing has such an incredible pull to it compelling me to eep reading till the last page Yes I miss the romance factor but this book is filled with non stop action paranormal goodness and characters that never say die it s easy to overlook A fast paced addicting read Need the next book NOW I want to like this this novel and somewhere in me a part of me does However I just can t help feeling a tinge of disappointment after finishing up this second installment in McKay s vampire series This novel picked up exactly where the first novel The Farm left off brownie point earned here for no tedious recap and persists with the same issuesthemes However while McKay obsessively focuses on CarterLily s romantic entanglement she fails to elaborate on the backbones of her story I would have loved to hear about the Abductura especially since the only skills that the reader is aware of is the ability of the Abductura to be able to bend others to their will out of sheer persuasion McKay also does throw genetics around her novels rather leisurely but doesn t truly elaborate on the science behind the regenerative gene or what make up comprises an Abductura This is where the novel is truly lacking The story would fare better with readers if McKay could firm up the details behind these two integral parts in her story The Lair is not necessarily poorly written on the contrary McKay is still delivering a fresh take on a vampiric post apocalyptic world I just wish certain areas of the novel were developed It is rare for me to say this but the rule of the movie seuel not being as great as the first applies here DNF at 30%No star rating 231113Why have the POV changed I mean Lily s chapters are now in third personBeforeWHENI need like right now Ugh Just ugh Where I loved the first book in this series due to its portrayal of an autistic character this book read like a cliched teenaged angtsy relationshipIt felt like all Lily and Carter did was whine about their relationship How loving each other put them both at risk How they couldn t act responsibly or logically if they were near each other And yet neither wanted to be apart It was just all so overblownI was most disappointed in the developments of Mel s character Being turned into a vampire cured her autism and I found it almost offensive I was proud that when she looked back at her life with autism she was proud of it She liked her life then and obviously had doubts that being cured was a good thing Due to her outlook I didn t mind her just the changes that happened to herOverall I just couldn t get into this book It just felt full of all the YA cliches that I hate and left me with eye strain due to all the eye rolling There were some rather spectacular cliffhangers at the end but I don t think I care enough to continue the series OHNOOOOOOOOOOOOONONONONOOOOOOOOOwhere s the publication date oh no can t be pleaaaaaseeedon t make me wait oh heck at least it s 2013 so i should be fine but waiting makes meeeee SpoilersMeh just as dull and unoriginal as the first book I didn t enjoy the plot it was slow and nothing interested happened until the very end Lily and Carter finally escaped the Farm and were safe from evul vampires and ticks mindless zombie like vampires for all of 5 minutes Lily s sister Melanie was turned into a vampire and had boring thought after boring thought There was a tick attack or two Some danger Teen angst A long pointless journey All the adults fucked off somewhere else and happily abandoned their A Debate On Jewish Emancipation And Christian Theology In Old Berlin kids as they usually do in YA More teen angst Lily was the typical reckless boring YA heroine All her talk about being smart was bullshit she was a right thicko She was also a fucking annoying do goody idiot She felt overly guilty about going into other people s abandoned homes and taking their stuff even though she had no other choice Why would anyone feel guilty about that if it meant life or death She was in a fucking apocalypse there was no time to be all preachy and righteous about things like that I hate heroines who are all about morals and who don t think practically about the situation they re in Carter was the usual irritating bossy dull hero I ve still not forgiven him for telling Lily in the first book that the only reason he could have possibly fallen for her was because she compelled him using her abductr. In the battle against the vampiric Ticks humanity was slowly but certainly headed for extinction For months twin sisters Lily and Mel had been “uarantined” with thousands of other young people being harvested for their blood food for the Ticks Finally escaping with a few friends the twins are separated and must co.