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Ntrast doesn t inspire such a visceral reaction As a concept returning to Laramie and seeing how things have changed is wonderful but it falls flat in xecution Life doesn t always create perfect narratives People want to From Notes to Narrative: Writing Ethnographies That Everyone Can Read excuse Matthew Shepard s murder policy change is promised but falls flat the new generation is apathetic if best The only reason I finished 10 Years Later is because Injoyed its predecessor so much 2 stars generously Reading this was a whole lot in very single way It made me real motional ways I xpected and didn t but it was masterfully done I both xpected and didn t but it was masterfully done I love to see it in actual play version at some point in my life I m glad I read the 10 years later version too because that was revelatory Especially in the folklore sense of how rumors about terrible small town Twelve Days of Pleasure events morph and change over the yearsIf that s where you want to live do it I mean imagine if gay people stayed in small townsUnitarians are by and large humanists many of whom are atheists I mean we re you know we re notven sure we re a religionLike people say things to me like Why do you wear that thing on your head Like when I go to the grocery store I m not looking to give people Islam 101 you know what I mean So I ll be like We ll it s a part of my religion and they ll be like this is the worst part cause they re like I know it s part of your religion but why And it s how am I supposed to go into the whole doctrine of physical modesty and my own spiritual relationship with the Lord standing there with my pop and chips You know what I meanMy secret hope was that they were from somewhere lse that then of course you can create that distance We don t grow children like that here Well it s pretty clear that we do grow children like that hereWhen we got to the Albany Country Courthouse Fred Phelps was already there But so was Romaine PetersonYeah this twenty one year old little lesbian is ready to walk the line with himAaron McKinney He is gonna die for sureRob Debree There is no doubt that Mr Shepard is going to dieMay you live a long life and may you thank Matthew very day for itGreg Pierotti Well Aaron you brutally murdered her sonAaron McKinney Conceding Yeah I know Wow I would love to see these plays performed The Laramie Project is a play created by the Tectonic Theater Project based on their interviews of over 200 Laramie citizens after the murder of Matthew Shepard in 1998 The play is performed by a small cast who use small props. Tectonic Theater Project went to Laramie and conducted than 200 interviews with its citizens From the transcripts the playwrights constructed an xtraordinary chronicle of life in the town after the murder Since its premiere The Laramie Project has become a modern classic and one of the most performed theater pieces in America Now in this xpanded dit. .

I don t want to comment too much on THIS PLAY CONSIDERING IT IS BASED ON ACTUAL EVENTS play considering it is based on actual vents real interviewsI found this play moving and appalling at the same time It was great to see that some people learned a lesson from such a tragic circumstance yet the way the story has changed over the years and became about a drug deal Also the people saying that Matthew pretty much deserved it because he hit on the guys Some people just don t get it So while some of the uotes are hard to digest when reading this play the thing to remember is that this is based on actual interviews and some people are just that bigoted It was hard for me to get past that at first but then I came to the realization that this idea was what the play was pretty much trying to get acrossAnyway I suggest reading this play It ll give you a new insight into things Using this as a stand in for the Ten Years After due to my desire to retain my original date added stats I d forgotten how spectacular this play is and the 10 Years Later addition makes it ven better Although I only read the first part of the book *which was mainly about the background of the town and the inciden I am really *was mainly about the background of the town and the inciden I am really in the book I am certainly going to continue reading it I certainly like how you can see the different perspectives between the different people who were interviewed I only read the first play it was what was assigned for a class It was very motional to read how two guys would do that to a gay man the guy went to far with his self defense This play had a lot of motions from different Characters Towards The Situation With Matthew There towards the situation with Matthew There different perspectives There were different themes in this first play that were tolerance acceptance justice mercy and homophobia Laramie was a town that was religious and the many different perspectives come from it I would towards the second play because I m intrigued on how perspectives have change or how people see the town is as a symbol like very other place or as a uniue place My star rating is an average of the two plays which seemed only fair because they re separate works presented jointlyThe Laramie Project itself is a devastatingly beautiful piece that I needed to put down several times because my heart was clenched and tears were in my Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets eyes Because the dialogue is all direct uotes it s stark and simple but still contains multitudes I would love to see this piece performed live 5 starsasily10 Years Later in co. On October 7 1998 a young gay man was discovered bound to a fence outside Laramie Wyoming savagely beaten and left to die in an act of brutality and hate that shocked the nation Matthew Shepard's death became a national symbol of intolerance but for the people of the town the vent was deeply personal In the aftermath Moises Kaufman and members of the.

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To help define their switch in characters The stage design is meant to be a simple performance space This minimalist design puts all the focus on the words being spoken which are all direct uotes taken from the interviews as well as the reflections of the Tectonic members during their time in Laramie The second play The Laramie Project Ten Years Later follows the same performance format and is based on the interviews the group conducted when they returned to Laramie 10 years after Shepard s murder The crime was detailed xtensively in national media and became the foundation for federal legislation against hate crimes It s shocking then that the interviews revealed a very different legacy in Laramie Rumors and reactions to a 2020 pisode led to many Laramie residents and transplants viewing Shepard s murder as a drug induced robbery gone wrong rather than a hate crime against a gay man The theater MEMBERS WERE UITE STUNNED HOW MANY PEOPLE REMAINED IGNORANT were uite stunned how many people remained ignorant or ignored the facts of the crime that were presented and made public during the trail of the two murders The second play also includes interviews with
the convicted killers 
convicted killers a prison in Virginia Reading the tow plays together is both moving and frustrating It s ncouraging to see the individuals whose lives have been changed for the better over the decade between the plays but many people s ignorance and faith in the media is specially infuriating I appreciate the ffort of the Tectonic Theater Group in conducting all these interviews and then putting them in a format for others to hear The plays do paint a portrait of a small American town while also raising issues relevant to the whole country well and world I would definitely use this text in reading and conversation classes with teens There are many complex opinions to unpack and discuss A really real look into hate crimes in America and the slow pace of change and too often no change Loved the thnographic uotes that preserved the dignity opinions and reality of Wyoming citizens Would love to see a response another 10 years down the line Book 15 of uarantine I was not motionally ready After rereading Laramie Project then watching the Laramie film I forgot my plan to read something light to make me feel better and instead read Ten Years Later Now it s almost Wicked Loving Lies eighteen years later and most people including me wouldn t know anything about Matthew Shepard if it weren t for this play and I mmotional and sad. Ion The Laramie Project Ten Years Later adds an La heredera del mar essential seuel to the original work Revisiting the town a decade after the tragedy the troupe finds a community grappling with its legacy and its place in history The two plays together comprise anpic and deeply moving theatrical cycle that xplores the life of an American town over the course a decade. The Laramie Project and the Laramie Project